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Home » IMAGICA GROUP Published by Imagica Foss, the latest volume 15 of the ultimate mystery of medicine and poison “Hitorigoto of the Pharmacist” will be released today & the second season of the TV anime will be decided

IMAGICA GROUP Published by Imagica Foss, the latest volume 15 of the ultimate mystery of medicine and poison “Hitorigoto of the Pharmacist” will be released today & the second season of the TV anime will be decided

Published by Imagika Foss, the latest 15 volumes of the ultimate mystery of medicine and poison “Yakiya no Horigoto” released today & TV anime 2nd season decided
A group company of IMAGICA GROUP Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Nobuo Fuse), which provides a one-stop service for video planning, production, video editing, and
distribution/distribution services globally. “A Pharmacist’s Monologue” (Author: Natsu Hyuga / Illustration: Touko Shino / Hero The latest volume 15 of Bunko) was released today. In addition, the second season of the TV anime has also been decided to be broadcast in 2025.
[Image 1:×2094.jpg] Will drug experiments and surgery be the key to the new volume 15? What is the name written in the forbidden book…?
This is a story that keeps you turning the pages, with more and more interesting developments awaiting Maomako.
In addition, to commemorate the release of this volume, signage advertisements for “Hitorigoto of the Pharmacy” x JR Tokai “Oshi Tabi” [Yakuya, Nara no Tabi] will be held at Tokyo Station, Nagoya Station, Kyoto Station, and from March 25th (Monday). It will be on display at Shin-Osaka Station until April 7th (Sunday). Please take a look when you are in the area.
[Image 2:×1920.png ]
*”Yakuya, Nara no Tabi” is an original story supervised by Natsu Hyuga, set in the ancient capital of Nara, and various campaigns such as a digital stamp rally where you can enjoy the newly recorded voice of Neko Neko (CV: Aoi Yuki). will be held until June 30th (Sun).
[Image 3:×1920.png ]
In addition, on the 19th of this month, “A Pharmacist’s Soliloquy ~ Cat Cat’s Inner Palace Mystery Solving Notebook ~” (Minoji
Kurata/published by Shogakukan) Volume 18, and on the 25th, “A Pharmacist’s Soliloquy” (Neko Jellyfish/Ichiki Nanao) Volume 13 (published by Square Enix) has also been released, and all of them are comic versions that fully express the charm of this work.
The second season of TV anime will be broadcast in 2025! !
The TV anime, which began broadcasting in October 2013, marked the final episode of the first season with the 24th episode “Jinshi and Cat Cat” aired on March 24th (Saturday). With that excitement still intact, we announced that the second season will be aired in 2025, and released a new teaser visual and teaser PV.
[Image 4:×627.jpg] The second season’s teaser visual and teaser PV, which were released immediately after the broadcast, were also posted at the TOHO animation booth “Yakusha no Hirogoto” corner of Anime Japan 2024 held on Sunday, March 24th, and attracted many visitors. I was blessed with the opportunity to be seen by people like you.
[Video 2:] This work, which won a special award at the [TVer Award 2023], is currently being distributed on various distribution platforms. Thanks to the support of so many people, we were able to receive such a wide range of great feedback.
This is all thanks to everyone who loves “Yakusha no Monogoto”. Thank you for your continued support of “Pharmacist’s Monologue.” What is “A Pharmacist’s Monologue”?
A light novel whose new volume 15 was released today.
This work was the forerunner of the current “Sago Palace” boom, and has received a lot of support for its detailed story in which a girl who plays the role of a poison detector solves various difficult cases.
In the TV anime, voice actors Aoi Yuki played Maomao and Takeo Otsuka played Jinshi, and the first season ended on March 23rd (Saturday) with good reviews. I welcomed you.
