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Home » MARKETING・X -24 Osaka- (4/23-24), keynote and additional speakers announced! Key people from Dainippon Pyrethr um, Sompo Japan, Hankyu Hanshin Department Store, and USJ discuss “Create (market creation)”

MARKETING・X -24 Osaka- (4/23-24), keynote and additional speakers announced! Key people from Dainippon Pyrethr um, Sompo Japan, Hankyu Hanshin Department Store, and USJ discuss “Create (market creation)”

MARKETING・X -24 Osaka- (4/23-24), keynote and additional speakers announced! Key people from Dainippon Pyrethrum, Sompo Japan, Hankyu Hanshin Department Store, and USJ discussed the topic of “Create – Market Creation”
Deadline for various participation applications is April 3rd. Only Regular passes will be accepted until April 9th.
EQUITAS LLC (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, representative employee: Tomofumi Murakami) will hold “MARKETING・X -” at Grand Prince Hotel Osaka Bay on April 23rd (Tuesday) and 24th (Wednesday), 2024. 24 Osaka-” keynote program and additional speakers have been announced on the official website.
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“MARKETING・X -24 Osaka-” is a conference where key people involved in a wide range of corporate marketing gather to discuss and have dialogue about the next generation of marketing. As part of the second round, we announced the keynote program, speakers, and breakout session programs.
●Keynote speakers●●Why? Let’s start with – understanding people and insights
What is the starting point when creating a market? Last year’s MARKETING・X started with a discussion about why≒purpose. This year’s discussion will start with the why, in the sense of why customers act. It is no exaggeration to say that brand strategy starts with WHO and ends with WHO. Understand your key customers and pursue their hidden needs and insights. Is there an ideal journey to pursue a customer, the reality in front of you, and beyond that? Quintessence Hidaka takes a closer look at the brand’s leaders, Mr. Sekiguchi and Mr. Asai, and their passion for understanding customers.
Yukiyo Asai [Deputy General Manager, Marketing Division, USJ LLC]
[Image 2:×400.jpg] Noriyoshi Sekiguchi [Manager of Marketing, Marketing Department, Sompo Japan Insurance Co., Ltd.]
[Image 3:×400.jpg] Yukako Hidaka [Representative of Quintessence] (Moderator)
[Image 4:×400.jpg] Keynote 2 ● Continuing to change the value provided in line with consumers’ values ​​~Essence of evolution~
From information retailer to communication retailer. What is the essence of the evolution of department stores that Hankyu Hanshin Department Store, which ranks among the top in Japan in terms of customer satisfaction and sales, is looking to? And where will it go? President , who looks at his customers, redefines his role, and takes on the challenge of providing new value through real and digital means without shying away from change, will be on stage at MARKETING-X.
Toshihiko [President, Hankyu Hanshin Department Store Co., Ltd.]
[Image 5:×400.jpg] Keynote 3● Innovate” – What and 42 benefits
How do I come up with good ideas? How can we bring about innovation? Is there a special method? Mr. Wasa will share in 40 minutes the practical methodologies he has pursued and honed during his more than 30 years as a marketer.
Takashi Wasa [Representative Director and CEO of JukeboxDreams Co., Ltd. / Former Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Coca-Cola Japan Co., Ltd.]
[Image 6:×400.jpg] Keynote4●Will the Golden Bird Summer continue?
“Summer of Golden Birds, Summer of Japan.” – Dainippon Pyrethrum has created many hit products in the field of household insecticides and insect repellents, and has built a strong brand through various types of communication that capture the attention of consumers. .
Hisashi Ueyama, a director and advisor who has led the company’s advertising for many years, will take the stage and give a lecture about the company’s activities, which are a condensation of marketing essence, and the unique strategy that has produced the latest hit products.
Hisashi Ueyama [Director and Advisor, Dainippon Pyrethrum Co., Ltd.]
[Image 7:×400.jpg] ●Subcommittee theme●
Don’t overlook changes in customers – brand selection
Integrate PR and marketing
“Reproducibility” in the watermelon game – the elements of a hit asked by the developer
Thinking about the use of generative AI from a consumer perspective Now, OMO again – with an examination of retail media
Customer analysis – N1, from the use of AI to effective communication D2C isn’t over: Nextcomer’s development process
To achieve results in a Japanese-style organization
■About participation application and deadline
Now accepting applications from the official website.
・Brand Pass (Deadline 4/3)
Brand (advertiser) representatives will be invited to participate after screening.
Please check the participation conditions and apply from the link below.
・Prime Brand Pass (deadline 4/3):
A pass in which brand (advertiser) representatives can participate for a fee. You can participate in all programs except private
meetings.・Prime Pass (Deadline 4/3)
A pass that allows partners to participate in all programs, including private meetings (*).・Regular Pass (Deadline 4/9)
Pass for partners to participate in all programs except private meetings. *Private meetings: A program for 1-to-1 meetings of 10 minutes x 8 slots. ■About applying for sponsorship
Applications are now being accepted from the following page of the official website. (Deadline 4/3)
To request sponsorship materials, please use the inquiry button at the bottom of the official website. ■Event Overview: “MARKETING・X -24 Osaka-” Date: April 23rd (Tuesday) and 24th (Wednesday), 2024 Venue: Grand Prince Hotel Osaka Bay (1-Nankokoku, Suminoe-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka) 13-11) Overview: Discussions will be held on the latest trends in domestic and international marketing and important themes from a future perspective Target: Brand companies, partner companies, media, etc. Format: Real Only Sponsor: Official website of EQUITAS LLC : ■What is MARKETING・X?
The event has been held since January 2022 with the overall theme of “A place to create a market, take advantage of it, and find the next ‘X.” Many key people from the Kansai area took the stage, and more than 1,000 people participated. Regular seminars “X Salon” are also held. ■Company Profile Company Name: EQUITAS LLC Date of
Establishment: March 27, 2019 Representative: Representative Partner Tomofumi Murakami Capital: 3,000,000 yen Head Office: 3F Praseo Aoyama Building, 2-7-13 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Business details: Planning, production, management, advertising and consulting services for educational courses Planning, production, management, advertising and consulting services for events, etc. Company website:
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