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Hokkaido Regarding the start of distribution of “Northern Jomon Card”

Regarding the start of distribution of “Kita no Jomon Card”
In order to introduce artifacts excavated from the Jomon ruins in Hokkaido and to promote tours of the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Jomon Ruins in Hokkaido and Northern Tohoku” (hereinafter referred to as the “Jomon World Heritage Site”), we will introduce each component property, etc. * “Northern Jomon Cards (all 5 types)” featuring relics related to the region will be distributed at the guidance facility. 1 Handout
“Northern Jomon Cards” (5 types in total): Limited to 950 pieces each 2 Distribution period
From April 2, 2024 (Tuesday) until the limited number of copies distributed is reached.
3 Distribution locations (5 guidance facilities for each component asset, etc.) (1) Hakodate City Jomon Cultural Exchange Center (551-1 Usushiri-cho, Hakodate City)
(2) Chitose City Buried Cultural Properties Center (Chitose City Mayor 42-1) (3) Date City Kitakogane Shell Midden Information Center (75 Kitakoganecho, Date City)
(4) Toyako-cho Irie/Takasago Shell Mound Museum (44 Takasago-cho, Toyako-cho) (5) Morimachi Ruins Excavation Research Office (292-24 Morikawacho, Morimachi) 4 Purpose
  The aim is to help participants learn about the value and charm of Hokkaido’s Jomon World Heritage Sites by having the fun of collecting cards and visiting Jomon ruins.
5 Contents
(1) At five guidance facilities for component parts, etc., each location is named after the region.
We will distribute cards (one type for each facility) that list the relics. *Card designs can only be viewed at each facility.
(2) At the guidance facility, you can obtain it by scanning the QR code. A digital version of the same card will also be distributed. (3) Those who have collected all the cards will receive a special acrylic card frame in which they can display their cards. [First 25 people] *Component assets of “Jomon Ruins in Hokkaido and Northern Tohoku” Kakinoshima Ruins/Ofuna Ruins (Hakodate City), Kitakogane Shell Midden (Date City), Irie/Takasago Shell Midden (Toyako Town), Kius Shutai Tomb Group (Chitose City), Washinoki Ruins (Morimachi)
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