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Home » An innovative step towards future raw materials: A new insect material analysis project of the co-creation project “Makaseta” analyzes approximately 400 types of cricket components Sosha Co., Ltd.

An innovative step towards future raw materials: A new insect material analysis project of the co-creation project “Makaseta” analyzes approximately 400 types of cricket components Sosha Co., Ltd.

An innovative step towards future raw materials: A new insect material analysis project of the co-creation project “Makaseta” analyzes approximately 400 types of cricket components [Sosha Co., Ltd.]

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Press release: March 29, 2024
An innovative step towards future raw materials: A new insect material analysis project of the co-creation project “Makaseta” analyzes approximately 400 types of cricket components [Sosha Co., Ltd.] *The co-creation project “Makaseta” led by Sosha Co., Ltd. has started a new insect material analysis project. Thorough analysis of over 400 types of ingredients. *
Consumers’ sense of security about new materials depends on a company’s image, and a lack of consumer expertise increases
reputational damage. Amid growing concerns about food safety, we would like to report that the New Insect Material Analysis Project has analyzed more than 400 types of ingredients as the first step of Sosha Co., Ltd.’s co-creation project “Makaseta”. This is the first step in building an innovative system that ensures food safety not only for individual products but also for the entire food chain.
Part of the pretreatment process
* What is the co-creation project “Makaseta” *
The “Makaseta” project is a co-creation platform where Sosha Co., Ltd. works to pursue sustainable solutions based on “deepening trust and trust” through collaboration with companies in different specialized fields.
“Makaseta” means mutual trust in the expertise, technology, and experience of other companies and organizations, and working together to move forward with projects quickly.
Through inter-organizational collaboration and sharing of expertise, we aim to explore new approaches, produce innovative results, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

* New insect material analysis project team *
The new insect material analysis project is based on Shimadzu Corporation (Headquarters: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture,
Representative Director: Yamamoto
Yasunori), null Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Mai Tanigame), BugMo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Representative Director: Matsui) We are proceeding in partnership with Yusuke Yusuke.

“Leave it” New Insect Materials Analysis Project Team will be held at Kyoto City, Kyoto City Institute of Industrial Technology on March 29, 2023
Sponsored by Kyoto City Bio-Measurement Center

Taking the opportunity of presentations at research exchange presentations, we have presented and exhibited posters at academic conferences and symposiums, reported our research results at high speed, and made new discoveries along the way. This project aims to establish a sustainable production system in the field of insect materials, including edible insects, and to ensure safety by improving quality. We are exploring new approaches to meet your needs. 1. * Achieve collaboration across organizational boundaries: * The aim is to strengthen cooperation and collaboration between organizations and build new business models that deliver sustainable value. The new insect material analysis project team is comprised of Shimadzu Corporation, a leading company in analytical and measuring instruments, null Inc., which has research and development experience in the healthcare field, and BugMo Inc., which has knowledge and experience in industrializing edible insects. I am.
2. * Improving the efficiency of analysis and evaluation using cutting-edge technology and improving appeal to diverse needs: * Utilizing Shimadzu Corporation’s latest analysis and measurement equipment, we are able to efficiently and precisely analyze the components contained in insects, allowing them to be used not only as an “alternative protein source”, which was originally expected as edible insects, but also as a variety of “insect materials”. We aim to develop high-quality insect raw materials that meet these needs. 3. * Review of production systems and evaluation procedures in the field of insect materials, and investigation of the effects of growth conditions, etc.: *
For insects, there are no standards for production systems or evaluation methods for nutritional components, and there is
insufficient track record to serve as a standard. We are working to ensure a stable supply and quality improvement as insect raw materials by reviewing our production systems and evaluation procedures, conducting detailed investigations into the effects of insect growth conditions and feeding conditions on growth, and the effects of temperature and humidity. .
Part of the process of building a human internal digestion model * Implementation content *
The field of insect materials is attracting attention due to its sustainability and nutritional value. However, due to insufficient technology and knowledge to date, detailed analysis of insect components and quality has been difficult.
1. * Difficulty in analyzing complex component structures: * Insects contain a variety of components, and it is necessary to establish analytical techniques to accurately understand the structure and amount of these components.
2. * Lack of detailed molecular level analysis: *
A comprehensive detailed analysis of insect components has not been conducted, and there is insufficient material to evaluate their usefulness and harm to humans.
3. * Lack of advanced analytical technology: * Efficient and detailed analysis is difficult because advanced technologies and methods have not been introduced to comprehensively understand the components of insects.
* Results from the synergy of expertise and cutting-edge technology * In this project, we will utilize Shimadzu Corporation’s latest analysis equipment, the high-performance liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer “LCMS-8060NX” and the “LC/MS/MS method package,” to analyze the
A total of over 400 compounds* were analyzed in detail. the result,* We established growth management and processing methods for correctly evaluating insects, and identified characteristic components contained in certain types of crickets*.
This ingredient has also been reported to be effective for human health, and this project will conduct further analysis. We also plan to continue reporting our research results in domestic and
international journals.

MRM chromatogram for simultaneous analysis of a 141-component standard mixture on a PFPP column. The LC/MS/MS primary metabolite method package includes methods using ion-pairing reagents and methods using PFPP columns.
[Presentation results]
Japanese Mass Spectrometry Society International BMS
Symposium, Metabolome Symposium, New Amino Acid Analysis Research Group Academic Lecture, Analysis Innovation Exchange Meeting, Japanese Society of Nutrition and Metabolism Academic Meeting
Japanese Society of Nutrition and Metabolism Poster Presentation [Equipment and package used for analysis]
LC/MS/MS method package

[Contents of the poster presented at the conference]
Poster download page *Go to null Co., Ltd. homepage

* Future outlook *
The results of this project are expected to contribute to new production systems and improved quality control in the field of insect materials. Based on the detailed ingredient information obtained, it becomes possible to develop new products and optimize manufacturing processes, accelerating the development of new products that improve the quality of insect materials and meet diverse needs, and expand projects including monetization. Achieve co-creation.
Furthermore, this result can be applied to other food materials and industries, and is expected to contribute to future sustainable food production and efficient use of resources.

* Kyoto City “Trial Location Support System” *
Regarding the expansion of this project team member null Co., Ltd. to Kyoto City and activities within the city,
We utilized Kyoto City’s “Trial Location Support System.” I would like to thank Kyoto City again.

* What is Sosha Co., Ltd. *
Our business is grounded in liberal arts philosophy and employs a holistic approach that leverages a wide range of knowledge and diverse perspectives. We create unique value by incorporating knowledge from diverse fields such as literature, philosophy, history, social science, and natural science, not just specialized knowledge. This holistic approach generates new perspectives and ideas and develops critical thinking, problem-solving and ethical judgment. Through this, we aim to create social value and achieve sustainable growth.
As a company that practices the values ​​of liberal arts, we will build a sustainable future by quickly responding to changing times and new needs, and aiming to grow our business in tandem with the development of society as a whole.

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