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SAKIYOMI Co., Ltd. Launched practical SNS marketing school “SAKIYOMI School”

[SAKIYOMI Co., Ltd.] Launched practical SNS marketing school “SAKIYOMI School”
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Press release: March 28, 2024
Launched practical SNS marketing school “SAKIYOMI School”
*Learn directly from professional instructors specializing in various SNS fields and aim to win projects in 3 months*
SAKIYOMI Co., Ltd. (Head office: Kita-ku, Osaka, Representative director: Ishikawa)
Yuki) will start providing services for the SNS marketing school “SAKIYOMI School” from April 1, 2024 (Monday).

SNS marketing is now becoming the cornerstone of web marketing. “SAKIYOMI School” is a practical online school where you can learn SNS marketing skills specialized in specialized areas such as “LINE” and “short videos” with the goal of acquiring projects in three months. We will support the challenges of those who want to acquire “SNS thinking” as a strength and aim to expand their career or realize a free working style.
* “SAKIYOMI School” official website * **
1. Background to the launch of “SAKIYOMI School” service
* ◆SNS has become the cornerstone of web marketing. However, there is a shortage of human resources with practical skills *
Nowadays, SNS marketing is becoming the cornerstone of web marketing. SNS is used in all sorts of situations, including increasing awareness, building word of mouth, and promoting fan and repeat customers. On the other hand, there are many people who blindly try to operate SNS with the mistaken belief that “anyone can operate SNS by copying viral posts,” and then give up when they don’t see results. * One of the reasons why SNS marketing does not produce results is the lack of SNS professional human resources. *
There is no doubt that if a professional with practical skills and SNS thinking tackles SNS marketing, it will be easier to achieve results.

SAKIYOMI and the professional SNS instructors who are participating in SAKIYOMI School have provided management and consulting services for many corporate accounts. By systematizing and communicating the know-how that we have cultivated over the years,*
It is now possible for students to acquire highly reproducible practical skills*. Participants will aim to become SNS professionals, whose demand continues to grow. *
* ◆Learning “SNS thinking” is directly linked to the realization of free working styles and career advancement *
“SNS thinking,” which is interactive with users and masters the latest trends in SNS, is one of the essential skills for modern marketers, and will be a great strength for the students’ careers. In addition, this school also provides support for acquiring projects after taking the course,*
This is a program that you can immediately apply to your career, rather than just learning. *
We hope that those who wish to work freely and advance their careers in their own way will take the initiative in building their own careers through attending the school.

2. “SAKIYOMI School” service overview
* ◆What is SAKIYOMI School?*
“SAKIYOMI School” is a practical online school where you can learn SNS marketing specialized in each field with the goal of “acquiring projects in 3 months.” By studying intensively for three months, we aim to acquire SNS skills that are directly linked to acquiring projects.

[SAKIYOMI School 3 features]
Feature 1. Learn directly from top instructors in each field Feature 2. Take on actual projects while learning and hone your client work skills
Feature 3. Small group size, environment where you can receive detailed feedback from the instructor

* ◆Course overview*
We will be offering three courses from April 2024.
Courses in other specialized areas are also scheduled to start one after another.

1.LINE Marketing Course
Lecturer: BALSA Co., Ltd. Representative Director Seigo Nakagawa 2. Instagram specialized designer training course
Lecturer: SAKIYOMI Co., Ltd. Creative Director Ayane Okamoto 3.TikTok short video course
Lecturer: Amateur Hotel Reconstruction Plan
* ◆Plan overview*
For each course, you can choose from two plans.
*Course fees vary. Please check the official website for details. [Small group lecture plan]
・Limited to 5 people for each course (there is an entrance exam) ・Class lessons where you can learn directly from the instructor ・With 1on1 feedback

[Video lecture plan]
・You can watch the same content as the small group lecture plan as many times as you like as a video
・Regularly held question sessions for instructors
・Comes with a worksheet that you can tackle on your own

* “SAKIYOMI School” service site * **

Representative Director: Yuki Ishikawa
Address: 7th floor, MF Sakurabashi 2 Building, 2-6-24 Sonezaki Shinchi, Kita-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture
Business content: Instagram marketing support, etc.

Using operational logic based on hacked algorithms, we supported the growth of our Instagram account and gained a total of 4 million followers. In addition, more than 1,000 people have participated in the paid program “SAKIYOMI Members” to learn how to operate Instagram. The company’s Instagram account, which provides unique tips on Instagram management, has achieved 10,000 followers in three months and currently has 51,000 followers. In addition, Japan BS Broadcasting “Next
company”, MarkeZine, Nikkei xwoman
He is widely disseminating information as a pioneer of Instagram marketing, contributing articles on Instagram marketing such as serialization in ARIA.
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