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Home » NoMA Lab General Incorporated Association Heral Bonnie’s art noren was unveiled at the sake brewery haccoba in Namie Town, Fukushima Prefecture, and the same-themed alcoholic beverage “Fuuu!do” was also launched.

NoMA Lab General Incorporated Association Heral Bonnie’s art noren was unveiled at the sake brewery haccoba in Namie Town, Fukushima Prefecture, and the same-themed alcoholic beverage “Fuuu!do” was also launched.

NoMA Lab General Incorporated Association
Heralbony’s art noren is unveiled at the sake brewery haccoba in Namie Town, Fukushima Prefecture, and the same-themed liquor “Fuuu!do” is also on sale.
~The 5th edition of the “Namie Art Project” that displays the town’s memories and future on an art curtain~
NoMA Lab, a general incorporated association (Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture, Representative Director: Tainari Takahashi), together with Heralbony Co., Ltd. (Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, Representative Directors and Co-CEOs: Takaya Matsuda, Bunto), is a project that the residents of Namie Town want to leave behind. We are working on the “Namie Art Project “Namie’s Memories, Namie’s Future”, which displays memories and the image of the town we want to create as outdoor art throughout the town, and on the 28th, as the fifth art project, haccoba Co., Ltd. (Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture, Representative Director: Taisuke Sato) unveiled the art noren of “haccoba Namie Brewery”, which he established in Namie Town last year as his second brewery.
Also, on the same day, haccoba started selling a new alcoholic beverage called “Fuuu!do” wrapped in a handkerchief with the same art.
[Image 1:×1181.jpg] Namie Town, Fukushima Prefecture, is a town that experienced the entire town being evacuated due to the Great East Japan Earthquake. The number of residents who lived there before the earthquake was about 21,000, but now it is about 2,100. In Namie Town, “Namie Art” is an outdoor art project created by “Heralbony”, a welfare experimental company that aims to create a new culture based on welfare, and displays the memories residents want to leave and the town they want to create. The project “Namie’s Memories, Namie’s Future” began in May 2022.
The theme of the art was decided through discussions with the residents of Namie Town, and the theme of the fifth installment, “Memories of Namie,” is a spring tradition that used to attract long lines of people from inside and outside the town. At the festival “Fujihashi Fudoson no Fudoichi,” the theme of “Namie’s Future” was “Pride in our rich food culture.”
In response, an artist from Heralbony created an art piece, which was turned into an art noren curtain and hung at the “haccoba Namie Brewery” in Namie Town on the 28th.
[Image 2:×1181.jpg ]
In addition, on the same day, haccoba announced and started sales of a new alcoholic drink “Fuuu!do”, which is decorated with the art “Namie’s Future “Pride in Rich Food Culture,” and Namie gathered for the art unveiling. I behaved to the people of the town.
“Fuuu!do” is a new product made by fermenting whey with rice from a ranch run by the “Tono” (Mr. Yukitane Soma, the 34th head of the Soma family) of the Soma clan, which has ruled this area for a long time. It is an alcoholic beverage with a refreshing sweet and sour taste similar to yogurt and a gorgeous fruity aroma of elderflower. About Namie Art Project “Namie’s Memories, Namie’s Future”
By expressing the memories of the town that the residents of Namie want to preserve and the image of the town that they want to realize through outdoor art throughout the town, we will create memories of the town that they want to preserve and the image of the town that they want to realize. This is a project that aims to share.
The theme of the art is determined by interviewing residents about the memories of the town they would like to preserve and the image of the town they would like to see.
The art will be created by artists from Heralbony, whose mission is to “show off your uniqueness.” This represents our desire to make Namie a town where everyone can be themselves and be unique. . To date, a total of eight works have been displayed throughout Namie Town, from the first to the fourth.
-Namie’s memory-
Theme: “Tokaichi”
Artist: Masaharu Hiyoshi (Atelier Yahoo!!)
