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Konepla Co., Ltd. Newly established GOKINJO service site

[Konepla Co., Ltd.] Newly established GOKINJO service site

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Press release: March 29, 2024
Newly established GOKINJO service site
*GOKINJO, a community building service for condominium residents ~ Content released for condominium developers ~ *
Konepla Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Nakamura)
Makio (hereinafter referred to as Konepla) is pleased to announce that it has established a new service site for “GOKINJO”, a
community-building service for condominium residents that the company plans, develops, and operates.
■About GOKINJO service site
GOKINJO service site is a service introduction site with enriched content mainly for condominium developers. We have released new content such as introduction examples, GOKINJO features, and comments from service adopters and users, and you can now check the details of GOKINJO services on the site. We have previously introduced an overview of GOKINJO’s services on Konepla’s corporate website, but with the establishment of the new service site, we aim to convey the benefits of implementing GOKINJO to condominium developers in an easy-to-understand manner. .
GOKINJO service site
■Main content
*1) List of functions and services*
You can view the service overview, including the functions of the app provided as one of the GOKINJO services.
*2) Features of GOKINJO*
We introduce sustainable support for community activities and the benefits of working with a third-party administrator system. * 3) Introduction example *
You can see examples of its use, focusing on interviews with residents of condominiums where it has been introduced.
* 4) Service introduction video *
You can watch an overview of GOKINJO’s services in a 2-minute video.
* 5) Voices from service adopters and users*
You can see videos of user interviews and those in charge of condominium developer business who have introduced GOKINJO.
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Konepla Co., Ltd. was founded in 2022 and provides services
specializing in condominiums and local communities. We operate our business with the mission of “creating a society where everyone can have just the right relationship with their neighbors,” using a combination of digital (apps exclusively for residents) and real (on-site events, etc.).
As many of our members are raising children, we developed a business idea and commercialized it in order to create a society where people can more easily ask, “Can I help you?” and “I want your help.” Using digital technology, we aim to rebuild the “connections” that are disappearing in real places in a “comfortable” and “moderate” way. * Company name: * Connect Platform Inc.
* Established: * April 1, 2020
* Officers: * Representative Director and President Makio Nakamura * Capital: * 100 million yen
*Main business:* Community development support, condominium management support, app development/OEM contract development, consulting * Address: * Jimbocho Mitsui Building, 1-105 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Conepla Co., Ltd. HP
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