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Home » Toyota PR Secretariat Japan rugby team player Kazuki Himeno “time travels” to his roots!? A journey to fac e “origins” and “evolution” with the Corolla Cross COROLLA ROAD TRIP MEMORIES 3rd edition

Toyota PR Secretariat Japan rugby team player Kazuki Himeno “time travels” to his roots!? A journey to fac e “origins” and “evolution” with the Corolla Cross COROLLA ROAD TRIP MEMORIES 3rd edition

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Japan rugby representative Kazuki Himeno “time travels” to his roots!? A journey to face “origins” and “evolution” with the Corolla Cross COROLLA ROAD TRIP MEMORIES Part 3
A video and interview article about the trip will be released from March 29th, about the same feelings about rugby that have remained unchanged since the old days and what has changed since becoming a professional rugby player!
Toyota Motor Corporation will launch the third installment of the project “COROLLA ROAD TRIP MEMORIES” on Friday, March 29, 2024, in which people who have reached a turning point in their lives travel in the Corolla series. In the third installment, Kazuki Himeno, who is a leader in the domestic rugby scene as a member of the Japan Rugby National Team, takes a short break after training to prepare his mind and body, and to boost his morale for the next match. Travel with the Corolla Cross to places full of memories and attachments.
Special site:
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The third installment of “COROLLA ROAD TRIP MEMORIES” takes a Corolla Cross from Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, where Himeno’s team’s practice field is located, to Nagoya City, where Himeno was born and where he started playing rugby. This is a project that confronts “origins” and “evolution.”
Himeno, who continues to compete every day and is the captain of the Japan national rugby team, visits the “origin” of his life and rugby life, looks back on his life so far, and how he has evolved as a player and as a person. I will show you how to deal with it and capture the situation in photos.
From March 29th (Friday), you can watch a video recording the trip on a special website.
■Contents where you can see Kazuki Himeno confronting his “origin” and “evolution” will be released on a special website from March 29th (Friday)!
・Publishes a video of Himeno thinking about “memory” at the place of his “origin”
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On the special site, a video will be released showing Himeno taking a tour of memorable places from his life and rugby life in a Corolla Cross, and confronting his origins and evolution. You can also watch an interview and making-of video that talks about behind-the-scenes footage of the shooting, what Himeno realized during this trip, and her future plans. Please pay attention to Himeno as he looks back on his memories of his origins and thinks about what remains the same and what evolves from the past to the present and into the future. – Unraveling the origins and evolution of Himeno. Article content closely covering the behind-the-scenes of the shooting process You can read the article that goes behind the scenes of this shooting. Through “Memory”, we will delve deeper into the origins of Himeno, who led him to serve as the captain of the Japan Rugby National Team, his trajectory in rugby life so far, and his future evolution, as he overlaps with the Corolla Cross. You can enjoy the video even more by reading the article.
■Interview with Kazuki Himeno (excerpt)
Himeno also experienced a comfortable ride in the spacious interior of the car. “Even though I’m big, I feel comfortable and comfortable.” The Corolla Cross has a high ceiling inside and plenty of legroom, so even though I’m a big person, I was able to spend my time comfortably! Also, while driving, it was so quiet that I wondered if the engine was really on, so I thought it was a very comfortable car to ride. Himeno’s criteria for choosing a car are “space” and “luxury” The criteria for choosing a car is that it has a spacious interior and a luxurious design. Also, on my days off, I often go to cafes as a hobby, so I’d be happy to have a control system that allows me to make small turns.
The Corolla Cross has a spacious interior and uses good quality leather, giving it a luxurious feel. It’s a comfortable space to ride in.
Himeno: “The Corolla Cross is comfortable inside, so it’s suitable for long-distance driving.”
The Corolla Cross has an easy-to-drive space design and is very quiet while driving, so you’ll want to drive somewhere far away. Anyway, the inside of the car is comfortable, so I think it’s very suitable for long distance driving. I want to go to some faraway coast while thinking about something.
Himeno and his encounter with rugby. And my “pure” feelings towards rugby still remain the same.
I was originally a big kid, so when I just entered junior high school, I saw the seniors playing strong contact plays and thought that maybe I could be successful here, so I joined the club temporarily. So I joined the club. I’ve been purely enjoying rugby since then, and that feeling hasn’t changed to this day. As I become an adult, I feel like I have more responsibility and pressure and it becomes harder to enjoy things purely, but I still maintain my pure feelings for rugby. The way I approach rugby has changed dramatically…Looking back at the schoolyard with memories, I say, “I want to rediscover who I was back then.”
My thoughts and feelings towards rugby have not changed, but the way I approach rugby has changed significantly.
In the past, I just wanted to have fun and just enjoy playing rugby, but now it’s different. I think I have become more stoic in the way I deal with it because I am a professional and I make my living playing rugby. Today, when I look at the schoolyard of my memories, I want to say to myself back then, “You’ve become stronger, too.But you’re still halfway through, so do your best.” (lol)
Driving in the Corolla Cross is “time travel”!? “Continues to evolve with consistency”
I was able to drive through the places where I live now and the places in my past, and experience a trip that felt like I had truly traveled through time. As a rugby player, I want to continue to enjoy rugby and be consistent so that I can always perform at a high level.
Looking toward my future career, I was able to rediscover my roots and reaffirm my past pure feelings, so I want to continue evolving as a person and player while valuing the things that have not changed. . ■Introduction of Kazuki Himeno
Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1994. Professional rugby player. Belongs to League One Toyota Verblitz. Japan rugby representative. Position is No. 8, flanker. Started playing rugby in junior high school. After attending Kasugaoka High School (currently Chubu University Kasugaoka High School) and Teikyo University, in 2017 he joined Toyota Motor Corporation Verblitz of the Adult Rugby League Top League (currently League One), where he was appointed captain from his first year and led the team. Become a central player. In 2021, he will be transferred to New Zealand’s prestigious team Highlanders on loan. He participated in the world’s top league, Super Rugby, and won the “Rookie of the Year” award. He is active as a player representing Japanese rugby, including his performance in the Rugby World Cup.
[Image 3:×2700.jpg] ■Introducing the Corolla Cross (the car model that will appear this time) In the Corolla series, which has continued to challenge and evolve with the times, this is Corolla’s first SUV that condenses the functions and performance required in the future.
It features a spacious interior space that is convenient for outdoor activities, and an urban, high-quality interior and exterior design. It has a high level of utility that can be used in a wide range of situations, from leisure to city riding.
It also has class-leading fuel efficiency.
Photo: Z (hybrid vehicle, 2WD). Body color Attitude Black
Mica-218-×Massive Gray-1L6-[M10] is a manufacturer option. The interior color is blue. Vehicle equipped with options.
[Image 4:×1536.jpg]

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