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BreakingDown Co., Ltd. Six companies have been appointed as silver sponsors of BreakingDown11.5!

BreakingDown Co., Ltd.
Six companies have been appointed as silver sponsors of BreakingDown11.5! HTF, T CLINIC, AIMERTE CLINIC for men AGA, Mr. STICK Co., Ltd., PREWAN Co., Ltd., and MAKE BEAUTURE Co., Ltd. are appointed!
BreakingDown Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Mirai Asakura) will be the silver sponsor of “Posting Technologies Co., Ltd. presents BreakingDown11.5” to be held on Saturday, March 30, 2024, HFT, T We are pleased to announce that CLINIC, AIMERTE CLINIC for men AGA, Mr. STICK Co., Ltd., PREWAN Co., Ltd., and MAKE BEAUTURE Co., Ltd. have been appointed.
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■Inauguration message from HTF
Following on from BreakingDown7, we have become the silver sponsor of BreakingDown11.5. HTF is a compression wear produced by Mirai Asakura that supports a variety of people involved in martial arts and sports. With the right amount of compression to fit your body, it provides the best support for your athletic performance. Made of specially sewn fabric with high functionality such as quick-drying and UV protection, this item can be worn comfortably in all seasons. As we become a sponsor of BreakingDown, we would like to support the players’ desire to bet on every minute and help make the tournament more exciting. Also, through BreakingDown, we would like to make many people aware of HTF and provide them with clothing that comfortably supports their daily exercise. We would like to convey the passion of our clients through Sting.
■Inauguration message from T CLINIC
T CLINIC has been appointed as a silver sponsor of BreakingDown11.5. We are particular about the “Golden Ratio” and “Facial Plastic Surgery,” and aim to be the world’s No. 1 facial plastic surgery clinic that eliminates dissatisfaction and complexes associated with aesthetic medicine.We hope to deliver excitement and confidence to everyone involved with T CLINIC. I’m here. This is a cosmetic surgery clinic in Shinjuku that was co-founded with Yua Mikami, and Nyairin from Breaking Down Girl also participates in the management. In the past, players such as Komeo and Jolie visited the hospital and underwent treatment. We are currently running an 80,000 yen OFF campaign for those who comment “Bear removal”!
We will support you so that we can add flair to the best entertainment called BreakingDown11.5.
■AIMERTE CLINIC for men Inauguration message from AGA
We have now become a silver sponsor of BreakingDown11.5. At Emerte Clinic, we want to make not only men who suffer from thinning hair, but also all other men, look cool and have confidence in themselves. As a sponsor, we hope to support the process of athletes who have failed and become stars.
■Inauguration message from Mr. STICK Co., Ltd.
I would like to support Breaking Down with all my might! We look forward to a heated battle, everyone. Men, stand up again! ! ■Inauguration message from PREWAN Co., Ltd.
We have recently become a sponsor of BreakingDown11.5. PREWAN is a “premium dog food” produced by Mirai Asakura that began sales on March 20, 2023. This is a premium dog food that “supports the building of a healthy and strong body from daily meals” as a comprehensive nutritional food for dogs that has been carefully considered to be good for your dog’s health.
■Inauguration message from MAKE BEAUTURE Co., Ltd.
This is our 12th time as a sponsor, starting with BreakingDown6.0. MAKE BEAUTURE Co., Ltd. has a mission of “Creating beauty that moves the world and the future,” and provides “hot water celebrity” H.L.B, “#1 minute hair care” VO-VO-hair growth agent, and scalp cleansing. Masu. Having sponsored the past 11 tournaments, I have been moved many times by the players’ various stories, backgrounds, and the dedication they put into each moment. We would like to support this wonderful event, which is showing remarkable growth both in the industry and in Japan, so we have decided to become a sponsor once again.
■Posting Technologies Co., Ltd. presents BreakingDown11.5 Tournament Overview Tournament name: Posting Technologies Co., Ltd. BreakingDown11.5 Date and time: Saturday, March 30, 2024, 7:00 p.m.
Distribution: Mirai Asakura YouTube Channel (1-3 matches)/BreakingDown LIVE (PPV)
Sponsor: BreakingDown Co., Ltd.
