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Home » AURAFIC Co., Ltd. For my wife and daughter who have sensitive skin…The hair care product “Greenery Drip Organic” was developed by a representative with 30 years of experience as a hairdresser using his field experience.Following the hair oil re

AURAFIC Co., Ltd. For my wife and daughter who have sensitive skin…The hair care product “Greenery Drip Organic” was developed by a representative with 30 years of experience as a hairdresser using his field experience.Following the hair oil re

For my wife and daughter who have sensitive skin…The hair care product “Greenery Drip Organic”, developed by a hairdresser with 30 years of experience using his field experience, has started selling shampoo and treatment following the hair oil released last year. For those with sensitive skin or those who find it difficult to use shampoos and treatments made from scientific ingredients, we have debuted shampoos and treatments made from 99.989% natural ingredients that you should definitely use.
AURAFIC Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, President and CEO: Tomokazu Iwanaga), which has been certified as an SDGs certified company in Fukuoka Prefecture and Kitakyushu City, has introduced products from the hair care brand “Greenery Drip Organic”. We are announcing new products that are not only kind to your hair and skin, but also to the earth.
[Development background]
The representative has been active as a hairdresser for about 30 years, and has come into contact with many products and has
accumulated countless experiences. In his eyes, the potential challenges hidden in the flood of organic products on the market became clear. Even though it is an organic product, many users faced problems such as inconvenience and lack of effectiveness.
Motivations stemming from my family also inspired the development. [My wife and daughter have sensitive skin, and I also get rough skin from wearing masks.]
My wife has extremely rough hands, and my daughter has had sensitive skin since she was a baby, so even the products made with gentle ingredients used at beauty salons often didn’t suit her. I try to buy everyday ingredients that have as few additives as possible. Furthermore, due to the spread of coronavirus infection that the world experienced four years ago, I had to wear a mask for a long time, and even though I had never had rough skin, my skin became more prone to it, and the products I had been using didn’t suit me… To be honest, I I was in great shock myself.
So, I thought that some of the customers at the salon I run might have the same problem, so I asked them. As a result, many people said that their skin became more prone to roughness due to the coronavirus pandemic.
That’s why I don’t want to put any more stress on my scalp and skin! With this in mind, we would like to develop organic products that are gentle on the body, earth-friendly, and easier to use without losing their natural ingredients. With this in mind, I began working hard on development several years ago.
We took on the difficult challenge of developing a product that contains over 98% naturally derived ingredients.
However, development was not easy and faced enormous obstacles. What we are trying to create is something that has never been done before: “It’s kind to the earth and the body, and above all, it’s easy to use.Also, it can be used by professional hairdressers in their salons” and can even be used by professionals. This is an organic product. When creating something that is kind to the earth, body, hair, and scalp, it is not so easy to make it from 98% or more naturally derived ingredients.
Like the hair oil, the first prototype was used by my wife. Then the answer came back…
“It doesn’t foam very well.”
“It can’t be helped that it’s squeamish because it’s a natural ingredient, but…it’s too squeamish.”
“It’s not very organized.”
“The treatment is a little slippery” etc.
As with the hair oil, we had a series of failures from the first prototype stage. Even though I knew that, it was still a shock! I continued to worry that if things continued as they were, we would end up with products that were no different from conventional organic products. There was no point in even thinking about it! !
Anyway, I collected organic shampoo-related products from all over Japan, tested them, tried countless prototypes over and over again, and failed repeatedly. When you finally think it’s working, it turns out that it doesn’t work on people with curly hair, or that it damages your hair, or that it doesn’t lather well. We continued to make improvements. I don’t know how many times I tried making prototypes. If you simply want to call your product an “organic product,” you can reduce the amount of natural ingredients and focus on chemical ingredients, emphasizing ease of use. Many times I thought of running away from such products, but I stuck to my initial decision to use naturally derived ingredients and continued to pursue the original role of organic products: being kind to the earth and your body. . Before you know it, 5 years have passed…
[Image 1:×2364.jpg] In order to finally obtain the world standard “Cosmos Organic Certification from the international certification body Ecocert”, we use only obtainable ingredients, which are gentle to the earth and the body, and are stable and easy to use that even a hairdresser can understand. We have successfully developed organic shampoo and treatments.
This is a new product that follows the confident hair oil that fulfills safety, trust, and quality. We focus not only on the quality of the products themselves, but also on consideration for the global environment and world issues.
[Image 2:×1310.jpg] After its release, it has been carried by beauty dealers (who sell products to beauty salons), beauty salons, and department stores, and has been well received, and the number of repeat customers is increasing.
