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Home » CFD Sales Co., Ltd. Dreame new product Introducing the most anticipated 6-way fully automatic robot vacuum c leaner “DreameBot X30 Ultra” in the first half of 2024

CFD Sales Co., Ltd. Dreame new product Introducing the most anticipated 6-way fully automatic robot vacuum c leaner “DreameBot X30 Ultra” in the first half of 2024

CFD Sales Co., Ltd.
[Dreame new product] Introducing the most anticipated 6-way fully automatic robot vacuum cleaner “DreameBot X30 Ultra” in the first half of 2024
Worldwide shipments have exceeded 21 million units, and data such as the top Japanese market share of high-end robot vacuum cleaners is released for the first time in Japan.
CFD Sales Co., Ltd. (President: Hiroji Mitani, Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture) acts as an agent, and Dream Technology Japan Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) is the Japanese branch of Dream Technology, a comprehensive manufacturer of smart home appliances. /Representative Director and President Ryoko Takano) will hold a new product experience exchange event for the 6-way fully automatic robot vacuum cleaner “DreameBot X30 Ultra” in Tokyo on the afternoon of Tuesday, March 26, 2024. Did. “DreameBot Pre-orders will be available at “Makuake”.
[Image 1:×667.jpg] Makuake project page:
*This project is being implemented from 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, March 27, 2024 to 6:00 p.m. on Monday, May 20, 2024.
At the experience exchange session, Dreamy Technology Japan President Takano explained Dream Technology’s global expansion and the performance of the Japanese market in 2023, and then Masateru Ishizuka, Sales Headquarters General Manager, talked about Dream’s technological capabilities and “DreameBot X30 Ultra.” Unveiling. Next, Ms. Mirei Kane, Global Team Manager of Makuake Project Promotion Headquarters, introduced the impetus for this collaboration, and finally, Koji Mitani, President and Representative Director of CFD Sales Co., Ltd., an official Dreame distributor in Japan. He announced the sales strategy for the X30 Ultra.
[Image 2:×670.jpg] (From left: Ms. Mirei Kim, Global Team Manager, Project Promotion Headquarters, Makuake Co., Ltd., Ryoko Takano, President and Representative Director, Dreamy Technology Japan Co., Ltd., Mr. Hiroji Mitani, President and Representative Director, CFD Sales Co., Ltd., Sales Headquarters, Dreamy Technology Japan Co., Ltd. Manager Masateru Ishizuka)
Total worldwide shipments are 21 million units! Achieved 100% compound growth rate for 5 consecutive years
Since its founding in 2017, Dreame’s core business has been research and development, manufacturing and sales of smart home appliances, including high-technology smart vacuum cleaners, and has operations in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, including China, America, Europe, and Asia. The total number of units shipped worldwide has exceeded 21 million units. The compound annual growth rate for the five years from 2019 to 2023 was 100%. Dream, which has achieved technological innovation and global expansion success, will continue to grow as an industry-leading smart home appliance brand.
[Image 3:×667.jpg] Dream Technology Japan Co., Ltd., a Japanese corporation, was established in 2021 and began full-scale sales of smart home appliances related to robot vacuum cleaners and wet vacuum cleaners in Japan in February 2023. At present, our main sales channels include, Rakuten Market, Yahoo! Shopping, as well as Bic Camera, Kojima, and Joshin Denki.
Towards the supreme X era! X30 Ultra is equipped with a number of industry-first technologies A decade ago, there was an era of stick vacuum cleaners, and now robot vacuums that can suck and wipe with water have become widespread, but cleaning them is manual and semi-automated. It has become an era. With the X30 Ultra as its representative, Dreame has realized the fully automatic “X era”, which is smarter, more efficient, and more convenient, with fully automatic washing up to the base station.
The X30 Ultra is a 6-way fully automatic base station and is equipped with the industry’s first * automatic base station cleaning. It also features three innovative technologies: the industry’s first* MopExtend(TM), automatic mop attachment/detachment, and unique self-cleaning. In particular, Mop Extend technology has evolved further with MopExtend RoboSwing Technology (MopExtend(TM) RoboSwing Technology), which makes it possible to access areas that are difficult to clean with robot vacuum cleaners, such as along walls. . Mop Extend Robo Swing Technology allows you to reach areas that are difficult to clean with a robot vacuum by extending the mop and swinging the vacuum cleaner itself.
[Image 4:×667.jpg] For carpet cleaning, Dreame also uses industry-first technology to automatically remove and lift the mop. For example, by setting the carpet cleaning method in the app, you can choose between cleaning with the mop removed or lifting it up, which prevents a dirty mop from getting the carpet wet.
Furthermore, the industry’s first * unique “hair cutting brush (sold separately)” and “automatic mop wash board cleaning” functions eliminate the need for troublesome maintenance. The “Hair Cutting Brush” cuts just the hair without damaging the carpet or your hands, and can fundamentally eliminate tangles with the brush, making it a highly recommended feature, especially for households with pets.
[Image 5:×667.jpg] The X30 Ultra is the first in the industry to be able to automatically clean the base station itself, while more and more robot vacuum cleaners are equipped with an automatic mop cleaning function. By automatically cleaning the washboard inside the base station at the same time as the mop cleaning, you can expect further cleaning effects for the mop and prevention of foreign odors.
In addition, the suction power of 8,300 Pa, which is the highest in the industry thanks to the in-house developed Turbo Force 4, and the sterilization effect of silver ions and detergents are effective against indoor pollen and viruses, as well as antibacterial dust bags and antibacterial The sterilization rate including the filter is 99.9%. Intelligent technologies include Pathfinder navigation to help you clean smarter, smart CleanGenius to clean more effectively, and other useful features such as monitoring.
