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Alessandro Michele appointed creative director of Maison Valentino

Valentino Japan Co., Ltd.
Alessandro Michele appointed creative director of Maison Valentino ……
Maison Valentino today announces the appointment of Alessandro Michele as Creative Director, effective April 2, 2024. In his new role, Alessandro Michele will be based in Rome, the creative heart of the company, which was founded in 1960.
This appointment marks the beginning of a new creative journey that, through Alessandro Michele’s unique perspective and extensive experience, will continue to shine the brand’s unique values, its heritage and its couture codes to the world. To do.
[Image:×2657.jpg] New Creative Director Alessandro Michele
“For the past 12 years, as a team, we have dedicated our time and resources to developing the Maison Valentino brand and business into a global couture house. We have dedicated ourselves to representing the world of supreme elegance and beauty, built on a foundation of beauty.We have been able to grow our sales volume by more than five times while increasing our brand value. In addition, we have received continued support from customers who have been using Valentino for many years.
The appointment of Alessandro Michele marks another important turning point for Maison Valentino. Michele is a unique talent and his appointment demonstrates our high expectations for Maison Valentino. We are confident that his unique sensibilities and creativity will further enhance the brand’s heritage and identity as a unique Italian couture house.
With Michele, we are ready to write a new chapter in Valentino’s history of excellence and endless beauty.”
Rashid Mohamed Rashid, Chairman of Valentino
“I am very happy and excited to be working again with Michele, whom I have worked with for many years. His talent, creativity and deep intelligence are always combined with lightness. I’m sure he’ll write a great chapter.
The Maison’s unique couture codes and the traditions established by Valentino Garavani will be reinterpreted and combined with
Alessandro’s extraordinary vision, creating a fascinating object that will move us deeply.”
Jacopo Venturini, CEO of Valentino
“It is a great honor to be welcomed to the Maison Valentino. It is an immense pleasure and a great responsibility to be part of a couture house of unique elegance, sophistication and exquisite grace, whose story is engraved with the word beauty. I feel that.
My thoughts first turn to the history of this house. It’s about the richness of its cultural and symbolic heritage, the sense of wonder it constantly generates, and the priceless identity that its founders Valentino Garavani and Giancarlo Giammetti have lovingly shaped. . For me, they have always been a constant source of reference and inspiration, and I intend to celebrate the impact they leave through my own interpretation and creative vision.
Of course, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Rashid Mohamed Rashid for giving me this irreplaceable opportunity. His trust is a gift of the soul, and I intend to live up to that expectation with my work and all my energy.
I can’t thank Jacopo Venturini enough. Working with him again is like a dream come true. Mr. Venturini is not only an extraordinary professional, but also someone who combines pragmatism and strategic vision, ability and sensitivity, and a passion and compassion that allows him to fall in love with life every day.
Today, I celebrate and honor that joy, searching for the words to truly convey what I felt. A smile that kicks you out of your chest, a blissful glow of gratitude in your eyes, a precious moment where necessity and beauty reach out and meet. I want to convey these things in words. However, Joy is a living thing, so if you dare to say its name, you may be afraid of being hurt.
May my bow and open arms express my indescribable feelings and be a greeting that welcomes the promise of renewed life and new blooms this early spring. ”
Valentino Creative Director Alessandro Michele
Alessandro Michele’s first collection will be presented at Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2025.
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