-Namie’s future-
Theme: “Namie made with hydrogen”
Artist: Reiko Aoki (unico)
Posting location: Shinmachi Street, Namie Town (28-1 Gongendo Shinmachi, Namie Town, Futaba District, Fukushima Prefecture) [Part 2]
-Namie’s memory-
Theme: “Cosmos Marathon”
Artist: Taisuke Kinugasa
-Namie’s future-
Theme: “Namie created through mobility”
Artist: Iga Kanoru
Posting location: Namie Town/“Hamadori Regional Design Center Namie” (11-3, Gongen Jozoku-cho, Namie-cho, Futaba-gun, Fukushima Prefecture) 【3rd】
-Namie’s memories-
Theme: “Kunitama Shrine Night Festival (Bon Odori)”
Artist: Shogo Kitamura (PICFA)
-Namie’s future-
Theme: “Community that coexists”
Artist: Masahiro Honda (PICFA)
Posting location: Namie Town/“STUDIO B-6” (51-4 Kawasoe Sano, Namie Town) [Part 4]
-Namie’s memory-
Theme: “Sunplaza”
Artist: Junichi Kurita (Yamanami Kobo)
-Namie’s future-
Theme: “A town where liveliness and livability coexist”
Artist: Yoshida Fuuma (Yamanami Kobo)
Posting location: Namie Town/Shopping Mall “Sun Plaza” (88 Kamikawara, Gongendo, Namie Town)
“Namie Art Project” website:
About the 5th art
-Namie’s memory-
[Image 3:×1280.jpg] Theme: “Fujihashi Fudoson’s Fudoichi”
The theme of the 5th art piece, “Namie’s Memories,” was decided upon as “Fujihashi Fudoson’s Fudo City” after discussions among the residents.
“Fujihashi Fudoson” is the guardian deity of Lord Shibeha, who ruled this area, and is worshiped as the guardian deity of fire. The Fudo Market (Fujihashi Fudoson Daisai) is held on January 28th of the lunar calendar, with stalls lined up along the approach to the shrine and within the precincts.It was once a spring tradition that attracted people from both inside and outside the town and formed long lines. Memories of that lively town are expressed in art that is full of light and color, with letters flying freely and chaotically. Artist: Taisuke Kinugasa
[Image 4:×2600.jpg] To live is to draw. He depicts the scenery he sees while traveling around the world with his family, using his unique world view full of light and color. He has a color sense and sensitivity that has been described as magical, and can instantly select a color from hundreds of colors to create a painting. His artwork has received high praise both domestically and internationally, and large-scale votive tablets have been dedicated to the votive tablets of Kyoto Kamigoryo Shrine and Kyoto Imperial Palace Hakuun Shrine.
-Namie’s future-
[Image 5:×789.jpg] Theme: “Namie takes pride in her rich food culture”
The theme of the 5th art series, “Namie’s Future,” is “Pride in our rich food culture.”
A variety of crops are grown in Namie’s beautiful countryside, and the townspeople live their lives eating delicious Namie ingredients and drinking Namie’s delicious water. The town’s restaurants also serve dishes and drinks that make use of Namie’s produce. The people of Namie are proud of their food culture.
The wishes of the people of the town are expressed through polka dots sprinkled with a variety of colors.
Artist: SATO
Enrolled in Boston Special Needs (Boston)
[Image 6:×810.jpg] Ever since he discovered watercolor painting at a summer camp when he was 10 years old, his daily routine has been to draw “one picture a day” at home. There is no specific model, but he chooses a
combination of colors from a palette depending on the image in his mind that day, and fills the large drawing paper with a watery touch reminiscent of jelly beans or raindrops. I prefer transparent watercolor paints made in the United States to avoid muddying the hues. When someone sees the finished painting and says, “It’s beautiful,” it happily parrots back, “It’s beautiful.” In her spare time, she enjoys saori weaving, playing piano, and dancing in art classes in Boston.
-Noren production-
Kawashima Textile Cercon Co., Ltd.
JR East Startup Co., Ltd.
haccoba Co., Ltd.
Tohoku Kogyo Construction Co., Ltd.
