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Home » Association for the Promotion of Traditional Culture Inheritance “Mt. Fuji Fireworks vs. Speedway 2024” will be broadcast live by drone, which is rare in the world! Even more content before the fireworks are launched

Association for the Promotion of Traditional Culture Inheritance “Mt. Fuji Fireworks vs. Speedway 2024” will be broadcast live by drone, which is rare in the world! Even more content before the fireworks are launched

[Association for the Promotion of Traditional Culture Inheritance] “Mt. Fuji Fireworks vs. Speedway
2024” live broadcast by drone, which is rare in the world, has been decided! Even more content before the fireworks are launched
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Press release: March 28, 2024
“Mt. Fuji Fireworks vs. Speedway 2024” will be broadcast live by drone, which is rare in the world! Even more content before the fireworks are launched
*Date and time: Saturday, March 30, 2024 Venue: Fuji Speedway* The Mt. Fuji Fireworks Executive Committee collaborates with the “Fuji Motor Sports Forest” to hold the “Mt. Fuji Fireworks vs. Speedway” event.
2024” will be held on Saturday, March 30, 2024. It has been decided that this event will be broadcast live using a drone, which is unprecedented in the world. In addition, content before the fireworks display has been added, including the opening of Shinomoto, Japan’s No. 1 roasted sweet potato shop, the Sweet Potato Expo Official Shop, and the appearance of the local rugby club, the Shizuoka Blue Revs. Watch fireworks from an unprecedented angle with live broadcasting by drone! “Mt. Fuji Fireworks vs. Speedway 2024” will be hosted by Vma, which handles event planning and content creation related to Metaverse and Web 3.0.
With the cooperation of Vma Plus Co., Ltd., approximately 8,000 fireworks (up to 1 shaku fireworks) will be displayed on the Metaverse platform “Vma plus” operated by the company.
It will be broadcast live on the screen of the special venue “Meta World Festival 2024 Spring” in “Station”. With the support of drone pilot Norio Suzuki, we will capture the fireworks from a unique angle from the air, delivering an impressive video that is different from the fireworks seen from the ground.

This project is an innovative initiative in the Metaverse born from the fusion of traditional culture and cutting-edge technology. We will provide an unprecedented fireworks experience where you can easily access it on your PC or smartphone and watch the beautiful Mt. Fuji fireworks on a three-sided giant screen in the Metaverse space with avatars gathered from all over the world.

■Delivery overview
Distribution start: March 30th (Sat) 18:10~ *Subject to change depending on the weather.
Ticket: If you add “Atouch Ticket” as a friend on LINE, you can enter the Metaverse venue. Click here to add official LINE friends

Even more content before the fireworks are launched!
■Let’s watch fireworks with yakiimo in hand!
1. “Kobe Imoya Shinomoto”, the winner of the 3rd National Yakiimo Grand Prix, is now available
Kobe Imoya is the most famous roasted sweet potato expert in Japan, having won three national Yakiimo Grand Prix competitions.
We will be inviting “Shinomoto” to this event as the “Yakiimo” champion. On the day of the event, we will provide the highest quality roasted sweet potatoes, each roasted for over two hours, to VIP guests in the Crystal Room. In addition, limited quantities will be sold to general visitors at a special corner. The amount of roasted sweet potatoes that can be baked per day is limited, so they are bound to sell out. Please enjoy the ultimate baked sweet potato.
2. “Sweet Potato Expo” official shop “Sweet Potato Expo 365” opens “Sweet Potato Expo” is an event that brings together the best “sweet potato stores” from all over the country.
Its official shop “Sweet Potato Haku 365” carries a wide variety of sweet potato-related products, including products that are only sold at each store and baked potatoes that won the National Yakiimo Grand Prix, which competes for the “taste” of baked sweet potatoes. The official shop of Sweet Potato Expo opened as a physical store in September 2023 in response to the voices of sweet potato fans who can’t buy it even if they want to buy it at the event. That is “Sweet Potato Expo 365”.
■Shizuoka Blue Revs appears
Shizuoka Blue Revs is a professional rugby club representing Shizuoka Prefecture whose predecessor was Yamaha Motor Jubilo.
Together with our fans, local communities, and partners, we are challenging the world’s best not only in play but in all areas related to rugby.
They will appear on the main stage during the time before the fireworks are set off, so please look forward to it. We also have a giveaway project where you can win tickets to watch a game at IAI Stadium Nihondaira. We are looking forward to seeing you at our booth in the event plaza!
At Shizuoka Blue Revs games, there are many events that you can enjoy not only watching the game, but also before the game. Please take this opportunity to watch the Shizuoka Blue Revs game!
■Free lifeguard distribution -Cheerio Japan Co., Ltd.-
You’ll get addicted to it once you take a sip! Lifeguard is a super-life drink that is carbonated sparingly and can be gulped. We will be distributing free 185ml cans of Lifeguard and exhibiting vehicles. Please enjoy the fireworks while drinking Lifeguard!
About “Mt. Fuji Fireworks vs. Speedway 2024”
“Mt. Fuji Fireworks vs. Speedway
2024 is a large-scale fireworks event in collaboration with Fuji Motorsports Forest, a complex area that provides various mobility experiences centered around Fuji Speedway. The world’s highest peak fireworks, which are set off in front of Mt. Fuji, and the
“competition” between fireworks and motorsports that takes place at the international circuit “Fuji Speedway” are truly a “only here” worthy of the word “vs.” It will be an experience. We will provide you with a special time during spring break, with Mt. Fuji in spring, where the snow on the mountain peak stands out, and the breath of cherry blossoms heralding the arrival of spring.

