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Geek Pictures Co., Ltd. Geek Pictures, 3 works won awards at “ADFEST 2024”!

[Geek Pictures Co., Ltd.] Geek Pictures, 3 works won awards at “ADFEST 2024”!
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Press release: March 29, 2024
Geek Pictures, 3 works won awards at “ADFEST 2024”!
Geek Pictures Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Tamotsu Osano) will present the work “FRIES”, which the company was involved in producing, at “ADFEST 2024”. BEAT” won gold and silver, “PLAY HAS NO LIMITS FEAT. KING GNU” won silver and bronze, “MARO17
We are pleased to inform you that “UTAKATA FEST. TETSU” has won bronze. Asia Pacific Advertising Festival
Established in 1998, ADFEST is one of the most prestigious advertising awards in the Asia-Pacific region. This year, “Human
The contest was held in Pattaya, Thailand from March 21st to 23rd under the theme of “Human Intelligence”, and the winning works were announced from among 1,587 entries in 20 categories.

The two works “FRIES BEAT” and “PLAY HAS NO LIMITS FEAT. KING GNU” are the “Spikes” released on March 14th.
This is the second time that we have won an international advertising award following the award for “Asia 2024”.
* ■Award summary *
* Title: FRIES BEAT*
MacFly Potato “Tiro Remix|Ado “Odori” x asmi “PAKU””
●Award category:
・RADIO&AUDIO Department-Sound Design-GOLD
・BRAND EXPERIENCE Division-Use of Film & Audio-SILVER
●Advertiser: McDonald’s Japan
Pr: Masahiro Hayasaka, Yuki Taniguchi
PM: Takuji Kobayashi, Ren Ando
PlayStation × King Gnu|Play Has No Limits “Breaking the limits” ●Award category:
・DIGITAL CRAFT Division-Video & Moving Image-SILVER
・FILM CRAFT Division-Special Effects: Digital Visual Effects-BRONZE ・FILM CRAFT Division-Costume Design-FINALIST
・FILM CRAFT Division-Animation (In-Camera or Digital)- FINALIST ●Advertiser: Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
Pr: Mamoru Inagaki, Yuya Yahiro, Naoyasu Tanimura
PM: Yuya Yahiro
* Title of work: MARO17 “UTAKATA FEST. TETSU” *
MARO17 “Utakata feat. TETSU”
●Award category:
・FILM CRAFT Division-Animation(In-Camera or Digital)-BRONZE
●Advertiser: Nature Lab Co., Ltd.
●Production production: MAPPA/GEEK PICTURES
Pr: Teruki Murakami
PM: Takuma Konishi

▶︎ADFEST official website:
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* ■Geek Pictures Co., Ltd.*
Address: 2-27-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director: Tamotsu Osano
Established: February 5, 2007
Capital: 60 million yen
Business details:
・Planning and production of movies, dramas, anime, music videos, live performances and stage productions
・Advertisement video and graphic production such as TV commercials ・WEBCOMIC planning, production, and publication
・IP (intellectual property) planning, development, sales, and copyright management
・Art planning, production, and sales, gallery management
・Production of art sets, production and production of facilities, theme parks, and event spaces
・Creator management
・Studio management
・Import and export of entertainment content, production coordination between overseas and Japan

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