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Sensho Gumi and “Sketter” form capital and business alliance to strengthen cooperation with local government s

Plus Robo Co., Ltd.
Sensho-gumi and “Sketter” form capital and business alliance to strengthen cooperation with local governments
~Aiming to build a “Reiwa mutual aid infrastructure” that supports nursing care by local residents~
Plus Robo Co., Ltd., which operates Sketter, a matching platform for paid volunteers specializing in the nursing care and welfare field, has entered into a capital and business alliance with Senmasagumi Co., Ltd., which is represented by Yasuhiro Chimasa, a former member of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
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“Sketter” is a free time assistance platform released in 2019 with the aim of building a mutual aid infrastructure for the Reiwa era that supports the welfare of local residents. The biggest feature is that even people with no experience or qualifications can be involved in welfare by doing what they can (other than physical assistance). Of the approximately 5,000 registrants, nearly 70% are from a wide range of generations and from different industries who have never been involved in the nursing care field, and through “helping” we continue to increase the number of people involved in welfare from all industries.
In recent years, there has been an increase in inquiries from local governments, and expectations are high from the perspectives of “promoting comprehensive community care,” “uncovering potential workers,” “preventing loneliness and isolation,” “promoting social participation,” and “reducing the workload at nursing care sites.” It is increasing.
Through this capital and business alliance with Sensho Gumi, we will further accelerate collaboration with local governments.
Comment from Plus Robo Co., Ltd. representative ( Suzuki)▼ Our company has been working on the “Sketter” project with the aim of solving the national crisis of the shortage of nursing care workers, which will become even more serious in the future, by creating a system (mutual aid infrastructure) in which local residents support each other. Through this partnership with Sensho-gumi, we will accelerate collaboration with each local government and aim to build a sustainable welfare system together.
Comment from Sensagumi Co., Ltd. representative (Yasuhiro Senmasa)▼ Our company specializes in efforts to solve social issues (policy proposals, new business and model creation) through multi-sector collaboration, including national and local governments, academia, large companies, startups, industry organizations, and the social sector. This is a consulting company. “Sketter” is a service that can be enjoyed not only by nursing care facilities facing a shortage of human resources, but also by local residents and government officials. We would like to support multi-sector collaboration centered on the government and spread the word in a way that will bring joy to many people.
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