One of the attractions of this event is the scale of the fireworks, with approximately 8,000 fireworks being launched from a vast site approximately 1.5km wide, one of the largest in Japan. The distance between the fireworks and the audience seats is close, and the fireworks are set off in full view, allowing you to experience the sensation of being surrounded by fireworks, along with the sound and smell of fireworks. The large fireworks, which are up to 1 shaku in size, are an impressive sight that cannot be experienced in the city center.
As last year, the fireworks will be produced and launched by Ikebun, a fireworks company that Shizuoka Prefecture is proud of, Nomura Fireworks Industry, Japan’s top company that has won the Prime Minister’s Award 21 times in domestic fireworks competitions, and Gion Kashiwazaki Matsuri Umi no Dai. Katakai Fireworks Industry gathers for the fireworks display and Katagai Festival. We also have exciting features unique to a fireworks and motorsports competition, such as a parade run featuring rare supercars and fireworks set off alongside cars.
Additionally, this event was sponsored by the Shizuoka Prefectural Office and was certified as an event commemorating the 10th
anniversary of Mt. Fuji’s registration as a World Cultural Heritage Site.

About “Fuji Motor Sports Forest”

“Fuji Motor Sports Forest” is centered on the international circuit “Fuji Speedway”, “Fuji Speedway Hotel” that provides a luxury experience, “Fuji Motor Sports Museum” that exhibits racing cars that symbolize the era, “Welcome Center” that conveys the current situation, “Rookie Racing Garage” and “Shade Racing” with the concept of an attractive garage.
It is comprised of a variety of facilities where you can enjoy motorsports culture, such as “Factory”. We are also planning a hot spring facility, restaurant, etc. that will attract more people. Panoramic view of “Fuji Motor Sports Forest”
“Fuji Speedway”
“Mt. Fuji Fireworks vs. Speedway 2024” Event Overview
■ Name: “Mt. Fuji Fireworks vs. Speedway 2024” ~Event commemorating the 10th anniversary of Mt. Fuji’s registration as a world cultural heritage site~
■ Date: Saturday, March 30, 2024 Program starts at 13:00 / Fireworks start (scheduled) 18:00
■ Venue: Fuji Speedway 694 Nakahinata, Oyama-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka 410-1307
■ Official website: ■ Official SNS: X (formerly Twitter) Instagram
■ Number of shots: Approximately 8,000 shots, maximum of 1 shakudama ■ Tickets: On sale at various play guides

Sponsored by: Mt. Fuji Fireworks Executive Committee (Ikebun Co., Ltd., Traditional Culture Succession Promotion Association, Frontier International Co., Ltd.), SHIRO Co., Ltd., Brain Co., Ltd.
Communications, Director: David J. Production Co., Ltd, Director of Photography: Koji Seo
■ Special sponsor: Fuji Motor Sports Forest Co., Ltd.
■ Sponsored by: Shizuoka Prefectural Office, Oyama Town, Oyama Town Tourism Association, Oyama Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Gotemba City, Gotemba City Tourism Association, Gotemba City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Shizuoka Daiichi Television Co., Ltd. ■
Sponsored by: A Just Polymer Co., Ltd., Asoview Co., Ltd., Orion Shokudo Co., Ltd., Trattoria Firenze, Fit Corporation Co., Ltd., Fuji Speedway Co., Ltd., Toyota Real Estate Co., Ltd., Mitsukoshi Isetan Nikko Travel Co., Ltd., Lifeguard
■ Cooperation: All About Co., Ltd., Kikiburb Co., Ltd., J Stream Co., Ltd., Toyota Motor Corporation, Fantagraphs Co., Ltd., Fujikyu Travel Co., Ltd.
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