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Frouca Co., Ltd. No more worrying about choosing a career! Women-only workshop The first step in creating a career through “self-thinking” ~Looking back on your values ​​with a life chart~

[Frouca Co., Ltd.]
Don’t worry about choosing a career anymore! [Women-only workshop] The first step in creating a career through “self-thinking” ~Looking back on your values ​​with a life chart~

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Press release: March 29, 2024
Don’t worry about choosing a career anymore! [Women-only workshop] The first step in creating a career through “self-thinking” ~Looking back on your values ​​with a life chart~
*Held at The Place Shibuya on April 9th ​​(Tuesday) and 22nd (Monday)! * Frouca Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Kana Kodama), which creates a place where various people can freely try and error according to their own will, regardless of age or gender, will Tuesday) and Monday the 22nd, The
At Shibuya (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), we will be holding a women-only workshop titled “The first step in building a career with ‘I think’ – Looking back at your values ​​with a life chart.”
This workshop will feature Mr. Koko, an active consultant who also supports social entrepreneurs and NPOs, as a lecturer. During the workshop, participants will face themselves internally and search for the values ​​and goals they want to cherish in life. .
This time, the workshop, which usually lasts about 3 hours, was condensed into 90 minutes as a trial version. We live in a world overflowing with a variety of information, such as the words and actions of our family, partners, and friends, as well as social media, so we look for a “self-centered” way to live our lives without being distracted by the voices of those around us. We designed a unique worksheet based on the framework of “Mission, Vision, Values*” used in corporate management, as a framework for thinking about how an individual should live and walk their lives. Our goal is for each individual to clarify the values ​​and goals they value, and to be able to put into practice what they want to achieve.

*What is “Mission, Vision, and Values”?
In general, a company defines what it wants to achieve in society (mission), the ideal state achieved by the mission (vision), and the behavioral guidelines for that purpose (values), and shares these values ​​and behavioral patterns with employees. This is a way of thinking for the entire company to realize its future vision.

In a world where there are more and more options, people who don’t have their own aspirations can get lost and confused, or feel frustrated because they can’t find what they want to do, but if they have a clear idea of ​​what they want to do, there are many things they should do. Your actions should become obvious. One of our ultimate business goals is to create independent women who can live their lives according to their own will, and the first step is to reaffirm their own values. We have planned a workshop for you.

Through the workshop, you can accomplish the following three things:

* 1. Break through the uncertainty of your career! -Determine your career axis-* Although I am satisfied with my current job, I sometimes feel anxiety and my own “feelings”. When thinking about the present and the future, we will explore together your unique career axis that will not waver. * 2. Recognize your own “excitement” – face your own values ​​– * By delving into yourself and exploring what exactly your
“excitement” is that you tend to keep a lid on, you will be able to put your unique values ​​into words.
* 3. What is the next step? -Determine Next Action-*
You can find “your own attempts” that you can put into practice starting tomorrow so that your everyday life will shine even more beautifully.
* -Background of this workshop-*
According to the “Reiwa 4 Edition: Actual Situation of Working Women” published by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare on September 26, 2020, the female labor force population is 30.96 million, an increase of 16 compared to the previous year.
The proportion of women in the total labor force was 44.9%, an increase of 0.3 points from the previous year. In addition, the labor force participation rate for women is 54.2% (for men
71.4%), an increase of 0.7 points from the previous year, and the number of working women is increasing as work styles become more diverse.
At our company, we receive a variety of feedback from working women, such as “I feel vaguely anxious about my future career,” “I’m not sure what I want to do,” “I don’t know what my strengths are,” and “I want to do something, but I don’t know what.” The opportunity to hear about career concerns through my business led me to plan this workshop.
* The first step to creating a career with “my own thinking” “Looking back on my values ​​with a life chart” *
* overview*

* ◆Date*
Tuesday, April 9th ​​and Monday, April 22nd, 2024 19:00-20:30 *The content is the same both times.
* ◆Venue*
The Place Shibuya (JMF Shibuya Building 03 5F, 2-11-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

* ◆Lecturer*
Mr. Koko
After working in a sales position at a trading company, joined a consulting firm in 2019.
Since 2020, in addition to my main job, I have been continuously supporting social entrepreneurs and NPOs as a pro bono activity. From 2021, he also started working as an in-house training instructor. In order to develop his career, he has participated in business contests and studied at business schools. Plans to move overseas from fall 2024.
Through my career change experience and activities in various fields inside and outside the company, I learned about the wide range of options available to me in career development, and at the same time realized the importance of having a “self-centeredness” when making decisions.
Graduated from Yokohama City University, Faculty of International Studies. My hobby is visiting classical architecture.
Lecturer: Mr. Koko
* ◆Work contents*
* [Pre-work] Looking back at my life with a lifeline chart*
You will be asked to look back on your life up to the present. We will proceed with the workshop on the day based on this preliminary work. You will be asked to answer a few questions using your smartphone. (Estimated time required: about 30 minutes)
*Searching for important values ​​up to the present*
Based on the preliminary work and the “values ​​list”, you will become aware of “your own values” that you have cherished up until now.
* Formulate your own behavioral guidelines*
We will create values ​​and behavioral guidelines that you will continue to cherish and that you can refer back to when you are unsure of your choice.
By sharing the created output with each other, we encourage Next Action (behavioral change starting tomorrow).

* ◆Participation fee*
Amount: Regular price 5,500 yen (tax included) → [First-time participants only] Special price 3,500 yen (tax included)
*You will be able to try a condensed version of the content normally provided (about 3 hours).

* ◆How to apply*
Apply at Peatix (

* ◆Inquiries from the general public*
Flowka Co., Ltd.:
-About Frouca Co., Ltd.-
Established with the mission of creating a place where people can take on challenges of their own will, regardless of age or gender. In addition to our management consulting business, which supports companies searching for their desired vision, we also provide support to people who aim to become independent or start their own businesses as part of the “Dream Realization Project”. Through this project, we established a picture book cafe and operate an online select shop that sells apparel and miscellaneous goods from overseas that are carefully selected to be “Japan’s firsts” and “one-of-a-kind items.” We hope that those who interact with our company will have “hope”, be “positive”, and “always move forward”, just like the flower language of the gerbera flower (Japanese name: Furoka), which is the origin of our company name “Frouca”.
We operate our business with the idea that we work so passionately that we reach a state of “flow” and that what we work on becomes a flow that continues for 1,000 years (Ka).
Company name: Frouca Co., Ltd.
Representative: Kana Kodama
Location: Resona Kudan Building 5F, 1-5-6 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Established: January 2022
Business content: Consulting business, cafe business, EC business HP:
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