As the most anticipated robot vacuum cleaner in the first half of 2024, the X30 Ultra delivers higher cleaning effectiveness in each cleaning step. *Industry’s first base station automatic cleaning: According to our own research, as of September 2023, Dream’s X30 Ultra is the first robot vacuum cleaner in the smart home appliance industry to be equipped with a base station automatic cleaning function. *Industry’s First Mop Extend(TM): As of March 27, 2024, according to Frost & Sullivan research, Dreame is the first in the robot vacuum industry to develop mop extend technology. *The industry’s first unique “hair cutting brush”: According to our own research, as of September 2023, the “hair cutting brush” with a special structure is a technology independently researched and developed by Dream.
Super high-end robot vacuum cleaner available for pre-order from March 27th at Makuake
On Makuake, a platform where consumers can quickly support and purchase new products and services in the “0th distribution (pre-distribution market)”, we will implement a project where you can make pre-orders at a discount before they go on sale to the general public.
[Image 6:×667.jpg] Pre-orders for the X30 Ultra will be available at Makuake from March 27th to May 20th, after which general sales will begin in June at Amazon stores and other locations. There are various plans available for pre-order sales, including the Dream standard set, hair cutting brush set, and premium set.The number of sets sold is limited, so customers who are considering purchasing should make reservations as soon as possible.
Makuake project page:
*This project is being implemented from 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, March 27, 2024 to 6:00 p.m. on Monday, May 20, 2024.
DreameBot X30 Ultra Product Overview
[Image 7:×1125.jpg] ■Achieving a 6-way fully automatic robot vacuum cleaner
Equipped with the industry’s first “Base Station Automatic Cleaning”, Dream is fully automatic, from cleaning to maintenance. It offers a higher level of functionality than existing robot vacuum cleaners, with all cutting-edge features and no hassle at all.
■Upgraded Dream’s unique “mop extend technology”
MopExtend Technology is a technology independently researched and developed by Dream that allows cleaning to be done in areas that are difficult to clean with robot vacuum cleaners, such as around walls. This time, we have achieved further evolution with the new MopExtend RoboSwing Technology. By expanding the mop and swinging the vacuum cleaner itself, the X30 Ultra is able to automatically clean areas that are difficult to clean, such as gaps as high as 1 cm and as deep as 4 cm, which are difficult to clean with robot vacuums.
■Suction power of 8,300Pa, the strongest in the industry
Boasting the industry’s strongest suction power of 8,300Pa, it is so powerful that even screws can be sucked in at once. It thoroughly sucks up all the dust and hair that hides in the crevices of flooring and carpets, and that you don’t usually notice.
■Equipped with Dreame’s unique “mop automatic attachment/detachment” function We can clean all types of carpets. Even when cleaning carpets with long hair, which is difficult with conventional robot vacuum cleaners, it intelligently returns to the station, automatically removes the mop, and increases the suction power to a maximum of 8300Pa to thoroughly clean deep into the hair. .
■Industry’s first, fully automatic cleaning down to the base station With traditional products, the dirt left behind after mopping remains on the board, requiring periodic manual cleaning. However, DreamBot X30 Ultra automatically cleans the washboard inside the base station at the same time as mopping, so maintenance is no longer required. ■ Eliminate tangles with our own “hair cutting brush”!
Adopting Dreame’s unique “hair cutting brush”, the brush automatically cuts and suctions hair while cleaning, so there is no tangle with the brush, and there is no need to clean the brush with tangled hair. . *This is an accessory purchased separately.
■Product specifications
[Image 8:×1687.jpg] ▽About Dream Technology
Dream Technology, an innovative consumer product manufacturer founded in 2017, is committed to research and development of smart home appliances, including high-tech smart vacuum cleaners, with the vision of “bringing high technology to everyday life.” A global company engaged in manufacturing and sales. Currently, we are operating in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, including China, America, Europe, and Asia. As a smart home appliance brand in Japan, we offer products such as wet vacuum cleaners, robot vacuum cleaners, stick-type cordless vacuum cleaners, and hair dryers to people’s daily lives in which high technology blends naturally. Dreamy’s strength lies in its advanced technological capabilities in a number of areas, including industry-leading high-speed digital motor technology, fluid dynamics, and SLAM (real-time position sensing and mapping)
algorithms. To achieve this, more than 70% of all employees are research and development personnel, and the annual investment ratio for research and development reaches approximately 7%, far exceeding industry standards. I’m putting it in. Additionally, as of December 2023, Dreamy has 4,256 patent applications and 2,206 patents granted worldwide, which proves Dreamy’s technological capabilities. ▽About development in the Japanese market
In February 2023, Dreame Technology Japan launched the DreameBot D10Plus, a robot vacuum cleaner with an automatic garbage collection station, on, making a full-scale entry into the Japanese market. In June of the same year, we developed offline sales channels and began selling the high-end model robot vacuum cleaner DreamBot L10s Ultra and the completely new concept wet vacuum cleaner H12Pro at major electronics retailer Bic Camera/Kojima. Furthermore, in October, the DreamBot L20, a top-of-the-line robot vacuum cleaner, was selected as the “Best of IFA” by many media outlets and the BEST BUY OF THE YEAR 2023 by the magazine “Home Appliance Criticism” at the IFA Exhibition in Germany last fall. Ultra Complete has been released. In addition to planning to introduce more high-end models in the future, we will also release cutting-edge technology products that will amaze all of Japan.
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