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Keio Electric Railway Co., Ltd. Establishment of the Keio Group DE&I (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) Declaration

Keio Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Establishment of the Keio Group DE&I (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) Declaration Be yourself to realize a happy life
Keio Electric Railway Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tama City, Tokyo, President and CEO: Satoshi Miyakomura, hereinafter referred to as “Keio Electric Railway”) is committed to developing “active human resources,” which is positioned as an important issue in promoting sustainability management of our group. We established the Keio Group DE&I Declaration on March 28th (Thursday) in order to realize Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (hereinafter referred to as “DE&I”), which is one of the social issues. Our group will work together as one to continuously improve corporate value by promoting DE&I and creating new value under the slogan “Be yourself and realize a happy life.” 1. Keio Group DE&I Declaration
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2. Background of the establishment In order to tackle various management issues while upholding the values ​​of “safety and security,” our company has established “necessary human resources” and “ideal organization,” and has established “human resources” to realize them. We are promoting various measures based on our strategy. Within this context, we are promoting DE&I with the aim of providing new value to the local community by having diverse individualities work together. We have established the Keio Group DE&I Declaration in order to help you understand this and put it into practice on a daily basis in your workplace. Based on this declaration, each company in the Keio Group will promote DE&I according to its own situation. 3. Date of establishment Thursday, March 28, 2024 Above [Reference] Regarding the promotion of DE&I at Keio Corporation (1) Main KPIs for DE&I promotion Continuous every year: Childcare leave acquisition rate by gender 100% After joining the company in 2024: Ratio of female new graduates hired (general positions): 50% FY2030: Ratio of female managers: 30% (2) Main initiatives 1. Enhancing work-life balance Supporting the balance between life and work, including “childcare” and “nursing care” By doing so, we will work to design various systems and foster an organizational culture so that all employees can continue to work with peace of mind and play an active role in accordance with their individual lifestyles. -Latest measures-●Keio Childcare Development Consultation Office December 2023As a support measure for employees raising children with disabilities, we have established a consultation desk with experts in collaboration with Childhood Lab, a general incorporated association. .
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●Parent Class In order for pre-school moms and dads to be able to start raising children with peace of mind, Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. and others conducted “Child Care Leave Training for Everyone” in February 2024. We aim to create a workplace where it is easy for men to take childcare leave by learning knowledge about childcare and the importance of childcare leave for men, including not only those involved but also their superiors.
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2. Women’s empowerment We have set KPIs for promoting women’s empowerment, and with the commitment of our management team, we will work to create a workplace where women can play an equal role regardless of gender. -Latest measures- ● Opportunities to interact with female employees outside the company In November 2023, we introduced PeerCross, a career development support service for working mothers provided by East Japan Railway Company. We hope that female employees working while raising children will be able to resolve career concerns and develop future career prospects by interacting with female employees at other companies who have similar values ​​and circumstances.
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●Introduction of femtech January 2024 In order to support the improvement of health issues specific to women, we introduced the “Menstrual Program” of LIFEM Co., Ltd.’s femtech service for corporations, “Luna Luna Office.” In addition to providing “gynecological examinations using online medical examinations and support for taking low-dose pills” to female employees who wish to do so, we also held a “female body knowledge seminar” for all employees in order to improve literacy throughout the company. Did.
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3. Creating a workplace where diverse human resources can play an active role We aim to create a workplace where all employees can work as themselves with peace of mind, regardless of generation,
experience, disability, etc., and we will work to create a culture where diverse values ​​are recognized. . -Latest measures- ●Display of artwork by employees with disabilities.In order to create an environment in which employees with disabilities can play an active role and to promote understanding among all employees, a special subsidiary, Keio Cynthia Staff, will be displayed at the entrance on the 1st floor of the Keio Electric Railway Head Office starting in April. We are planning to exhibit art works by employees with disabilities.
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4. Others – From April onwards, education and awareness regarding DE&I will be carried out sequentially according to position.・In May, we held a DE&I experience event for our employees, “Understanding in the first person, things you don’t know about ‘others’ – Starting with ‘knowing’: Dementia experience x menstrual pain experience x interaction with people with disabilities -” It’s a schedule.

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