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Japan Sustainable Committee General Incorporated Association First Shining Woman project “Shining Woman Ment or” launched

[Japan Sustainable Committee General Incorporated Association] First Shining Woman project “Shining Woman Mentor” launched

*View in browser* *Japan Sustainable Committee General Incorporated Association* Press release: March 28, 2024
First Shining Woman project “Shining Woman Mentor” launched
*Developing web designers who can immediately work*
The Japan Sustainable Committee (Representative: Hiroshi Inagawa) aims to “realize a society where all people can play an active role and gender equality,” which is one of the SDGs implementation policies, by first helping women develop their careers in the way they want. “Shining” aims to create a society where
We are launching the Woman Project.

* ■What is the Shining Woman project?*
We aim to solve three social issues: “Difficulty in long-term career development for women,” “Despite market expansion, an increasing number of freelancers are struggling to develop their careers the way they want,” and “Corporate talent shortages.” We aim to realize a society where everyone can play an active role, and to transform work styles to work-life integration.

As a concrete activity, we will not only launch an online school to acquire skills that allow you to work anywhere and at any time, but also support career design and take measures to create opportunities to meet freelance seniors and colleagues. This time, we will introduce the one-on-one program “Shining” for freelancers who are struggling with career development.
We will be holding a course titled “Woman Mentor”.

* ■About Shining Woman Project Organizing Committee Members* This project will be carried out mainly by the following members.

COO Business Manager Natsumi Tamada
CFO Business Finance Officer Tomomi
CMO Public Relations Officer Ayu Fujisawa
CSO Business Strategy Officer Makoto Ikemoto
CBO Brand Manager Yuzuka Maeda

Each group is made up of a diverse group of members with a wide range of careers and activities.
In the future, we will communicate our thoughts on the project and suggestions for work styles aimed at life-work integration through media such as notes.

■Thoughts about the program
Freelance seniors from all over the country are participating in the production of the course. As each person develops their career through self-study or attending school, it is essential for them to
efficiently and quickly become independent as freelancers based on “what they wanted to learn at school” and “what they struggled with after graduation.” It incorporates elements.

Even if you have the knowledge, if you don’t know how to utilize it or how to make it appealing, you won’t be able to chart a career as a freelancer.
– How to use the skills you have acquired
– What kind of peripheral skills do you have, such as negotiating with clients?
– How to self-brand
Our goal is to provide one-on-one guidance from senior freelancers on the above, and to increase the number of freelancers who can chart their ideal career on their own.
■Shining Woman Mentor Characteristics
This is a program that supports your growth into a freelancer who can acquire projects by learning skills such as how to utilize your strengths and how to proceed with interactions with clients. Specifically, we provide the following services:
・Question response via chat
We will respond to student questions within 24-48 hours. At that time, we not only clarify unclear points, but also train our clients to improve their questioning skills and listen to the client’s
intentions. Rather than simply saying, “I don’t understand,” being able to express your situation concisely in words, such as what kind of expression you want to express, such as understanding up to this point but not being able to operate from here on, is an essential skill for moving forward with your work. is. In providing guidance, we place emphasis on helping students acquire not only design skills, but also peripheral skills that will be required when accepting orders through the program.
・Online interview with a mentor
In addition to answering questions via chat, we will also provide opportunities for verbal questions and consultation through online interviews. This meeting is not just a matter of discussing concerns, but also an opportunity to practice making proposals to clients. Each time, I set goals for the next session, have each person report on their progress, and present improvement plans for the next session, which also plays a role in cultivating presentation skills.
*Interview content and frequency vary depending on the course taken. ・Career interview using cognitive characteristic assessment