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Home » 4℃ 4℃’s “2024 Spring Collection” with a refreshing scene of blooming mimosas and lilacs

4℃ 4℃’s “2024 Spring Collection” with a refreshing scene of blooming mimosas and lilacs

“2024 Spring Collection” at 4℃ with a refreshing scene of blooming mimosas and lilacs
On sale from March 29, 2024 (Friday) at stores nationwide and official online shop
The jewelry brand “4℃” developed by FDC Products Co., Ltd. (located in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Ichiro Oka Fuji) has a “2024 Spring Collection” that delicately expresses mimosa and lilac flowers. will be on sale from March 29, 2024 (Friday) at 4℃ stores and official online shops nationwide.
[Image 1:×1300.jpg] “2024 Spring Collection” features jewelry wrapped in joy and kindness that expresses the fleeting and pretty beauty of mimosas and lilacs, based on the concept of “Blooming Grace ~Beautiful Flower Garden~.” These pieces of jewelry are reminiscent of a beautiful flower garden guided by the refreshing breeze, the faint scent of spring, and the dancing petals. We have necklaces and rings that catch the sparkling sunlight that will make your heart sing at the start of a new season. We have special items that will brighten up your face just by wearing them, such as a yellow gold-colored necklace that delicately depicts the yellow flowers of mimosa, and a set of earrings and ear cuffs with a fluttering lilac petal motif. Ta.
A piece of jewelry that cheerfully celebrates the beginning of a new season with flowers imbued with positive power, such as mimosa and the rare “Lucky Lilac” with five petals. Get excited about the curvaceous beauty typical of 4℃ and the lines of the metal with floral
■Mimosa motif jewelry that brightens up your expression
[Image 2:×1121.png ]
From Left
K10YG Necklace / Quartz / Peridot / Topaz ¥44,000
K10YG Necklace / Quartz / Peridot / Topaz ¥35,200
K10YG Ring / Quartz / Peridot / Topaz ¥41,800
K10YG Pierced Earrings / Quartz / Peridot / Topaz ¥29,700
K10YG Bracelet / Quartz / Peridot / Topaz ¥29,700
The necklace, which depicts a delicate mimosa flower, has a cute yet elegant design that brightens up the look around your face. The metal line that wraps around the lemon quartz, which is inspired by a mimosa flower, and the playful chain that sways with your movements are attractive. Along with green peridot accents, we also have rings and bracelets that will add a focal point to your wrist, as well as earrings that will add an elegant touch to your ears.
Feel the arrival of the bright spring season by wearing this elegant motif that expresses the delicate expression of a mimosa flower using milled metal and cut stones.
■Jewelry that brings good luck that delicately reflects the movement of lilac petals.
[Image 3:×1083.png ]
From Left
SV(K18YGc) Necklace / Quartz / Peridot /CZ ¥22,000
SV(K18YGc) Necklace / Quartz / Peridot / chrysoprase /CZ ¥19,800 SV(K18YGc) Set Ring / Quartz / CZ ¥24,200
SV(K18YGc) Pierced Earrings & Ear Cuff set / Quartz / Peridot / CZ ¥22,000 SV(K18YGc) Pierced Earrings / Quartz / Peridot / Pearl / CZ ¥19,800 SV(K18YGc) Bracelet / Quartz / Peridot /chrysoprase / CZ ¥17,600 There is also a series that expresses the lines of lilac petals. Among lilacs that have four petals, there is also jewelry with the motif of the “Lucky Lilac,” which has five petals, which is extremely rare. Also available are earrings and ear cuff set jewelry, earrings, and bracelets that express the lovely beauty of small lilac flowers. This classy jewelry with bright chrysoprase accents will give you a gentle impression of spring.
■Wearing the luxe shine of K18 and light leaves with a breath of spring
[Image 4:×543.png ]
From Left
K18YG Necklace / Amethyst / Diamond ¥52,800
K18YG Pierced Earrings / Diamond ¥44,000
There is also a series in which K18 yellow gold sparkles brightly and vividly. This necklace with a sparkling large green amethyst has an elegant design with bare metal lines that resemble leaves decorating the stones. There are also earrings with a metal design that expresses a delicate leaf pattern that dangles elegantly around the ears. Wear beautiful jewelry that will make your heart sing during the spring season, when the pleasant, refreshing breeze blows.
■You will receive an original sachet as a purchase bonus.
[Image 5:×1200.jpg] For customers who purchased “2024 Spring Collection”,
An original sachet with a refreshing and gentle mimosa scent that spreads comfortably.
I will give you a present.
*Due to limited quantity, it will end as soon as it runs out. ■Limited case gift
[Image 6:×1200.jpg] Jewelry for customers who purchase the “2024 Spring Collection” will be delivered in a pretty package that is embroidered with a bouquet of mimosa and lilac, giving the feeling of the coming of spring. *Due to limited quantity, it will end as soon as it runs out. [4℃ official website] More details about this release: