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Home » MAGES. Horror game “Corpse Party II Darkness Distortion” to be released simultaneously in Japan, North Ame rica, and Europe in fall 2024

MAGES. Horror game “Corpse Party II Darkness Distortion” to be released simultaneously in Japan, North Ame rica, and Europe in fall 2024

[MAGES.] Horror game “Corpse Party II Darkness”
Distortion” will be released simultaneously in Japan, North America, and Europe in the fall of 2024.

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Press release: March 28, 2024
Announcement of horror game “Corpse Party II Darkness Distortion” to be released simultaneously in Japan, North America, and Europe in fall 2024
*About the horror game “Corpse Party II Darkness Distortion”, Nintendo Switch(TM)/PlayStation(R)4 release date has been decided for fall 2024. * Corpse Party II Darkness Distortion, a completely new series set in an abandoned hospital, will be released in fall 2024!
About the completely new Corpse Party series “Corpse Party II Darkness Distortion”, Nintendo will release it in the fall of 2024.
It has been decided to release the software for Switch(TM)/PlayStation(R)4. This is a first for the series, and the Japanese, North American, and European versions will be released at the same time.
*The publishers for the overseas version are XSEED Games for the North American version and Marvelous Europe for the European version. Additionally, we have released new information regarding this work as the release date has been decided.
From the new visual above, you can see the expression of despair as they are unable to escape from the horrifying hospital.
We have also released a synopsis, screen shots, characters, and a movie where you can get a feel for the world.
Pre-orders will not be accepted in Japan yet, but before that, you can enjoy the latest information on this work, so please look forward to it.

“Corpse Party II Darkness Distortion” teaser site

“Corpse Party II Darkness Distortion” Work Introduction
*The feast of terror begins again*
It has been about 9 years since the legendary horror game “Corpse Party”, which has updated its horror from a doujin game to a consumer work, and has continued to expand its horror through animation, theatrical release, and even a live-action movie. , completely new series
“Corpse Party II Darkness Distortion” will be released in fall 2024. The setting of this work is Iwakatsuki’s “Abandoned Hospital”. A terrifying story with new characters and a new setting begins.

* ●Original scenario entirely written by the original author, Shin Keisoin* The cruel and bizarre horror scenario continues in this work as well. It’s not just scary, it’s a scenario that’s full of humor and sadness, and it cuts sharply into human nature and essence.
This is a “hybrid horror” work that allows you to enjoy both psychological horror and direct horror.
An image board inside the hospital that shows the scars of the tragedy An operating room in an abandoned hospital with eerie lights * ●3D expression increases the reality of fear*
The playable characters are taller than the previous game, and the graphics have been enhanced with 3D expression.
A more perceptually realistic fear experience is possible.
Be prepared to explore in the dark
No matter which choice you make, fear awaits you.
* Adopts stereophonic sound using a dummy head microphone*
Like the previous series, this work uses 3D sound from a dummy head microphone. It is easy to understand the direction and distance of the sound source, and you can also auditorily experience the approaching fear from the sounds behind you and the voices in your ears.

A spell based on the popular urban legend “Ayame-san in a wheelchair.” The main character, Haruka Nanami, along with Nemu Takanashi, a video streamer, and Maria Tsurugi, who is familiar with the occult, Visiting an abandoned hospital and performing the spell of “Ayame-san in a wheelchair” while live streaming.
Then, the broadcast is interrupted and Haruka and the others disappear. The classmates who were watching the broadcast also visited the abandoned hospital, and when they performed the “Wheelchair Ayame-san” spell just like Haruka and the others, they all passed out.
When he wakes up, he finds himself in a cursed abandoned hospital that looks nothing like the place he used to be.
From a terrifying abandoned hospital where inhuman beings wander and madness and grudges swirl,
Will they be able to escape?
And what is the truth behind the spell of “Ayame-san in a wheelchair”? Exterior of an abandoned hospital shrouded in darkness
This spell was the beginning of a tragedy.
Haruka Nanami
CV: Kana Ichinose
The main character of this work.
Aomine Gakuen High School 1st year class 3rd class.
A clumsy kid with a bit of a lack of attention.
You’re beautiful if you keep quiet.
He has a stubborn side that won’t forgive him for being crooked. Takanashi Nemu (Takanashi Nemu)
CV: Rie Takahashi
Aomine Gakuen High School 1st year class 3rd class. YouRTuber. She belongs to the agency LEED and is active in the entertainment industry. I’m feeling frustrated that it’s not becoming very popular.
Coffin Maria (Coffin Maria)
CV: Emiri Suyama
Aomine Gakuen High School 1st year class 3rd class.
He speaks in a mature manner and has a calm personality.
A mysterious girl who is knowledgeable about the occult.
And more… will be released at a later date!

We also received a comment from illustrator Yuuki Fuyuno, who was in charge of character design for this work!
As this is a new work that has many fans, I was under a lot of pressure, but I was very excited to design it.
Please enjoy the new characters as well as the world of the new “Corpse Party II”.

X (old Twitter):

Teaser PV & live-action PV released!
The first teaser PV is a movie that summarizes the introduction of this work. We also use some in-game footage that is currently under development. Please enjoy the world of “Corpse Party II” here.
The second teaser PV is a movie that focuses on the spell of “Ayame-san in a wheelchair”, which is the keyword of this work. What is the fate of the person who performs the spell?
In addition, the first live-action PV “Streamer Edition” has been released, which expresses the atmosphere and fear of this work with live-action footage.
There are up to three live-action PVs in total, each expressing a different “fear” depicted in this work.
Please enjoy it from a different perspective than the game footage.
Work summary
Corpse Party II Darkness Distortion
[Genre] Exploration horror adventure
[Model] Nintendo Switch(TM)/PlayStation(R)4
[Release date] Scheduled to be released in fall 2024
[Price] To be determined
[CERO] Judging schedule
[Rights notation] (C)Team GrisGris / MAGES.
[Official website]
[Official X]
*This work is an original work by MAGES. This is not a port of “Corpse Party 2 DEAD PATIENT” produced by Team GrisGris.

【Company Profile】
Company name: MAGES. Co., Ltd.
Address: Mita 43MT Building, 3-13-16 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073 Representative Director and President: Kengo Honjo
Established: July 2006
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