Fukushima Prefectural Office
About haccoba’s new product “Fuuu!do”
[Image 7:×1181.jpg] -sake-
We want to create sake that stands out from Namie Town, Fukushima Prefecture. With this in mind, we created an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting whey with rice from a ranch run by the Tono of the Soma clan (34th head of the Soma family, Yukitane Soma), who ruled this area for a long time. Ta.
In this town, where horse culture is deeply rooted, with events such as the “Soma Nomaoi” festival that has been going on for over 1,000 years, the expression is reminiscent of Mongolia’s “horse milk sake.”
It is characterized by the refreshing sweet and sour taste of yogurt and the gorgeous fruity aroma of elderflower. The flavor is perfect for the upcoming warm season.
This is our second collaboration with Heralbony, and this alcoholic drink is inspired by artist SATO’s “Namie’s future.” The
multicolored polka dots represent “pride in Namie’s rich food culture.”
I would be happy if you could think about the town of Namie and feel even a little bit of its rich climate while drinking this alcoholic beverage.
-Product Summary-
・Planned sales price
・Liquor and handkerchief set: 4,620 yen (tax included)
・Alcohol only: 2,860 yen (tax included)
・Contents: 500ml/bottle
・Release date: Thursday, March 28, 2024
・Sales period: March 2024 ~ Ends when sold out
・Sales channel
・haccoba online store:
・haccoba Odaka Brewery Store: 10:00-17:00 (closed on Mondays) ・haccoba Odaka Station Brewery & PUBLIC MARKET (currently pre-opening) ・List of other stores: *The “Alcohol and Handkerchief Set” will be sold only directly (haccoba online store, in-store).
・Product details URL:
-Production staff-
Sake making: haccoba
Creative production and supervision: haccoba, chiyokos by hey design studio Original art production: SATO
Business Producer: Takuma Ito (Heral Bonnie)
Design Director: Shintaro Tanno: (Heral Bonnie)
-Thank you for your cooperation-
Ingredients provided by: Agriroad Co., Ltd., Tsuchiya Farm, Yukitane Soma (34th head of the Ma family)
About Heralbony Co., Ltd.
Heralbony is a welfare experiment company whose mission is “to make a difference.” We manage the licenses of over 2,000 pieces of art data drawn by domestic and international artists, mainly those with intellectual disabilities, and are developing them into a variety of businesses. Rather than providing support, we work as equal business partners, respecting the artist’s wishes while proceeding with the project, and building a system to pay them fair royalties. In addition to the lifestyle brand “HERALBONY,” we also have an account business that supports corporate DE&I promotion through planning and production of products and spaces, creative production that accurately conveys initiatives, and employee training programs, and an art gallery in Morioka that challenges new “common sense.” We are developing a multifaceted business, including an art business that operates “HERALBONY GALLERY”. By delivering “distinctness” to society in various forms, we aim to change the image of “disability” and create a society where 8 billion people with uniqueness can live as they are. Company name: HERALBONY Co.,Ltd.
Location: 2-38 Kaiunbashidori, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture Representative: Takaya Matsuda, Futo Matsuda
Corporate site:
Brand site:
About haccoba Co., Ltd.
In February 2021, we established a brewery in Odaka, Fukushima Prefecture, a town whose population temporarily dropped to zero due to evacuations following the nuclear power plant accident. Since July 2023, we have been operating a brewery in the neighboring town of Namie. Based on the idea of ​​“making sake more freely,” we express the old “Doburoku” culture and recipes in a modern way. We create sake freely that transcends the boundaries of genre. Through our business, we seriously aim to restore autonomous local culture and the culture of free sake making.
About NoMA Lab General Incorporated Association
NoMA Lab, a general incorporated association, has the motto “From a town that has become zero to the most exciting in the country.” In the Hamadori area of ​​Fukushima Prefecture, etc., NoMA Lab is a general incorporated association that engages in resident-centered town development, improving the living environment of residents, and solving problems. We are working to create a business that will lead to.

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