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Home » Sato Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Sato Pharmaceutical’s new TV commercial “Yunker in the World!” featuring notable MLB players such as Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Nutbar, and Masanao Yoshida released

Sato Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Sato Pharmaceutical’s new TV commercial “Yunker in the World!” featuring notable MLB players such as Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Nutbar, and Masanao Yoshida released

Sato Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Starring notable MLB players such as Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Nutbar, and Masanao Yoshida, Sato Pharmaceutical Yunker’s new TV commercial “Yunker in the World!” version released
Yunker in the world! Sato Pharmaceutical x MLB exclusive special poster will be released once again in the commercial showing the powerful plays of MLB star players! The new TV commercial will start airing from March 29th (Friday)
Sato Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Seiichi Sato) will air a new commercial for the mini-drink “Yunker Series” titled “Yunker in the World!” nationwide from March 29, 2024 (Friday). start. The TV commercial, which features six gorgeous players including Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Lars Nootvar, Kodai Senga, Masanao Yoshida, Yusei Kikuchi, and Hiroki Matsui, is the first of its kind in Japan, and Sato, who has a partnership agreement with MLB, is This was possible only because of pharmaceuticals. In addition to the TV commercial, a limited special poster featuring six people has also been released. Posters will be displayed at 15 major Tokyo Metro stations starting April 8th (Monday). Let’s support the 2024 MLB, where Japanese players are expected to play an active role, together with Sato Pharmaceutical’s Yunker.
“Yunker in the World” URL:
[Image 3:×1460.jpg] Highlights of Yunker’s new CM
・First in Japan! Six gorgeous MLB players will appear! Please enjoy this dream-like commercial made possible only by Sato Pharmaceutical. ・Relive the memories of each athlete’s fierce battle in the
commercial! Expectations are high for MLB 2024, which is finally starting.
・A limited special poster featuring 6 players will be released in conjunction with the TV commercial airing! Also pay attention to the powerful expressions of the players.
Juncker and baseball history
Juncker’s relationship with baseball began in 2001, when he signed an advertising contract with Ichiro. That year, Ichiro was the American League’s leading hitter, stolen base king, rookie of the year, gold club player, and MVP, all of which were unbelievable for a rookie, and he was a shining presence in a world filled with dark topics. Since then, for 23 years, Juncker has worked together with Ichiro and with Major League Baseball (MLB). In recent years, the number of Japanese players playing active roles in MLB has increased, and last year brought us such excitement that it felt like Japan was coming together through the power of baseball. Then, in 2024, Juncker signed a contract that allowed him to use multiple MLB players in
advertisements at the same time. Wishing for the continued success of Japanese athletes, Yunker will support the athletes who are working hard, as well as all those who receive energy from the heroic performances of these athletes.
New TV commercial overview
The 2024 MLB season will finally begin on Friday, March 29th, Japan time. Last year, the baseball world saw great excitement due to the success of Japanese players. This year, famous players such as pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto (Los Angeles Dodgers) and pitcher Hiroki Matsui (San Diego Padres) will take on the MLB challenge, as well as Lars Nootvar (St. Louis Cardinals) and Masanao Yoshida (Boston Red Sox). ) are expected to perform even better than last year, and MLB is attracting even more attention. In 2024, Sato Pharmaceutical created an MLB support advertisement that brought together six of Japan’s leading major leaguers, something that was only possible because Sato Pharmaceutical has a partnership agreement with MLB. This TV commercial, which is packed with scenes of players in action, is sure to heighten expectations for this year’s MLB. Let’s enjoy MLB2024 while looking back on past fierce battles!
New TV commercial image
[Image 2:×585.png ]
[Image 3:×1460.jpg] Performer profile
[Image 4:×1268.jpg] Yoshinobu Yamamoto
August 17, 1998 (25 years old)
los angeles dodgers

[Image 5:×1920.jpg] Lars Nootbar
September 8, 1997 (26 years old)
st louis cardinals

[Image 6:×1280.jpg] Kodai Senga
January 30, 1993 (31 years old)
new york mets

[Image 7:×1279.jpg] Masataka Yoshida
July 15, 1993 (30 years old)
boston red sox

[Image 8:×1280.jpg] Yusei Kikuchi
June 17, 1991 (32 years old)
toronto blue jays

[Image 9:×1237.jpg] Yuki Matsui
October 30, 1995 (28 years old)
san diego padres

Yunker product information
Established in 1967, Yunker is a “nutrition drink” recommended for replenishing nutrition, when you are physically fatigued, or when you have a fever due to a cold. Because of its effectiveness, it is used by people of all ages in a variety of situations.
In December last year, we renewed our main products Yunker Yellow Tei and Yunker Yellow Tei Liquid L. The ingredients have been strengthened to cope with the ever-changing fatigue of modern times, such as mental fatigue caused by stress. In addition, we will strive to acquire new users by changing to a bottle that is easier to open and drink, making the product display multilingual through the QR code on the package, and adding voice functions.
We will continue advertising with Ichiro, who has been active in MLB as an image character for many years, and by adding this new communication, we will strongly emphasize that Yunker supports baseball and MLB.
[Image 10:×1460.jpg]
[Yunker Yellow Emperor (class 2 drug) product features]
– For nutritional support during times of physical fatigue and febrile wasting illnesses. These are the basics of Yunker.
・Contains animal-based herbs such as gothic root, civet, royal jelly, and anti-nasal medicine, and plant-based herbs such as
eleutherococcus, ginseng, hawthorn, and rhododendron.
・It has a refreshing and easy-to-drink taste.
[Yunker Yellow Tei Liquid L (class 2 drug) Product Features] ・Contains 6 types of herbal medicine + γ-oryzanol.
・Contains more royal jelly and vitamin B6 than Yunker Yellow Emperor ・Yunker has a light taste with less spiciness and is also recommended for women.
[Image 11:×535.jpg]

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