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ASNOVA Co., Ltd. New equipment center opening Notice regarding himeken Co., Ltd. Matsuyama Center opening (stock code: 9223)

ASNOVA Co., Ltd.
[New equipment center opening] Notice regarding opening of himeken Co., Ltd. Matsuyama center (stock code: 9223)
ASNOVA Co., Ltd. (Head office location: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Representative Director and President: Keiji Ueda, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), which provides rental and sales of wedge scaffolding, will open as a partner base through the ASNOVA STATION service on Thursday, March 28, 2024. We have opened a new store, Himeken Co., Ltd. Matsuyama Center.
As of March 28, 2024, our company will have 35 equipment centers (in-house locations and partner locations), including five sales offices nationwide and the newly opened Himeken Matsuyama Center. ASNOVA STATION (Nationwide expansion through partners)
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In order to promote our scaffolding rental services in rural areas and quickly expand our scaffolding rental services across the country, we are opening a directly managed base as well as developing the scaffolding rental service “ASNOVA STATION” through our partners. In order to consider customer convenience and quickly solve social issues, it is necessary to expand equipment centers across Japan, and in order to deliver scaffolding rental services to more areas, we are expanding the rental business through partner companies. We are doing so.
We work with partners to develop rental businesses in areas that cannot be reached by our own centers. We provide scaffolding equipment, trademarks, and management know-how to partners, and are working to expand locations with a sense of speed. I’m thinking of going.
ASNOVA STATION New store location information
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When customers choose a scaffolding rental company, the three most important points are that they can rent scaffolding “anytime, nearby, and with peace of mind.” These three things are always required in the surveys we conduct with our customers every year.
In particular, there is a strong demand for “the ability to rent nearby.” The newly opened himeken Matsuyama Center Co., Ltd. is located in Ebara-cho, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, about 15 minutes by car from Kawauchi IC, and is a good location that can be used by many scaffolding companies that support the area. It becomes.
We also believe that we can make a significant contribution to solving social issues such as repair demand, new construction, and restoration work in Ehime Prefecture.
Social issues solved with scaffolding
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There are three main types of environment surrounding our company: 1. Repairs of aging condominiums, 2. Increased demand for renovations due to changes in the living environment, and 3. Repairs for recovery from natural disasters.We provide scaffolding rental services to address these social issues. We would like to solve this problem by
popularizing it.
In order to quickly resolve social issues, it is necessary to expand the stock of scaffolding equipment, create an environment where people can borrow it “any time, nearby, and with peace of mind” and open new equipment centers that provide equipment all over the country. We believe it is essential.
We have received numerous requests from customers in other regions to “rent equipment” or “open an equipment center,” and we will continue to open new centers in order to respond to customer needs and social issues. We will expand it.
Store opening plan for the fiscal year ending March 2024
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We will continue to open new stores in pursuit of customer convenience in order to respond to the voice of customers who want to rent nearby. During this period, we will create an environment where scaffolding can be rented at a total of 36 locations, including the scaffolding rental service “ASNOVA STATION” in collaboration with partners. ASNOVA aims for a “recycling-oriented society”
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Our company solves social issues such as increased demand for repair of aging condominiums, increased demand for renovations due to changes in the living environment, and increased occurrence of natural disasters through our scaffolding rental business that has a low environmental impact. By doing so, we aim to realize a
recycling-oriented society.
The scaffold rental business is a so-called circular business in which scaffolds are shared, and we believe that it will become a business that will gain even more attention in the future.
Many business models in the world are based on the premise of mass production, mass consumption, and mass disposal, and this linear business, in which materials are procured, goods are produced, consumed, and disposed of, leads to climate change and resource shortages. is becoming more serious on a global level.
Therefore, in order to address these social issues, there is an increasing need for a shift to a business model in which things are shared with everyone.
Therefore, by popularizing scaffold rental, we would like to solve these social issues and contribute to the realization of a
recycling-oriented society.
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Company name: ASNOVA Co., Ltd.
      ASNOVA Co.,Ltd.
Head office location: 453-6126
         12-60 Hiraike-cho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 26th floor Global Gate
Phone number: 052-589-1848
FAX number: 052-589-1849
Established: December 24, 2013
Capital: 247 million yen
Number of employees: 146 *As of the end of December 2023
Representative: Keiji Ueda
Construction business license: Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Permit (General-26) No. 25548
Permit held: Antique dealer license issued by Aichi Prefecture Public Safety Commission No. 541051804100
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