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The first full-scale blockchain game is now available on “Gesoten by GMO”! GMO Media

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The first full-scale blockchain game is now available on “Gesoten by GMO”! [GMO Media]
To commemorate the launch, we will hold a campaign where you can receive crypto assets.
GMO Media, Inc. (President and CEO: Teruyuki Mori; hereinafter referred to as GMO Media), a member of the GMO Internet Group, will launch the browser game platform “Gesoten by GMO” (URL:
https://gesoten. com/) has started offering “Rogue Roll Ruler’s” (operated by Cross Games Co., Ltd.).
To commemorate the launch of GMO Media’s original chain “GESO Verse” (*1)’s first full-fledged blockchain game, “GeGeGe no Kitaro Yokai Yokocho” (operated by Fuji Games Co., Ltd.), which is popular on “Gesoten by GMO”, will be released. In addition to holding events that add elements of blockchain games, you can also play blockchain games and earn Point Town Coins (*2) and OAS, the core token (crypto asset) of the game-specific blockchain “Oasys”. We are holding a campaign where you can get exchange tickets.
[Image 1:×630.png ]
(*1) You can play blockchain games in collaboration with the game corner “Blockchain Game PARK” in “Gesoten by GMO” using the unique layer 2 chain of the game-specific blockchain “Oasys”. .
(*2) Point Town Coin is a coin that can be exchanged for points on the POI activity site “Point Town by GMO”. 100 coins can be exchanged for 1 point.
[Crypto assets and NFT items also available! Authentic blockchain game] Until now, the game corner “Blockchain Game PARK” inside “Gesoten by GMO” only offered “Easy Games” where you can enjoy simple and casual games like puzzles. This time, we will start providing a full-fledged “blockchain compatible game” for the first time.
In “blockchain-enabled games,” you can receive crypto assets and NFTs through gameplay, and you can buy and sell characters and items used and enhanced in-game as NFTs. Therefore, you can enjoy blockchain games more authentically than “easy games”. We plan to further expand the titles offered as “blockchain compatible games” in the future. GMO Media will strive to improve customer satisfaction and spread the fun of blockchain games through “GESOTEN by GMO” and “GESO Verse.” [First full-scale blockchain game launch campaign]
We will be holding a campaign where users who enter within the period and clear one or more of the conditions of each target game will be given a total of 100,000 yen worth of point town coins. In addition, 100 people will be randomly selected to receive exchange tickets for the Oasys core token (crypto asset) “OAS” worth 100,000 yen. ■Campaign overview
[Table 2: ]
[“Blockchain compatible game” to be launched]
■“Rogue Roll Ruler’s” (Managed by: Cross Games Co., Ltd.)
[Image 2:×822.png] “Rogue Roll Ruler’s” is a sugoroku game set in a dungeon where players aim to acquire treasure on a first-come, first-served basis. The treasures hidden in the dungeon are NFTs with a limited number, and instead of cooperating with other players, the goal is to acquire the treasures before other players.
While making full use of adventurers (NFT) and equipment (NFT), players aim to advance through the dungeon faster than anyone else, defeat the monsters that stand in their way, and acquire rare treasures hidden deep within the dungeon.
The treasure you obtain can be used to strengthen your party (friends) or sell it on the market, and “get rich quick” by selling rare treasure is no longer a dream!
■“GeGeGe no Kitaro Yokai Yokocho” (Managed by Fuji Games Co., Ltd.)
[Image 3:×758.png ]
“GeGeGe no Kitaro Yokai Yokocho” is an educational social game (Web2) where players become “human beings with magical powers” and run a prosperous shop with Kitaro and others in Yokai Yokocho in GeGeGe Forest, aiming to become the best alley in Japan. . By linking with the unique layer 2 (*3) chain “GESO Verse” of the game-specific blockchain “Oasys”, it is possible to acquire NFTs, adding Play to Earn (*4) elements to the traditional game experience. I’ve
incorporated it.
At the special event held in the game, users who rank within the top 12,000 will receive a “Yokai NFT”. Furthermore, if you have a “Yokai NFT” and you are in the top 10,000 rankings from next time onwards, you will receive OAS based on your ranking position and the NFTs you have acquired.
(*3) Layer 2 refers to the second layer of blockchain. By executing the majority of transactions on the proprietary layer 2 chain “GESO Verse,” we can expect to reduce the load on the layer 1 chain that writes data and improve processing speed.
(*4) A game that has a mechanism that allows you to earn points and crypto assets by playing the game.
[What is “Oasys”] (URL:
“Oasys” is a blockchain project specializing in games with the concept of “Blockchain for Games.” Oasys validators (chain operator) are made up of over 20 companies, including major game companies such as Bandai Namco Research Institute and Web3 companies, and the consensus building algorithm uses an environmentally friendly PoS (Proof of Stake) method. doing.
The unique Oasys architecture provides blockchain game users with a comfortable gameplay environment by eliminating transaction fees and speeding up transaction processing.
[What is “Gesoten by GMO”] (URL:
“Gesoten by GMO” is a browser game platform that started operating in July 2012 and allows you to play a variety of online games, from casual games to full-scale games, for free. The number of members is over 3.6 million (*5), and it also has a community function that allows users to interact with each other.
In cooperation with services operated by GMO Media such as “Point Town by GMO”, you can earn points while playing through bingo and missions of each game, and you can not only pay with points but also with crypto assets to purchase items. It also corresponds to
In December 2023, we entered the blockchain industry and began offering GESO Verse, a proprietary layer 2 chain of the game-specific blockchain Oasys.
(*5) Number of members combined with sister site “Easy Game Box by GMO” where you can play more casual games
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