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Home » Plaid announces KARTE Partner Award 2024, an award for KARTE partner companies

Plaid announces KARTE Partner Award 2024, an award for KARTE partner companies

Plaid announces KARTE Partner Award 2024, an award for KARTE partner companies
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Press release: March 29, 2024
Plaid announces KARTE Partner Award 2024, an award for KARTE partner companies *Partner of the Year award winner is Dentsu Digital. Rising Star is a member Sars Plus Company, mtc., and SORAMICHI awarded Innovative CX Partner* Member’s Sales Plus Company Mr. Tatsuko Fujii, mtc. Mr. Hiroyuki Ota, Dentsu Digital Mr. Mirai Shigeta, Mr. Naotaka Sugio, SORAMICHI Toshiyuki Tanaka
Mr. (*from the left in the photo)
What is KARTE Partner Award, an award for KARTE partner companies? “KARTE Partner Award” for KARTE partner companies
2024” is a project that will support KARTE utilization companies (KARTE This award is given to partner companies that have supported the business growth and CX transformation of Friends), and honors their outstanding achievements. KARTE Partner Award
This is the first initiative for 2024, and the invitation-only party “KARTE THANKS DAY” held on March 6th is limited to KARTE-using companies.
The award ceremony was held in 2024.

The KARTE Partner Award 2024 has the following three categories.

1) Partner of the Year
One partner has been selected that has produced outstanding results overall through partner collaboration activities.

2) Rising Star
Regardless of business size, we will select partners who can quickly establish a collaborative system, start activities, develop solutions, and produce results.

3) Innovative CX Partner
Selecting partners who have created the most innovative KARTE usage examples Partner of the Year
* Award-winning partner: *
Dentsu Digital Inc.

* Reason for award: *
Together with KARTE, they have provided high-level business support to many customers for the purpose of improving CX, and the growth rate of the company’s KARTE partner business has maintained a high level, and in joint solution development, they have combined KARTE and the EC platform. Unified commerce solution “One”
He has produced comprehensively outstanding results in all
collaborative activities with KARTE partners, including the release of “tempo,” and has greatly contributed to CX transformation.

*Award Winner Comment: Daisuke Kobayashi, Executive Vice President, Dentsu Digital Inc.*
Partner of the
It is a great honor to be selected as the Year. Our company has been accumulating know-how by solving problems using KARTE. We believe that this award is thanks not only to our activities as an official partner, but also to all those involved, including our client companies, who have entrusted us with a large responsibility. We will continue to contribute to the business growth of our client companies by strengthening our collaboration with Plaid.
Rising Star
* Award-winning partner: *
Members Co., Ltd. Sars Plus Company

* Reason for award: *
After formulating a collaborative plan between Plaid and the two companies, members
Sars Plus Company established a dedicated sales team for KARTE and immediately launched a special campaign aimed at proposing KARTE products, building a sales system and providing resources, including activities to increase awareness of KARTE and approach existing clients. The company was recognized for its achievements in
establishing and implementing measures and activities in a short period of time.

* Winner’s comment: Ms. Tatsuko Fujii, President of Members Co., Ltd. Services Plus Company *
“Rising” at “KARTE Partner Award 2024”
I am very happy and honored to receive this award. Through KARTE, we will continue to carry out proposal activities that will satisfy our clients. In order to propose KARTE, which is constantly being improved and new features released, we feel that it is necessary to further advance the sophistication of our proposal content and skill set without being satisfied with the current situation. Without being proud of this award, we will continue to work hard and work hard to help our clients and Plaid make further progress.

* Award-winning partner: *
mtc. Co., Ltd.

* Reason for award: *
This is a renewal project for the official online boutique of Kose Co., Ltd.’s high-prestige brand “Cosme Decorte.” Kose wanted to create a customer service experience on the online site that was at the same level as in a store, a requirement that included complex logic and UIUX. On the other hand, we praised the track record of achieving the project from kick-off with the customer to implementation in a short period of time, even though multiple KARTE products were involved.

* Winner’s comment: Mr. Hiroyuki Ota, Director of mtc. Co., Ltd.* Thank you very much for receiving the Rising Star award. We are very honored that you have chosen our company among the many companies we work with as partners.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at KOSE and the people in charge of Plaid for trusting us and working with us even in a small company like ours.
Thank you very much for receiving such a prestigious award.
Innovative CX Partner
* Award-winning partner: *

* Reason for award: *
TBS NEWS Regarding the introduction of KARTE in the DIG app, the new product KARTE
Utilize Craft to process and accumulate the huge amount of data obtained through viewer surveys at the appropriate time, perform multifaceted analysis by segment while combining other tools, and emphasize accuracy and real-time performance of aggregated data. In broadcasting, this project was praised for its innovative use of a new method of linking broadcasting and digital.

* Winner’s comment: Mr. Toshiyuki Tanaka, Executive Officer and General Manager, System Consulting Business Division, SORAMIHI Co., Ltd.*
Thank you very much for receiving this prestigious award. KARTE Regarding Craft, although there were still few initial implementation cases, we were able to achieve stable operation at an early stage because we were able to work together with TBS TV and Plaid. Based on our strong partnership with Plaid, we will continue to strive to support customers in improving their CX using KARTE as a partner who will accompany them.
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