The comic version is also published by Shogakukan and Square Enix. Work synopsis
Maomao (Mao Mao), a medicine girl working in a red light district, is kidnapped and sold to the inner palace, but her natural curiosity leads her to a certain incident, and her life changes completely. A superb mystery of medicine and poison in which Maomao catches the attention of various people, including the senior consort Tsuba and the beautiful eunuch Jinshi, and becomes involved in an incident that takes place in the inner palace, which is full of intrigue. is. Book information
“A Pharmacist’s Monologue” Volumes 1-15
Author: Natsu Hinata Illustration: Touko Shino
Hero Bunko/Published by Imagika Foss
“A Pharmacist’s Monologue” Volumes 1-13
Illustration: Neko Jellyfish Composition: Kazuki Nanao Original work: Natsu Hyuga (Hero Bunko/Imagika Foss)
Character draft: Touko Shino
Published in Monthly “Big Gangan” (released on the 25th of every month) Published by Square Enix
“A Pharmacist’s Soliloquy – Cat and Cat Inago Mystery Solving Notebook” Volumes 1 to 18
Illustration: Kurata Sannoji Original work: Hinata Natsu (Hero Bunko/Imagika Foss)
Published in Monthly “Sunday GX” (released around the 19th of every month) Published by Shogakukan
◆Illustration collection
“A collection of monologues from a druggist”
Author: Touko Shino
Publisher: Imagika Foss Publisher: Shufunotomosha
TV anime “Apothecary’s Monologue”
[Image 5:×1080.jpg] Characters moving around lively, a gorgeous and beautiful inner palace and red light district, flowering plants and natural scenes full of light, etc.
This is a work full of charm as an animation.
In March 2024, we received the special award of [TVer Award 2023]. Although the first season ended on March 23, 2024, it is currently being distributed on various distribution platforms.
Original work: Hinata Natsu (Hero Bunko/Imagika Foss)
Character draft: Touko Shino
Director/Series Composition: Norihiro Naganuma
Deputy Director: Akinori Fudezaka
Character design: Yukiko Nakatani
Color design: Misato Aida
Art director: Katsuo Takao
CGI Director: Yu Nagai
Director of Photography: Rumi Ishiguro
Edit: Daisuke Imai
Sound director: Shoji Hata
Music: Akatsuki Kamimae, Kevin Penkin, Arisa Okehazama
Animation production: TOHO animation STUDIO×OLM
Production: “Horigoto of the Pharmacist” Production Committee 【cast】
Cat and cat: Aoi Yuuki, Mr. Tsuyoshi: Takeo Otsuka
High order: Katsuyuki Konishi, Princess Taba: Atsumi Tanezaki, Princess Rika: Yui Ishikawa, Princess Riki: Hina Kino, Princess Ata: Yuko Kaida
Plum and plum blossoms: Megumi Han; Bell bell: Ami Koshimizu; Female flower: Hiroki Nanami; Taba: Kimiko Sato; Ramon: Hiroshi Ienaka. Lee Haku: Kenji Akane, Koran: Misaki Kuno, Doctor Yabu: Mitsuaki Kanuka Narration: Sumi Shimamoto
TV anime official website:
TV anime official X (formerly Twitter): @kusuriya_PR
TV anime official TikTok: @kusuriya_pr
*When using images, please indicate the copyright notice below. Light Novel: (C) Hinata Natsu/Imagika Foss Illustration: Shino Touko TV anime: (C) Natsu Hyuga / Imagika Foss / “Apothecary’s Monologue” Production Committee
Imagika Foss Co., Ltd.
[Image 6:×1535.jpg] Imagika Foss is an entertainment publisher that handles everything from stories such as novels and comics to fandom genres such as voice actors and entertainment.
・Company name: Imagika Foss Co., Ltd.
・Representative: Kiya Maeda
・Location: HF Kanda Ogawamachi Building 2F/8F, 3-3 Kanda Ogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, 101-0052
・Founded: August 10, 2000
・Business content: Editing and publishing of magazines, books, mooks, and e-books / Development and operation of video sites and mobile sites / Events
[Image 7:×528.jpg] Since our founding in 1935, we have continued to take on the challenge of creating new “video” value, and we will continue to aim to be a “visual communication group that brings surprise and excitement to people around the world.”
・Company name: IMAGICA GROUP Inc.
(TSE Prime Market, Stock Code: 6879 Imagica G)
・Representative: Nobuo Fuse, Representative Director, President and Executive Officer
・Location: 1-14-2 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0022
・Founded: February 18, 1935
・Capital: 3,306 million yen
・Business content: Management of group companies that operate video content business, video production service business, video system business, etc.
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