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Home » Mercury Co., Ltd. Gold Plaza Spring Flower Festival! April 8th is Buddha’s birthday! ! Cashback campaign wit h “Tenjo Tenka Yuiga Dozon” declaration! ! !

Mercury Co., Ltd. Gold Plaza Spring Flower Festival! April 8th is Buddha’s birthday! ! Cashback campaign wit h “Tenjo Tenka Yuiga Dozon” declaration! ! !

Mercury Co., Ltd.
[Gold Plaza] Spring Flower Festival! April 8th is Buddha’s birthday! ! Cashback campaign with “Tenjo Tenka Yuiga Dozon” declaration! ! ! ~Held from April 1st (Monday)~
Gold Plaza, operated by Mercury Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 23rd floor, Shinjuku Nomura Building, 1-26-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Masakazu Hayashi), which conducts sales promotion and temporary staffing business using human resources, sells precious metals and brands. A total of 600,000 customers have used our service to purchase products and jewelry with the highest standards in the industry. We support various purchasing methods tailored to each customer, including in-store purchases, LINE appraisals, and home delivery purchases, and we are sensitive to developments in the situation and disseminate information. This time, we will be holding a great campaign that is likened to the flower festival celebrating the birth of Buddha.
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■Flower festival celebrating the birth of Buddha!
This time, the campaign is modeled on the “Flower Festival,” a celebratory event held at temples and local communities across the country every April. “Hana Matsuri” is a Kanbutsue ceremony to celebrate the birth of Buddha, and “Hana Matsuri” is widely known as the general name. Buddha was born in Lumbini, present-day Nepal. ■The password is “Tenjo Tenka Yuiga Dozon”
We have set the password “Tenjo Tenka Yuiga Doson” as a campaign application condition. This is a famous quote uttered by the Buddha shortly after his birth, and it contains the message that “I (everyone) am irreplaceable and absolutely precious.” Buddhism has been believed in Japan since ancient times. Buddhist teachings, such as clasping your hands together before meals and praying for good luck, have become a natural part of our daily lives.
・Get 500 yen cashback by declaring the password “Tenjo Tenka Yuiga Dozon” when signing a contract.
Event period: April 1st to April 8th
Target products: All Gold Plaza purchased products
Target amount: 10,000 yen or more
Target stores: All Gold Plaza stores
⑴ During the campaign period, each person can apply only once. ⑵ In addition, we will determine whether or not the campaign is applicable based on our company regulations.
■What is Gold Plaza? Gold Plaza allows customers to quickly turn even high-value purchases into cash, has the highest purchase amount in the industry, and has a cumulative user base of over 600,000*. In addition, each store is located near the station, provides speedy appraisals, provides thorough explanations and reliable appraisals, and offers a wide variety of purchasing services that can be selected according to customer needs, ensuring peace of mind and satisfaction for customers using our purchasing services for the first time. You can use it with peace of mind.
*As of March 2024 | In-house research
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■Open at 15 stores nationwide
*As of March 2024 | In-house research Kansai Gold Plaza Umeda main store: Gold Plaza Namba Shinsaibashi store: Gold Plaza Tennoji Abeno store :https //
Gold Plaza Senri Chuo store: Gold Plaza Sakasegawa store: Gold Plaza Takatsuki store: Kanto Gold Plaza Ginza main store: Gold Plaza Kichijoji store     : Gold Plaza Kinshicho Marui store: Gold Plaza Shinjuku Marui Men store: Gold Plaza Machida store: Gold Plaza Yokohama store: https://goldpla Gold Plaza Chiba store: Gold Plaza Omiya store:
Gold Plaza Marui Family Shiki store: ■Reasons why you can use Gold Plaza with peace of mind 1.
Comprehensive purchasing service…We offer home delivery purchasing, so free appraisals are possible anywhere in the country. 2. All stores are within 5 minutes walk from the station…No store is far from the station. Also, if you come by car, we also provide parking fee. 3.Evaluation by experienced staff at each booth…In each store’s private and semi-private booths, appraisals can be done without worrying about being seen.
■Company information
Mercury Co., Ltd.
Head Office: 23rd floor, Shinjuku Nomura Building, 1-26-2
Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Phone number: 03-6388-0023 URL:
Establishment: November 2006 Capital: 50 million yen (capital reserve 30 million yen)
Number of employees: 5,419 (Full-time employee rate 90% or more / as of April 1, 2023)
Business details: Sales promotion utilizing human resources, operational outsourcing, consulting, technology solutions, etc. Representative: Masakazu Hayashi, Representative Director
■Mercury Co., Ltd. information list/service dedicated site
・New graduate recruitment ( ・Career recruitment (
・Press release list (
■Contact information for inquiries from customers regarding this matter Gold Plaza Inquiry Desk
Phone number: 03-9608-7502
Inquiry form:
■Contact information regarding this press release
Mercury Co., Ltd. HR Headquarters HR Promotion Department
Phone number: 03-6388-0023
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