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Home » The Orchard Japan Pop band Walk Off the Earth, whose “My Stupid Heart” has surpassed 10 million streams in Japan, releases new song

The Orchard Japan Pop band Walk Off the Earth, whose “My Stupid Heart” has surpassed 10 million streams in Japan, releases new song

The Orchard Japan
Walk Off the Earth, the pop band whose “My Stupid Heart” has surpassed 10 million streams in Japan, releases new song
The ultimate healing song is born, serving as a “light of hope for people with depression”
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Walk Off The Earth’s “My Stupid Heart,” which became a viral hit around the world after a cute video of kids singing it, has surpassed 10 million streams in Japan. The Canadian indie pop band releases their long-awaited new single “On The Road” today (via Golden Carrot Records/The Orchard). It is an exquisite soothing song that conveys raw emotions that anyone can relate to.
The group commented on the new song “On The Road” as follows. “‘One The Road’ is more than just a song. It’s a ray of hope for those who have been burdened by the shadows of depression. It’s a tribute to the strength of the human spirit and how even in the darkest of darkness we This song is dedicated to those who fought, to those who survived, and to those we love who are unique in guiding us through the storm. I hope that this message will brighten the future for everyone who hears it.”
With “On The Road”, Walk Off The Earth explores a new sonic world. It skillfully captures the essence of human strength and weakness, and tells a deeply personal story of self-esteem. A simple yet
heart-touching chord progression develops, and the singing voices of members Gianni Luminati and Sarah Blackwood especially catch the ear. The soundscape created by delicate acoustic nuances and heart-tugging vocals creates a dialogue with the soul, teaching listeners comfort and strength through the interweaving of tone and lyrics.
Walk Off the Earth has taken the world’s viral charts by storm and continues to make steady progress. In 2023, they will release songs such as “My Stupid Heart,” which ranked on Spotify charts around the world, as well as “Oh My My! (In Love Again)” (feat. Train), a collaboration with pop-rock band Train. He released singles such as “Love Way Home” (feat. Lindsey Stirling), a collaboration with violinist Lindsey Stirling, and released a new album, “Stand By You.” The number of TikTok followers has expanded from 600,000 to 3.2 million, and as of January 2024, the number of TikTok “likes” has reached a total of 49 million. He won the 2023 JUNO Award, Canada’s equivalent of the Grammy Awards, and has performed on various national TV programs including “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and “Live with Kelly & Mark.” From July to August 2024, it has been decided that they will support Lindsay Stirling on her 29-day North American tour.
Walk off the Earth (Ft. Luminati Suns) “My Stupid Heart”
[Video 2:] What is Walk Off The Earth?
A multi-platinum indie pop band that won the JUNO Award, considered Canada’s Grammy Award. All members of the band play multiple instruments, including lead vocalists Gianni and Sara. They have continued to work independently without losing their indie spirit, and have achieved unique creativity and success.
In the past few years alone, they’ve headlined venues around the world, from Colorado’s Red Rocks Open Air Theater to London’s Wembley Arena, and sold out the historic Sydney Opera House. It set a record by staying in the top 10 on the Canadian singles chart for 30 consecutive weeks, and topped the American pop album chart.
Furthermore, their 2023 viral hit “My Stupid Heart” became their most successful single, with over 200 million views on TikTok, over 1 billion views on YouTube, and over 10 million streams in Japan. did. User posts using the duet function on SNS also became popular, and a collaboration mix with Lauv, “My Stupid Heart (with Lauv)” was also born.
They’ve worked with artists from all genres, from rapper Snoop Dogg to comedian Sarah Silverman, country singer Keith Urban, EDM DJ Steve Aoki, and Danish pop-soul band Lukas Graham. We have collaborated with a wide variety of artists. He has sold millions of records and racked up billions of streams.
Since their formation, they have continued to challenge their limits as artists and expand their possibilities. Their cover songs published on YouTube won the Streamy Award, the highest online honor, and their performances of the national anthem have been performed at major sporting events such as the NBA Finals. Of course, their original songs have won numerous prestigious music awards.
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