What made me happiest was what I heard from people when they used it. “It didn’t seem like it was♪”
“I can’t believe it’s a shampoo and treatment made from 99.989% naturally derived ingredients.”
“Even though it’s an organic shampoo, it makes your hair manageable.” “It makes my hair shiny and feels better than the scientific version.” “You can feel safe because it is an organic certified product” etc. We have received many comments from you.
And now, my daughter, who will be in third grade at elementary school in the spring, uses shampoo and hair treatment, and before drying her hair, she puts a small amount of hair oil on her hair and blow-dries it with a hair dryer. I am happy and happy that my wife and daughter can also use it with confidence.
I hope you can pick it up at least once.
Through these experiences, I have decided to deepen my understanding and pursue the value of “being kind to the body,” which is the original purpose of organic products. He started his journey a few years ago with the aim of developing products that are easy to use while still using natural ingredients.
However, product development was fraught with many difficulties. My goal was to create products that were not only kind to the earth and the body, but also easy to use and would satisfy hair stylists, and to achieve that, I needed to use over 98% naturally derived ingredients. After many trial productions, they finally succeeded in obtaining the world standard “Ecocert Cosmos Organic Certification.” Our challenges and efforts in this process have led to products that are reliable and safe.
Their products have received high praise for both reliability and quality, and have gained a lot of support. They will continue to grow together with their customers and aim for further innovation. 【About product】
The product is an organic product that focuses on the finish, but the shampoo and treatment contain natural beauty ingredients that have the effect of moisturizing the hair. In addition, the cosmetic box uses rough bagasse paper, which is also used for hair oil cosmetic boxes, and as this material is derived from nature and is a renewable resource, it contributes to reducing waste.
By using biomass containers for the bottles, we minimize the impact on the environment. We have completely eliminated petroleum-based and chemical-based ingredients and manufacturing methods, and we are particular about using biomass containers made from residual sugar from sugarcane. In pursuit of sustainable product manufacturing, we applied for the SDGs registration system of Kitakyushu City and Fukuoka Prefecture, and thanks to your support, we have become a certified company.
The representative has focused his efforts on providing
environmentally friendly products while leveraging his experience as a hairdresser.
Furthermore, we pursue an environmentally friendly manufacturing process and have obtained Ecocert Cosmos Organic Certification, an international certification body.
We have developed a product that solves the finish issue that was seen with conventional organic products. Furthermore, we have pursued an environmentally friendly manufacturing process and obtained Ecocert Cosmos Organic Certification.
Ecocert Cosmos Organic certified products combine high-quality ingredients with environmentally friendly manufacturing processes to provide the best choice for beauty and health enthusiasts.
[Image 3:×2700.jpg]
[Image 4:×2700.jpg] Additionally, being certified as an SDG certified company by Fukuoka Prefecture and Kitakyushu City demonstrates Greenery Drip Organic’s drive and commitment to developing a sustainable business in the local community. We will continue to develop products and take initiatives that reduce our burden on the environment and fulfill our social responsibilities.
[Image 5:×2700.jpg]
[Image 6:×282.jpg] 【Company Profile】
Greenery Drip Organic is a leading provider of organic hair care products. Utilizing the expertise of a representative with 30 years of experience as a hairdresser, we combine cutting-edge sustainable technology to contribute to the beauty and health of our users. Company name: AURAFIC Co., Ltd.
Representative: Tomokazu Iwanaga
Business details: Development and sales of hair care products, development and sales of scissors for hairdressers, barbers, and trimmers in Japan and overseas
Location: 3-10-20-201 Kyomachi, Kokura Kita-ku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Official brand website:
Instagram : [Fukuoka Prefecture SDGs certified company]
Fukuoka Prefecture aims to build a sustainable local community and will be certified as a company that is implementing initiatives based on SDGs. As part of this effort, Greenery Drip Organic was certified as a Fukuoka Prefecture SDGs-certified company in recognition of the environmental friendliness of its products and the way it fulfills its social responsibility.
Kitakyushu City also certifies companies that are actively working to achieve the SDGs, and Greenery Drip Organic was recognized as a company that is making outstanding efforts. Kitakyushu City’s certification as an SDGs-certified company demonstrates our commitment to contributing to the local community and realizing a sustainable business model.
Greenery Drip Organic is proud to be certified as an SDGs certified company by Fukuoka Prefecture and Kitakyushu City, and will continue to work with local communities to realize sustainable business and protect the global environment. We will continue to.
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