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Home » Revolutionize the job hunting market by creating a database of career paths. Adlast, which hires 250 interns a y ear, issues “career certificates” to graduates

Revolutionize the job hunting market by creating a database of career paths. Adlast, which hires 250 interns a y ear, issues “career certificates” to graduates

Revolutionize the job hunting market by creating a database of career paths. Adlast, which hires 250 interns a year, issues “career certificates” to graduates

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Press release: March 29, 2024
Revolutionize the job hunting market by creating a database of career paths. Adlast, which hires 250 interns a year, issues “career certificates” to graduates
*A new initiative in which students’ efforts visualized through a “career certificate” serve as a “compass” for juniors when making career choices*
Adlast Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Iijima
Sanyan (hereinafter referred to as “Adlast”) presented “career certificates” to 18 long-term interns who graduated from university in 2024. In addition, PitPa Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) Representative Director: Tatsuya Ishibe (hereinafter referred to as “PitPa”) supported its publication.

This certificate is issued using the carrier certificate issuing system “sakazuki” provided by PitPa. Specific details include work content during the internship period, number of leadership
experiences, and evaluation feedback from Adlast’s executive officers.

Furthermore, we have created a new database that allows us to centrally manage the contents of this certificate and each student’s career path after graduation, creating a system that allows us to understand at a glance the characteristics of the personnel who are active at the company. . This database not only serves as a compass for current interns when making career choices, but also serves as a motivation for students considering internships to apply.

Through this initiative, Adlast aims to attract and develop more talented students and improve its corporate brand by visualizing students’ efforts and growth and supporting their career development.

In addition, we at PitPa will further strengthen collaboration with industry, academia, and government, and promote the transparency and circulation of human resources data between universities and other educational institutions and companies based on “career certificates”, which will benefit students. We will create new career development opportunities for you. In addition, by creating these opportunities, we will contribute to the development of human resources who will lead the next generation and support for corporate recruitment.

* A career database for the next generation that serves as a compass for career selection *
Sakazuki is collaborating with internship companies and educational institutions to develop a database that unifies the career paths of university students after graduation. This database visualizes individual career paths by comprehensively recording information such as students’ on- and off-campus activities, internship experiences, history of participation in business contests and hackathons, and information on their career paths after graduation. .
The feature of this database is that it does not simply list career information. Specifically, important milestones, acquired skill sets, work experience, etc. in each student’s career development process are recorded in a form linked to a “career certificate.” This makes it possible to visualize the “stories” of students’ efforts and growth, such as what kind of internship experiences and project participation influenced their career choices.

For current students, this database serves as a valuable source of information that will help them make future career choices. For example, what kind of career paths did seniors with similar academic studies and interests, or who belong to the same clubs/circles as you, choose, and what activities helped them develop their careers? You can refer to this information and it can serve as a valuable guide when choosing a career path.

For example, Adlast’s database can be sorted based on information such as number of leadership experiences, affiliated university, and years of enrollment. The trend among graduates in 2024 is that students with more leadership experience are more likely to receive job offers from major companies. Current students can refer to this database, and if there is a career path they are interested in, they can refer to the “career certificate” that is linked to it and receive a concrete action plan to acquire the necessary skills and experience for the future. can be set up.

* ▼The database (demo) that visualizes career paths can be viewed from the URL below*

Furthermore, the use of this database is not limited to students, but also extends to companies and universities.

In recent years, many companies have introduced offer-based
recruitment platforms to streamline the recruitment process for new graduates. However, due to the development of AI, there are problems with the credibility of self-promotion statements, and because it is difficult to differentiate between individual students, it is not sufficient evaluation material, and as a result, academic background, aptitude tests, desired conditions, etc. There is a tendency to make offers based on such things.

Also, speeding up job hunting is a big challenge for students as well. There is a concern that as students prioritize activities such as corporate internships, they find it difficult to balance this with their studies and neglect to acquire the specialized knowledge and skills that they should be deepening. Furthermore, as the job hunting process itself becomes longer, there is a concern that formal job hunting will take up more time, reducing students’ opportunities for real growth.

Educational institutions also face a number of challenges. Early job hunting consumes a large amount of human resources at educational institutions such as universities to support students, and may have an impact on the quality of education itself.

In response to these issues, the database provided by sakazuki will promote a paradigm shift in job hunting by bringing benefits to students, educational institutions, and companies, and will create a talent matching ecosystem that brings together industry, academia, and government. We will continue to create it.

Specifically, companies will be able to efficiently find students with skill sets that match their needs and approach them directly. Universities will also be able to utilize this system to strengthen career support for students, improve the quality of education, and contribute to strengthening the university’s brand value and recruiting ability.

* Aiming to form an ecosystem where industry, academia, and government come together to affirm the diverse paths of students *
At sakazuki, we actively face modern issues such as the “achievement society,” “standard education,” and “early job hunting,” so that all students can maximize their potential and develop a diverse range of We aim to create a society where people can choose their career.