Official website:
■About HTF
LADDER Co., Ltd., which sells HTF, is a P2C company that works with influencers, celebrities, and talents to provide one-stop services such as product development, sales, promotion, and customer service. With the mission of “becoming a bridge between brands and customers and becoming a leading company in P2C,” we have created products such as Hikaru’s NMN supplement “P3,” Kirara Asuka’s night bra brand “Fuwatto Marshmallow Bra,” and Tenchimu’s ambassador. We are developing products such as electronic shisha “CHILLERS”. We will continue to roll out new products.
Official website:
Fluffy Marshmallow Bra:
Clinic hours: 10:00~19:00 Irregular holidays
Phone number: 03-6228-0830
Don Quijote Shinjuku Building 7F, 1-16-5 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0021 3 minutes walk from Shinjuku Station on the JR Yamanote Line ■About AIMERTE CLINIC for men AGA
AIMERTE CLINIC is an AGA online clinic specializing in men. Founded by Kuriemi, a business owner who has been featured in Forbes, and in collaboration with Bob Sapp, Clinic proudly released the clinic on December 15th. For thinning hair treatments that are ineffective with supplements and commercially available hair growth products, we offer medical products supervised by doctors online, at the lowest prices in the industry, and with a full refund guarantee.
■About Mr.STICK Co., Ltd.
Mr.STICK is a new company born from a YouTube program called “Nontitle” aimed at entrepreneurs. We have developed products aimed at improving male function, and have started selling supplements made of powerful ingredients that satisfy men’s vitality and functional boxer shorts on our official website this month. We will continue to aim to develop products and services that satisfy men’s overall vitality. ■About PREWAN Co., Ltd.
PREWAN Co., Ltd. sells “PREWAN,” a premium dog food of human-grade quality that is particular about safety and security, from material selection to manufacturing. Considering the burden on your dog’s body, in addition to carefully selected raw materials, we also carefully consider the use of additives (synthetic preservatives, synthetic seasonings, synthetic coloring agents, fragrances, and preservatives), and provide nutritional ingredients that support health. We are particular about balance and natural taste. PREWAN is a comprehensive nutritional food for dogs that can maintain health with just the same product and water. We also donate a portion of our sales to animal welfare organizations to continue our support activities. PREWAN, chosen by owners who want their dogs to be healthy and happy, helps as many animals as possible stay healthy and happy for as long as possible. We are working to support animal protection activities in order to create a world where happiness spreads through PREWAN food. Official website:
■About MAKE BEAUTURE Co., Ltd.
MAKE BEAUTURE Co., Ltd.’s mission is to “Create beauty that moves the world and the future,” and we are creating new habits based on the voices of our users. Mainly through the Internet (EC, Amazon, Rakuten), # 1 minute produced by H.L.B (H.L.B) and Mirai Asakura, the luxury bath additives that are used by top athletes, models, and celebrities. We offer scalp care VO-VO- that is finished with. [Achievements] BreakingDown6.0, BreakingDown6.5, BreakingDown7.0, BreakingDown7.5, BreakingDown8.0, BreakingDown8.5, BreakingDown9.0, BreakingDown9.5, BreakingDown10, BreakingDown11, BreakingDown11.5 [H.L.B] Official website:
     VO_VO_official Instagram: [VO-VO-] Official website:
■What is “BreakingDown”?
“BreakingDown” is a new mixed martial arts entertainment in which fighters with various backgrounds such as boxing, karate, karate, judo, Nippon Kempo, sumo, and Systema compete to determine the strongest in “one minute, one round.” As the name of the event “BreakingDown”, which has the meaning of “continuing to break down” the common image of martial arts and fighters, athletes aiming to rise to the top will fight with all their might in a one-minute, extremely short battle that no one can predict. The development is fascinating.
Mirai Asakura, a mixed martial artist who is also a popular YouTuber with over 3.21 million subscribers (as of June 2023), serves as the CEO, and mixed martial artist Kai Asakura and mixed martial artist Rikuto Shirakawa participate as special advisors. I am.
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[Image 4:×477.jpg] ■BreakingDown Homepage/Official SNS
Official website:
Official X:
Official Instagram: Official YouTube: Official TikTok: ■BreakingDown Co., Ltd. Overview
Company name: BreakingDown Co., Ltd.
Established: March 2021
Representative: Mirai Asakura
For inquiries from the general public:

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