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Home » Japan Education Foundation School Corporation Mode Gakuen’s new TV commercial “Is Clothes the Only Fashion?” Pre-release on the web from today!

Japan Education Foundation School Corporation Mode Gakuen’s new TV commercial “Is Clothes the Only Fashion?” Pre-release on the web from today!

Educational Corporation Japan Educational Foundation
Mode Gakuen’s new TV commercial “Is Clothes Only Fashion” will be released in advance on the web from today!
The song was newly written by up-and-coming female artist LANA! Broadcast will start nationwide from April
[Image 1:×540.jpg] “Mode Gakuen” (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya), a vocational school that trains professionals in fashion, design, business, interior design, graphics, and hairdressing, will be airing a new TV commercial, “Is Clothes Only Fashion?” nationwide from April. start. Ahead of that, we have started a pre-release on our website from today, March 28th (Thursday). This commercial presents a new guideline for young people with the strong message, “Love is the best fashion.” The women depicted in the commercials take off their clothes and create their own fashion. Don’t just look like someone else, move forward towards what you love. He expresses his desire to inspire and take on challenges in the world with his sharp eyes and facial expressions that point toward his true self.
The CM song is “MY LIFE,” a new song written by up-and-coming female artist LANA. Her powerful singing voice conveys the message of living your life in your own way, and it is a powerful song that inspires you to make your dreams come true. Please take a look at the new commercial for Mode Gakuen, whose educational philosophy is “From zero to professional”.
■Message from new TV commercial: “Love is the best fashion.” The theme of the 2024 TV commercial is redefining fashion at Mode Gakuen. Fashion is not just about clothes.
Way of life, way of thinking and commitment. Something that shows itself. It’s not just about your appearance, but also your attitude toward things and your every action.
That’s why I like Mode Gakuen,
I believe that fashion can be shaped by each person in any field. Love is the best fashion.
There’s something I want to do. There is something I want to be. That feeling creates the best fashion just for you.
Mode Gakuen has an environment where you can respond to your desires. Lectures by top creators from Japan and abroad, collaboration with overseas, Case studies that allow you to experience the field will increase your potential.
In this place where everyone pursues their dreams, the days of serious challenge begin.
From zero to professional.
To create the best fashion just for you,
Mode Gakuen will give you solid ability.
■About the CM song
LANA is in charge of the CM song.
A message about living your life in your own way, radiated from a powerful singing voice.
They provided us with overwhelmingly powerful songs that inspire us to make our dreams come true.
[Image 2:×1280.jpg] LANA
Born in Shonan, Kanagawa Prefecture. In 2020, he suddenly started uploading songs to SoundCloud, and his fresh yet overwhelming singing ability and life-sized lyrics of a teenager became a hot topic and took the charts by storm. After that, he was flooded with offers from home and abroad, started producing music with track makers/rappers, and participated in numerous songs as a feat.
Although he is based on HIPHOP/R&B, he will begin full-scale releases in 2022, armed with a melody sense that makes you feel borderless and genre-less, and a husky voice that you will never forget once you hear it. “FLAME” expresses a fresh momentum that penetrates the mainstream of the scene, “PULL UP” combines dance trends and iconic gal vibes, and oversized songs that have transcended the rap scene and
established themselves at the top of J-POP charts. Hit “TURN IT UP (feat. Candee & ZOT
on the WAVE)” and “L7 Blues,” a song that covers everything from past hardships to present advances over an upper-beat beat based on “baile funki”.
Also, last summer, he released the EP “19”, which includes songs such as “BASH BASH”, which became a new floor banger, and became a hot topic. Their latest EP “19.5” includes “Almost 20”, which presents a new style of synth pop, “24/7 YOU…”, which has become a hot topic as a catchy love song, and “For”, which is already showing signs of becoming a smash hit. bbys” and other youth anthems are recorded all at once, and expectations are high for the new image of DIVA that LANA will create.
■CM overview
Title: Mode Gakuen New TV CM “Is Clothes Only Fashion” Edition Broadcast start: April 2024
Broadcast area: Sequentially nationwide
Video public URL
Tokyo Mode Gakuen:
Osaka Mode Gakuen:
Nagoya Mode Gakuen:
Production staff
ECD: Kazuya Okabayashi
AD: Shotaro Oda, Kondechi Adisak Rasawan, Wataru Ishibashi
CW: Shingo Nishinoiri
CRD: Miyuki Nishihara, Saya Ikeda
AE: Koji Mitake, Yuito Nagata, Tatsuya Watanabe, Takamasa Yasuda, Takashi Kojima, Daiki Sakuma, Shinichi Tatemi, Yuki Ishikawa, Miki Kinjo, Fuko Kojima
Pr: Fumikazu Matsubara, Tsuyoshi Daimon
PM: Chiemi Ichikawa
Director: Hidejin Kato
Director of Photography: Hitoshi Ito
Trinity Operator: Taro Kimura
Lighting Director: Masami Noguchi
Production Designer: Naoyuki Hashimoto
Stylist: Remi Takenouchi
Stylist Assistant / Extra Stylist: Lili Itagaki
Stylist Assistant: Ryujiro Tanuma
Casting: Kenichi Tsutsumi
Mixer: Gaku Okada
Colorist: Alexander Zolotarev
Music: LANA (
Post-production: Ray Co., Ltd.
A&P: Qualus Co., Ltd./ARARAT Co., Ltd.
[Image 3:×1054.png ]
◆Mode Gakuen Vocational School
With campuses in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Paris, we are a vocational school that discovers and develops each individual’s individuality and develops professionals who can work immediately in fields ranging from fashion, design, and business to interior design, graphics, and the beauty industry. With a curriculum directly connected to the industry that leads students to become professionals in their desired industry, we have achieved a 100% employment rate for applicants for 17 consecutive years. The three major guarantee systems that guarantee employment and national hairdresser qualifications are the “Complete Employment Guarantee System,” “National Qualification Pass Guarantee System,” and “Salary Guarantee System,” which are proof of our confidence. (*Actual results from 2007 onwards.)
Open campus is held every month. Tours and consultations are held every day. (Excluding Sundays and holidays)
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