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[Event Report] Biz meet Design final pitch event held
~Five companies in Sapporo take on the challenge of solving problems from a “design management” perspective~
…… LLC (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and CEO Keiji Kameyama, hereafter referred to as DMM) is a regional revitalization business (DMM Regional Revitalization) in Sapporo. We held the “Biz meet Design -Business Partner Matching Project- Pitch Event” together with the Industrial Promotion Foundation.
[Image 1:×630.jpg] At the kick-off of Biz meet Design held in December, a total of five pairs of companies and designers in Sapporo were matched, and for about three months they had discussions that led to solving corporate issues and creating new innovations, and published a book. The final proposal was announced at a pitch event.
What is Biz meet Design?
In a society where people’s values ​​are rapidly changing due to digitalization and globalization, the perspective of “design management” is essential for future corporate growth. Against this background, we launched the business matching project “Biz meet Design -Business Partner Matching Project-” where companies and designers meet, deepen mutual understanding, and create solutions to corporate issues and innovation necessary for further corporate growth. , started in October 2023.
▼Biz meet Design Notice of recruitment of participating companies
Sapporo Industrial Promotion Foundation: “We want people to take advantage of “Biz meet Design” and apply the perspective of design management to their business.”
The pitch event opened with an address from Takashi Kido, Director of the Sapporo Industrial Promotion Foundation Business Headquarters. Mr. Kido encouraged the participants, saying, “I’m sure you must have worked very hard to come up with this proposal within the three-month period.I look forward to your presentation in pitch format.” He also said, “I hope that this project will help you continue to apply the perspective of design management in your business. ”, he expressed his expectations.
Pitch event begins with expert guests!
In response to the presentations of participating designers, we will receive comments from matching companies and four experts who participated as guests, and will further refine our proposals. -List of guests who participated this time- Hiroki Toyama, President and CEO of Satsudora Holdings Co., Ltd. Shinya Watanabe, President and COO of Regional Marketing Co., Ltd. Yasuyuki Tozaki, Regional Revitalization Business Business Strategy Department Manager and Business Development Office, LLC LLC Creative Director Yuki Iwai
Announcing the results of 3 months by matching companies and designers!
[Image 2:×630.jpg] At the kickoff and matching event in December 2023, five companies and designers were matched and the project started.
-List of companies and designers participating in the project-
[Table 2: ]
This pitch event was held on March 15th at EZOHUB SAPPORO HIGUMA HALL, one of the largest co-working spaces in Sapporo, where designers from each group presented solutions to issues faced by companies using a design management perspective. .
For companies that are confident in their manufacturing technology and manufacturing area, but do not know how to promote them, we will analyze the strengths of the company, compare them with other companies in the same industry, and provide advice on areas that the company should strengthen and compete against. I’ve sorted it out. He then proposed that by launching a fictitious brand and exhibiting it at trade shows, they could receive orders from other industries. In addition, for companies that are struggling with future sales due to severe conditions in the industry as a whole, we begin by listening to the company’s thoughts on what kind of company they want to be, sorting them out, and creating a framework of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. By combining the content analyzed from the above, we proposed a new business that values ​​“feelings”. The companies that received various proposals made comments such as, “I was able to make new discoveries from an outsider’s perspective, and was able to reaffirm the appeal of my company.It was a very good encounter.” did.
[Image 3:×630.jpg] DMM Regional Revitalization “The importance of incorporating ‘different things’ and utilizing them for your company”
The event closed with a greeting from Yasuyuki Tozaki, Manager of the Business Strategy Department of the DMM Regional Revitalization Project. In his speech, Tozaki said, “I have run several companies in the past, and I believe that design is management itself.I also believe that management should be full of creativity. In this era where change is required, it is extremely important to incorporate things that are foreign to us and integrate them into our own services and products. He expressed his gratitude to the participants and said, “Thank you for taking on this project despite your regular jobs.” About DMM regional revitalization
With the mission of “creating sustainable businesses that contribute to the local community as a business creation company,” we develop business plans for each region that utilize the know-how, specialized human resources, and networks that we have cultivated through more than 60 businesses operated by DMM. We provide services according to your challenges. Based on business creation, we are creating systems across the country that continue to generate business in a sustainable manner, such as the formation of innovation ecosystems that take root in local communities. DMM Regional Revitalization creates various businesses regardless of area. If you have any concerns or issues regarding the keywords below, please feel free to contact us. #Hometown Tax #Tourism/Inbound #Immigration/Settlement #Related Population #Working #Promotion/Branding #Use of Vacant Houses/Closed Schools #Education #Human Resource Development/Employment Support #Town Development #Smart City #Community Formation #AR/VR #Digital Art # DX #Online event #Industrial promotion/employment creation #Entrepreneurship/startup support #Incubation/acceleration #3D printer/manufacturing #Agriculture/forestry #Food/health
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About LLC
Operates the comprehensive service site “”, which boasts 41.01 million members (*). Since our founding in 1998, we have developed a wide range of businesses and currently operate over 60 services. In addition to a variety of entertainment services such as video distribution, e-books, and animation, we are involved in a variety of businesses, including hardware fields such as 3D printing and the development of fire trucks and ambulances, and businesses that incorporate cutting-edge technologies such as web3 and AI. Masu. In 2022, we will launch the subscription membership system “DMM Premium” and aim to create a “multi-entertainment platform” that seamlessly connects all kinds of entertainment experiences. Going forward, we will continue to take on new business challenges while repeating change and evolution in line with our corporate message, “A future that everyone wants to see.” *As of February 2023
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