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Home » The topical book “Japanese Digital Strategy”, which ranked first in the popular gift ranking (in the “Information/Computer Industry” category) at the Amazon pre-order stage, is on sale today!

The topical book “Japanese Digital Strategy”, which ranked first in the popular gift ranking (in the “Information/Computer Industry” category) at the Amazon pre-order stage, is on sale today!

Cross Media Group Co., Ltd.
The topical book “Japanese Digital Strategy”, which ranked first in the popular gift ranking (in the “Information/Computer Industry” category) at the Amazon pre-order stage, is on sale today!
Contains special conversations with experts who know about the current state of the world (Mr. Koji Abe of Stanford University, Mr. Tsuyoshi Watanabe, senior software engineer at Microsoft, USA, and Mr. Tetsuro Eto, Japan representative of the Department of Commerce, Government of Washington, USA)
Cross Media Publishing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Koichiro Kobayakawa), which mainly publishes business books and practical books, will publish the book “Japanese Digital Strategy” on March 29, 2024. Masu. This book explains how to incorporate “digital” into traditional business strategies and update them to a “Japanese-style digital strategy” that can only be achieved by Japanese companies. At the pre-order stage, it was ranked #1 in Amazon’s popular gift ranking (in the “Information/Computer Industry” category).
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[Table 4:] Message from the publisher
There are already many DX related books in the world. The web is overflowing with information about digital technology. In that sense, the world may have become easier for people to broadly and shallowly understand “what is digital?” That’s probably why many people feel this way.
“I already understand the meaning of the word DX and its concept.” However, this book is packed with things that we would like to convey to our readers because it is “now”. It goes beyond the “meaning and definition of DX”.
The purpose of DX is to create “white space” for people and companies. “Every company is a software company”
These are the words of Satya Nadella, who became Microsoft’s third CEO in 2014. This means that companies need to leverage software and data in many aspects of their activities, including increasing
productivity, developing new business models, reducing costs, and providing a better customer experience. It attracted attention by making managers all over the world aware of it.
How can Satya Nadella’s words and the digital paradigm shift be practically incorporated into business strategy? What kind of mindset should managers have in the new era? What kind of future can we see from the management strategies that only we Japanese can create, going beyond the framework of Westernism that has been considered acceptable up until now?
In the author’s opinion, only by starting digitalization from the “existing businesses” that Japanese companies and managers have cherished will a unique DX scenario that should be promoted in-house emerge. He says that the future lies in companies that can use the “competitiveness that transcends industry” to create “productivity margins” that arise from the level of workers in the field. Learn everything from thinking about digital strategy to execution in one book The author organizes the process of formulating a Japanese-style digital strategy and carefully explains how Japanese companies should develop digital strategies and increase their competitiveness. Furthermore, we provide concrete steps to achieve this. He updated the structure of business strategy from a “digital” perspective and also mentioned the philosophical concepts of “truth, goodness, and beauty” to deal with the difficult decision-making that managers face. We will re-examine the essence of management and explain the process of formulating a digital strategy in detail with “7 Steps to Digital Strategy.”
[Image 2:×512.jpg] In this book, you can understand the process that starts from a macro perspective of the current situation in Japan, redefines “DX” and “management strategy,” and ends with the formulation and
implementation of a “Japanese-style digital strategy.” Masu. At a time when it is said that there are “no answers” to business in the VUCA era, this book contains many practical hints for finding a path to the future. We publish this book with the hope that it will be a book that can contribute to the growth of our readers’ businesses. Contains special conversations with experts to learn about the current state of the world.
Japan Representative, Department of Commerce, Washington State Government, U.S. Specially Appointed Professor, Organization for the Promotion of International Collaboration, Tohoku University
Mr. Tetsuro Eto
From the perspective of Japan as the planet, questions are being asked about how Japanese people can be involved in solving global issues and what they can do to solve them.
Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft, USA
Mr. Tsuyoshi Watanabe
From the perspective of a “growth mindset,” I think there is still a lot of room for growth in Japan’s corporate and organizational culture.
Scientist, Stanford University, USA
Mr. Koji Abe
I’m not talking about using generative AI, but thinking about how to use 24 hours in the current environment.
Become a person who can think and act on your own.
I want you to start from there.
Author introduction
Osamu Shibayama
YOHACK Co., Ltd. Founder & CEO
Digital Strategy Planner Crisis Management Professional
Completed Master of Business Administration (Global Executive MBA) from Foster School of Business, University of Washington, USA. After gaining experience as a system integrator, he oversaw numerous projects at BayCurrent Consulting, including the introduction of smartphones into the Japanese market and smart city initiatives. Launched a new division at MetLife Insurance and was elevated to the top tier division in the BCP/BCM maturity survey for two consecutive years. Later, he moved to the United States and presided over an industry, government, and academia networking group in Seattle, United States. While interacting with people of various nationalities and occupations, he felt a strong sense of crisis about Japan’s decline, and returned to Japan to engage in work that would “revitalize Japan.” He joined Revamp because he sympathized with its management philosophy, and served as an executive officer and CIO of multiple clients. He founded YOHACK Co., Ltd. with the belief that “Japan will become stronger once more space is created between people and companies.” Centering on digital, we support all kinds of companies as a partner.
Book information
“Japanese-style digital strategy”
[Image 3:×2591.jpg] Author: Osamu Shibayama
Regular price: 1,958 yen (1,780 yen + tax)
Format: 46 pages / 192 pages
ISBN: 978-4-295-40951-9
Publisher: Cross Media Publishing Co., Ltd. (Cross Media Group Co., Ltd.) Release date: March 29, 2024
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