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Home » Acied Co., Ltd. Renewal of traditional brewed “Amazake” using sake lees and koji from Japan’s three majo r brewing regions “Saijo”

Acied Co., Ltd. Renewal of traditional brewed “Amazake” using sake lees and koji from Japan’s three majo r brewing regions “Saijo”

Acide Co., Ltd.
Renewal of “Amazake”, a traditional brewery made with sake lees and koji from Japan’s three major brewing regions “Saijo”
Acide Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Kazushi Kubo) will renew “Amazake” in March.
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Product features
“Amazake”, which celebrates its 38th anniversary this year, uses sake lees from a sake brewery in Saijo, Higashihiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, one of Japan’s three major brewing regions along with Nada and Fushimi. We continue to focus on the flavor of our amazake, which is made using a traditional manufacturing method that takes advantage of the gorgeous aroma of sake lees produced in the birthplace of ginjo sake and the gentle sweetness produced by fermentation of rice malt. A wide-mouth can lid is used so that you can fully enjoy the rich aroma unique to sake lees. In addition, it comes in a popular single-drink size can that is easy to drink, so you can enjoy it right away when you want to drink amazake. It has a delicious taste that can be drunk either cold or warm.
About amazake in recent years
Amazake has been popular since ancient times for its high nutritional value, being referred to as a summer nutritional supplement during the Edo period, and in recent years also being referred to as a “drinkable drip.” With the rise in health consciousness in recent years, amazake has once again gained attention, and various types of products have appeared and the market is expanding. It is also an attractive option for natural-minded consumers. In addition, amazake, which has the gentle sweetness of koji, has become more familiar than ever before, as it is a familiar fermented beverage and there is also a need for it as a seasoning.
Key points of renewal
By increasing the amount of sake lees than before, the fragrance has become more vibrant. In addition, the process of saccharifying rice koji is used to create a mixture of rice koji and rice, which reduces the aroma of koji and creates a gentle taste that lets you feel the natural aroma of rice. On the package, the “Sake City Saijo” mark was changed from the traditional navy blue to gold, but in order to maintain the traditional atmosphere of the sake brewery and express an authentic feel, the traditional sake brewery street with sea cucumber walls and brewery houses were changed. We continue to use a can design inspired by .
Product Summary
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