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Nishitetsu Group Nishitetsu Hotels will switch to CO2-free electricity at 13 hotels nationwide!

Nishittsu group
Nishitetsu Hotels will switch electricity usage to CO2-free
electricity at 13 hotels nationwide!
~Contributing to the realization of a decarbonized society~
Starting in April 2024, Nishitetsu Hotels Co., Ltd. (Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, President and CEO: Tatsuya Toyofuku) will introduce electricity derived from CO2-free renewable energy using non-fossil certificate procurement.
The target hotels this time are 13 out of 18 hotels nationwide operated by our company. The CO2 reduction effect of this greening (*1) is approximately 7,600 tons per year, equivalent to approximately 4,400 ordinary households (*2).
In addition to working to further expand the number of hotels eligible for greening, our hotel group will accelerate decarbonized management by striving for further “energy conservation” at each hotel, such as eco-cleaning (*3) and reducing the use of plastic amenities. We aim to realize a sustainable society and contribute to the SDGs.
*1 Greening: Using non-fossil certificates, etc. to make the electricity used essentially renewable energy.
*2: Calculated based on the annual CO2 emissions (electricity) per household of 1.72 (t-CO2) from the Ministry of the Environment’s “FY2020 Statistical Survey on CO2 Emissions in the Household Sector” *3 Eco-cleaning: With the customer’s understanding, we do not clean or change sheets or loungewear during consecutive nights.
Overview of greening power usage
[Introducing hotels]
[Image 1:×401.png ]
Total of 13 hotels *Planned to be introduced at “Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Osaka Honmachi (tentative name)” scheduled to open in winter 2026
[Introduction period]
April 2024
[Image 2:×158.png ]
Nishitetsu Group’s environmental impact reduction plan
In the Nishitetsu Group Town Dream Vision 2035, which was formulated in November 2022, the Nishitetsu Group has set a CO2 reduction target of 50% compared to FY2013 in FY2035, and is implementing various initiatives with the aim of becoming carbon neutral in FY2050. We are.
( SDGs that Nishitetsu Hotels is working on
Nishitetsu Hotels is proactive in various areas as part of its efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including consideration for the environment and energy resources, strengthening initiatives for safety and security, coexistence with the local community, and creating a comfortable workplace. We are working on this. (
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