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Hokkaido “Geological collaboration” efforts are underway in the Hiyama region of Hokkaido!

[Hokkaido] “Geological collaboration” efforts are underway in the Hiyama region of Hokkaido!

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Press release: March 29, 2024
We are promoting “earth science collaboration” initiatives in the Hiyama region of Hokkaido!
*~Rediscover the charm of the region. “Attachment” to the region ~*

The Hokkaido Hiyama Promotion Bureau is promoting efforts to create and establish a relevant population and promote migration and settlement.As part of these efforts, by collaborating with prefectural high schools in its jurisdiction and strengthening ties between schools and the local community. We are promoting “Geology
Collaboration” initiatives that aim to foster students’ attachment to the region (civic pride) and create and retain a related population through UIJ turns and other opportunities.

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■* What is geoscience collaboration?*

In Hokkaido, local school collaborative activities are referred to as “earth science collaboration,” and activities are actively developed in which the local community and schools collaborate and collaborate as mutual partners, with the aim of building a win-win relationship between the local community and the school. I am.

Geoscience collaboration is a variety of activities carried out in cooperation and collaboration between the local community and schools in order to support the learning and growth of children throughout the region.The local community and school collaborate and exchange opinions and learn from each other with the growth of children as the center. In doing so, connections between local residents will become stronger, leading to the construction and revitalization of the foundations of an independent local community.
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* ■Steps in 2025*
In 2025, we conducted a project in collaboration with *Hokkaido Kaminokuni High School*.

●Kickoff meeting
Date and time: Tuesday, July 18, 2020
Venue: Kaminokuni High School Gymnasium
Lecturer: Prima Pinguino Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Shinji Fujioka
Scene from the lecture

Problem-solving experience held as an icebreaker

Under the theme of “What do we learn and why?” we held a lecture aimed at creating opportunities for students to confront various social issues and think about the future of local communities. Many people said that they realized that local issues are not someone else’s problem, and some people related to Kaminokuni Town said they saw the potential to make the town more attractive through high school inquiry learning. The lecture was the first step in collaboration between the community and the school.
●Machi x People Collaborative Future Conference
Date and time: Wednesday, August 23, 2020
Venue: Kaminokuni High School Gymnasium
Situation of the meeting
A lively exchange of opinions took place

We invited first-year students from Kaminokuni High School and people from various fields who are active in the community, and held a conference where the students faced the town anew from multiple perspectives and learned from each other. Based on the theme of “What can I do to make Kaminokuni a better town?” local adults were stimulated and a lively exchange of opinions took place, creating a relationship where they could see each other’s faces. In addition to opinions such as building new buildings and cleaning up the town, there were also opinions from a young perspective, such as using SNS to disseminate information about the town’s appeal.
*●Lecture regarding regional coordinators*
Date and time: Thursday, September 27, 2020
Venue: Kaminokuni High School Computer Room
Lecturer: Former Kamishihoro Town Board of Education Lifelong Learning Division Community Collaboration Specialist Honoka Akashi
Mr. Koan Saito, graduate of Hokkaido Kamishihoro High School

A lecture was held for faculty and staff at Kaminokuni High School to deepen their understanding of exploratory learning through involvement with the local community, and to raise their awareness that the local community and school should work on their own issues from their respective standpoints. A lively exchange of opinions ensued over the lectures given by both of them, who were actually involved in inquiry learning.
*●Lecture on geoscience collaboration*
Date and time: Monday, January 29, 2020
Venue: Kaminokuni High School Gymnasium
Lecturer: Mr. Kosuke Motani, Chief Researcher, Japan Research Institute, Ltd.

We invited Kosuke Motani, author of books such as “Satoyama Capitalism” and “The True Identity of Deflation,” to give a lecture entitled “What kind of person can live happily in the Reiwa era? – What it means to grow up in Kaminokuni Town, which is the complete opposite of the city.” Under the
We held a lecture to foster a sense of ownership in the students who will live in the coming era, living with hope and as agents of community development. The lecture was a fitting culmination of the project, and many people said they had rediscovered the charm of Kaminokuni Town.
* ■Towards 2020*

In FY2020, we will continue to collaborate with prefectural high schools in our jurisdiction and develop projects that allow students to rediscover the charm of the region and develop a sense of attachment to the region, something that only Hiyama, the smallest promotion bureau in all of Hokkaido, can do. I’ll go.
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