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Robot Bank talks about the algorithm of AMR autonomous transport robot

Robot Bank talks about the algorithm of AMR autonomous transport robot
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Press release: March 29, 2024
Robot Bank talks about the algorithm of AMR autonomous transport robot * Approaching algorithms in the era of automation! *
Automation technology has made revolutionary advances in industry in recent years. Among these, autonomous transport robots are
revolutionizing the efficient transport and transportation of goods in factories and warehouses. Evolution of algorithms is an essential element in the development of such autonomous transport robots. Below, we introduce the advanced algorithms built into Robotbank’s AMR autonomous transport robot.
– Improved positioning accuracy through multi-sensor data fusion: Rather than relying on a single sensor for key functions such as navigation, location information, and obstacle avoidance, AMR autonomous transport robots integrate data from multiple sensors to control their movements. In addition to lasers and depth sensors, IMUs (inertial navigation units), wheel speed meters, RGB cameras, and ultrasonic sensors are used to improve positioning accuracy. – Interference avoidance algorithm based on feature distance: In order for the laser sensor to overcome interference even under special conditions such as strong light beams, we have independently developed an algorithm that captures the characteristics of that light, and we have developed a proprietary algorithm that captures the characteristics of the light.
Learning) to train deep learning models to filter interference and achieve accurate perception of the environment.
– Real-time position correction:
Even if a deviation occurs from the determined position due to an artificial change in the robot’s position or a change in the robot’s position after the power is turned off, Robot Bank applies position correction algorithms in real time. Machine learning
Using methods such as feature point matching and LightFlow (Learning) models, we perform quick and accurate position correction. These algorithms enable AMR autonomous transport robots to operate with high precision and stability, contributing to increased efficiency in factories and warehouses. Robot Bank’s AMR autonomous transport robot utilizes various road autonomous driving technologies for indoor robots, and combines advanced hardware and software to provide a more advanced autonomous transport robot. is now possible.

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AMR autonomous transport robot StarShip-Robot

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