Through the creation of a new career path database and the issuance of career certificates that we have been working on, we will be able to fairly evaluate the efforts and growth of individual students and share that information transparently and fairly. By doing so, we have created a system that makes it easier for you to find the career path that suits you.

This initiative affirms the diverse “paths” that do not fit into conventional patterns and that do not yet exist, and by passing them on to the next generation, we aim to create even more new “paths.” Rooted in mission.

By following their own curiosity and pursuing what they love, students naturally develop a sense of who they are, and new career paths are born through unexpected encounters along the way. In order to realize such a society, we will use technology to support each student so that they can create their own path of choice. This is our mission.

We will continue to create a new industry-academia-government collaboration that will enable each student to carve out a path that is uniquely their own, by providing a system and environment in which a fulfilling university life will naturally lead to a future career. I will continue to explore ways to pursue job hunting.

*About the “Career Certificate” awarded to Adlast graduates* sakazuki’s “Career Certificate” is a VC (Verifiable
Credentials: A system that complies with an international standard called verifiable credentials, and allows individuals to centrally manage career-related data such as academic background, educational history, and internship results, without depending on the certificate issuer. We are realizing this.

This system allows you to accumulate career data over your lifetime and draw up a variety of career plans. In addition, the “career certificate” includes feedback comments from colleagues in clubs and clubs, university professors, and personnel at internship companies, so students can learn about the learning experience they need during their studies in order to develop their own careers. -You will be able to judge your work experience, and you can use it as a means to objectively prove your experience and skills when job hunting.

For companies that hire students, evaluations by working adults are a highly reliable source of information, allowing them to evaluate students from a new perspective that is different from their academic background or “gakuchika”, which is expected to result in more accurate matching.
* ▼Main contents written in the carrier certificate*
Affiliated company name / Employment type / Affiliated period / Work content (overview and details) / Role and team size / Language used / Evaluation feedback from company personnel /
Awards etc.

*To protect privacy, students can set whether to make this information public or private, and can only share information when necessary, such as when submitting an entry sheet or during an interview.

* ▼You can view the carrier certificate demo screen here* *Comment from Haruki Hamade, Executive Officer of Adlast Co., Ltd.* Adlast is a company that welcomes approximately 250 domestic university students as long-term interns every year, and operates an inside sales support business specializing in BtoB. In the
approximately 13 years since our establishment, we have employed over 2,000 long-term interns and sent out dozens of graduates each year into society.

Since our company’s founding, we have been implementing educational programs with the goal of developing students with the skills equivalent to those in their third year as new graduates, based on our mission of “proving the potential of university students.” As part of our efforts to make more companies aware of the achievements and attractiveness of our students, we have begun issuing a “career certificate” provided by sakazuki as a new initiative.

We hope that this “career certificate” will help students find jobs by visualizing their achievements from a quantitative and qualitative perspective. Furthermore, we sincerely hope that this initiative will provide better opportunities for university students and contribute to improving the university life and employment environment as a whole.

* Career development support service sakazuki using “career certificate” * sakazuki is a career development support service that connects individuals to new opportunities by using third-party certified data such as work history and achievements as a “career certificate.” The installation cost is “free”, so if you are interested, please feel free to contact us ( Please.
■Introduction results: Force Valley Concierge, Menshoku, LIFULL Tech Vietnam, NTT, Chiba Institute of Technology, datag Inc., HENKAKU Community, Septeni Incubate, Adlast, Multi-Business Cloud, NEC, Digital Salon Association, Xtraveler, Keio University Certified Life Saving Circle, Toyo University, University of Electro-Communications other
*About PitPa Co., Ltd.*
With the mission of “redefining media and providing sustainable economics,” PitPa is developing a podcast production business and a human resources services business that utilizes blockchain/VC while utilizing cutting-edge technology. Masu.
In the podcast production business, we will support business, marketing, and PR using podcasts by combining the production and distribution of audio content and data analysis. We have audio program production professionals such as scriptwriters and sound engineers, and we support everything from creating concepts for audio programs to reporting and community formation. We are also working on building a new audio business, such as by distributing “membership card NFTs” that use cutting-edge technology to increase listener engagement. ・Details:
In the human resources service industry that utilizes blockchain/VC, we will maximize the potential of “individuals” by digitizing certificates related to human capital such as academic background, work history, and skills, starting with the distribution of
“membership card NFT”. It has evolved into a human resources business that creates new opportunities. We will continue to work towards creating a society where individuals can play an active role by building businesses that utilize technology and culture that we find truly interesting.

* 【Company Profile】*
PitPa Co., Ltd.
Head office location: Shibuya Parco DG Building, 15-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042
Representative Director and President: Tatsuya Ishibe
Date of establishment: August 2018
Capital: 50 million yen
Official website:
Main business content:
・Podcast production/marketing support business
・Human resources service business using blockchain/VC
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