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Is that kind of training okay? El Shaddai x Otaku Gym Clara collaboration cool training project has started! SNS gift campaign held

Clarabo Co., Ltd.
[Is that kind of training okay? ] El Shaddai x Otaku Gym Clara collaboration cool training project has started! SNS gift campaign held
We are running a campaign where there is no joining fee and 3 people will win a colored paper of Ryota Takeuchi, who plays Lucifer. ……
Clara, the industry’s first personal training gym specializing in otaku women, will launch a special training project by Lucifer on March 29th (Friday), in a special tie-up with the popular game “El Shaddai.”
To commemorate the collaboration project, we are also running a free counseling experience and free membership campaign at all stores!
[Image 1:×670.jpg] Lucifer from “El Shaddai”, which won the Internet Buzzword Award for “Is it okay with such equipment?”, becomes a trainer! ?
Training voices recorded exclusively at Otaku Gym Clara will give you strict and sometimes sweet encouragement.
The voice lines were specially written by director and character designer Sawaki Takeyasu, the creator of El Shaddai!
Three sample voices are available on the official website.
■Click here for details on the El Shaddai collaboration project:
Train your body and mind to be healthy with Lucifer Trainer! 〇Service name: El Shaddai x Otaku Gym Clara [Ikebo Training Project] 〇 Target: Available only to new members and existing members. 〇Collaboration period: March 29, 2024 to September 30, 2024
*For those who live far away, we also accept experience and enrollment through online training.
A handwritten autograph giveaway campaign by Ryota Takeuchi, who plays the role of Lucifer, is being held!!
[Image 2:×670.jpg] From March 29th (Friday) to May 31st (Friday), 3 people who
participate in the SNS project will be randomly selected to receive Ryota Takeuchi’s autographed colored paper!
[How to apply]
We will give away prizes to 3 people by lottery from those who follow Clara Official X and RT the relevant post.
1. Follow “Clara” official Twitter
2. RP the target tweet (*quote RT is not allowed)
-Target tweet- We look forward to receiving many applications from you!
Comment from Ryota Takeuchi, who plays Lucifer (*partial excerpt)
[Image 3:×2700.jpg]
–Please give a message to everyone who is working hard on training! I think having Lucifer come to the side of the person being trained and encouraging them can be a source of motivation. While recording, I realized that training goes better when you have someone with you. We hope that you will be able to comfortably train with Lucifer to reach your goals.
*Check the planning page for details
El Shaddai x Otaku Gym Clara special collaboration video is now available! Special videos are also available on Otaku Gym Clara’s Youtube channel. This is a limited time project, so please take a look.
[Image 4:×720.jpg] What is “El Shaddai”?
[Image 5:×421.png ]
“Are you okay with that kind of equipment?”
“It’s all right, there is no problem.”
El Shaddai is an action game released by Ignition Entertainment on April 28, 2011.
The line “Is it okay with such equipment?” in the promotional movie won the “Internet Buzzword Award”
This work has become a hot topic, winning the Gold Award in 2010.
On April 28, 2024, the Nintendo Switch version of “El Shaddai: Ascension of the “Metatron HD Remaster” will be released.
▼Switch version game trailer
▼El Shaddai Portal Site
▼Nintendo eShop (download version) Currently, we are continuing to expand the world with drama CDs and novelizations, and are flexibly developing in a wide range of fields unique to familiar titles.
This collaboration has been decided as it is a work that attracts a lot of attention from women as well.
El Shaddai x Otaku Gym Clara collaboration project 3 points! 1. El Shaddai “Lucifer” supports otaku girls! ? Newly recorded training voices will be available at the store!
2. There are 30 types of voices in total!
(Even counts during training, cheering voices, sadistic scolding voices!) 3. Three winners of the SNS campaign will be randomly selected to receive a colored paper autographed by Ryota Takeuchi, who plays Lucifer!
*Collaboration period: March 29, 2024 to September 30, 2024
*Voice is specially written by Sawaki Takeyasu
Overview of Clara, a personal gym specializing in otaku women “Clara” is the industry’s first personal gym exclusively for otaku women, with the mission of supporting the beauty and health of otaku women by addressing their physical concerns.
[Image 6:×1080.png ]
Since opening our first store in July 2021, we have expanded our business to four stores in just 11 months from launch.
So far, various projects such as collaborations with popular voice actors [Ikebo Training Project], exercise events with actors, offline meet-up events, etc. have been very popular.
▼Click here for official website
▼Click here for official X
In the future, we are planning to expand to various regions and come up with various collaborative projects to support the health of otakus across the country.
Please look forward to further developments from Otaku Gym Clara! Store list
Ikebukuro A Studio: 301 Refuge I North, 1-14-2 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0022
Ikebukuro C Studio: 5F, 3rd Nohagi Building, 2-9-5 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0022
Akihabara Studio: 4F Rakudo Building, 2-19-4 Iwamotocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0032
Shinsaibashi Studio: 502 Luxeria Minamisenba, 2-6-27 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Osaka 542-0081
Tenjin Studio: MODERN PALAZZO KEGO SUN Room 203, 1-9-2 Kego, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
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