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Home » Birdman SUPER JUNIOR’s Eunhyuk and the Japanese-Korean boy group “Celest1a” will be appointed to promote the newly released “Meiji Marugoto Oats Oat Milk” by Meiji Co., Ltd.

Birdman SUPER JUNIOR’s Eunhyuk and the Japanese-Korean boy group “Celest1a” will be appointed to promote the newly released “Meiji Marugoto Oats Oat Milk” by Meiji Co., Ltd.

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and the Japanese-Korean boy group “Celest1a” will be appointed to promote the newly released “Meiji Marugoto Oats Oat Milk” by Meiji Co., Ltd.
The K-POP boy group “Celest1a” belongs to Birdman Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Stock Code: 7063, Representative Director: Akihiro Date, hereinafter referred to as the Company) and is produced by Eunhyuk of the world’s top artist group “SUPER JUNIOR”. (Celestia)” has been selected by Meiji Co., Ltd. for the advertising promotion of “Meiji Marugoto Oats Oat Milk,” which will be released in the Kanto area on April 2, 2024.
[Image 1:×371.png ]
Meiji Marugoto Oat Milk, a beverage made entirely from whole grain oats, contains beta-glucan, a whole grain fiber, using a unique manufacturing method, and supports the health of your stomach while retaining the delicious taste and nutrition of the ingredients. To do. This promotion will start from April 15, 2024, and those who purchase 3 or more items of “Meiji Marugoto Oats Oat Milk 200ml” and 1 or more items of “Meiji Marugoto Oats Oat Milk 1000ml” at a distribution store in the Kanto area will receive a discount. We will give you one clear file designed in collaboration with Celest1a. Prizes are limited in quantity, so please purchase them at your local distribution store. *Campaign start period is subject to change.
*Some stores may not carry this item.
Celest1a PROFILE
A boy group formed in Japan and Korea selected by the main producer, SUPER JUNIOR Eunhyuk. “Celest1a” contains the desire that “I want each member to develop their individuality, be diverse, shine like stars, give dreams and hopes to the people who listen, and aim to be No. 1 and unique.” . Close coverage on Fuji TV’s “K-POP HOUSE”. Various official SNS
Information about the introduction of members and the close contact of the group is posted on official SNS such as YouTube and X from time to time.
Please subscribe to our channel and follow our account.
*Some URL links of official SNS accounts have been changed.
・Official YouTube account: ・Official X account:
・Official Instagram account: ・Official TikTok channel: Member profile
[Image 2:×2700.jpg] SEO JUNHYEOK/서준혁
20 years old (born in 2003)
Height: 183cm / Weight: 61kg
A former trainee at a famous Korean agency.
While there were multiple debut offers,
I decided to make my debut with this project.
A balancer for the team and a sincere honor student character.
[Image 3:×2700.jpg] BONG SE JIN/봉세진
18 years old (born in 2005)
Height: 175cm / Weight: 58kg
A former trainee at a famous Korean agency.
The youngest member of the team. She started dancing and singing in the 6th grade of elementary school.
She had already been accepted into the dance department of a famous Korean university, but decided to decline the admission and make her debut with this project.
[Image 4:×2700.jpg] Daisuke Morisaki/Daisuke Morisaki
22 years old (born in 2001)
Height: 176cm / Weight: 54kg
After 4 and a half years of practice, they debuted as a KPOP group. It went on a world tour and reached number 3 on the Billboard charts. He is fluent in both Japanese and Korean and acts as a liaison for the team. He is good at songwriting and supports the members as a team leader.
[Image 5:×2700.jpg] PARK MINWOOK/박민욱
21 years old (born in 2001)
Height: 181cm / Weight: 68kg
She is also a model who is active in many fashion shows, and her total number of followers on SNS already exceeds 100,000 before her debut. She declined an offer to work as a model in France and made her debut with this project.
Team Cool & Beauty
[Image 6:×2700.jpg] Hayato Kanemura
19 years old (born in 2004)
Height: 180cm / Weight: 60kg
Semi-finalist of famous audition program.
Has experience as a backup dancer for famous KPOP idols.
He has already appeared on online programs and has experience in entertainment activities.
He is good at the atmosphere of the song and the way the dance moves. A cheerful character who gets along well with all the members.
[Image 7:×2700.jpg] YOO SEUNG HYUN/유승현
22 years old (born in 2001)
Height: 183cm / Weight: 67kg
A former trainee at a famous Korean agency.
He has experience debuting in a boy group as a rapper.
A multiplayer that can do vocals, dance, and rap.
He is like a big brother who is also dedicated to the members’ following.
[Image 8:×2700.jpg] HA SEOKHEE/하석희
23 years old (born in 2000)
Height: 175cm / Weight: 54kg
A finalist on a famous audition program.
He turned down offers to be a vocalist in a boy group and an offer to debut as an actor at a famous agency, and decided to debut with this project.
He is the eldest son of the team and leads the team as the main vocalist with his natural vocal ability that allows him to hit high-quality high notes.
[Image 9:×2700.jpg] Misumi Akito/Misumi Akito
25 years old (born in 1998)
Height: 177cm / Weight: 60kg
A former trainee at a major Japanese music agency.
Experienced as a backup dancer for tours and music programs. Selected as one of 30 people to appear on a famous Japanese audition program. He is a possessive performer who loves clothes and rapping, and is the oldest member of the group.
Birdman Co., Ltd. Company Profile
We implement ideas that transform business by making full use of creative and business solutions that break through preconceptions, and the technology that makes them a reality. From branding and
business/product/application development to financing and advertising to make them successful. We integrate businesses such as consulting companies, advertising companies, and PR companies that were previously conducted vertically, and accompany companies and society in their challenges. Additionally, starting in 2021, we will establish an “Entertainment Transformation Business” to create new forms of entertainment while collaborating with up-and-coming artists and creators in order to update the entertainment industry, which continues to undergo trial and error due to the coronavirus pandemic. In July 2022, we established “Entertainment Next Co., Ltd.” with the aim of further strengthening the existing EX business and creating new forms of entertainment with artists not only in Japan but also overseas. We aim for further growth through both the MX and EX businesses.
Company name: Birdman Co., Ltd./TSE Growth (7063)
English name: Birdman inc.
Representative: Akihiro Date, President and Representative Director Establishment date: July 26, 2012
Capital: 397,905,000 yen (as of December 31, 2023)
Business content: Consulting, strategic planning, planning and development, branding, PR, design, entertainment transformation business, startup investment, accelerator program
Head office location: 1-5-3 Oxive Building, Shoto, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Website:
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