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“Teachme Biz” wins No. 1 share in video manual creation support tool market survey

“Teachme Biz” wins No. 1 share in video manual creation support tool market survey
Widely contributes to productivity improvement regardless of industry or employee size
Studyist Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO: Satoshi Suzuki, hereinafter referred to as “Studyst”), which supports corporate operational reforms, has developed the manual creation and sharing system “Teachme Biz” provided by the company. )” is a market research report published by Deloitte Tohmatsu Mik Economic Research Institute, Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Shigeo Watanabe, hereinafter referred to as “Deloitte Tohmatsu Mik Economic Research Institute”), “The Actual State of the Deskless SaaS Market.” In the “Video manual creation support tool market” of “FY2024 Edition”, we achieved the No. 1 share (42.0%) in terms of shipment value for non-desk workers in FY2023. In addition, in this report, the study list shows that both the market share by industry and the market share by user size in all industries surveyed
(distribution/retail/restaurant, hotel/accommodation, assembly manufacturing, process manufacturing, etc.) became the number one share.
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Deloitte Tohmatsu Mic Economic Research Institute’s views on the video manual creation support tool market
According to this report, in recent years, “communication
infrastructure such as Wi-Fi has been developed and smartphones and tablets have become widespread in manufacturing, logistics, retail, and other field environments, so video manuals that can be easily taken and edited are now available. Creation support tools are gaining acclaim.With the aim of further improving document-based understanding and educating foreign staff, we have added functions such as automatically recognizing audio to videos, creating subtitles, automatic translation, and subtitle reading. The market and services are expected to continue expanding steadily in the future as the active participation of diverse human resources is required. (Source: Deloitte Tohmatsu Mic Economic Research Institute “Actual Status and Prospects of the Deskless SaaS Market 2024 Edition”) the next deployment
This report shows that “Teachme Biz” is widely used as a solution that contributes to improving productivity, regardless of industry, business content, or organizational size. In the future, we will not only provide “Teachme Biz” but also expand our business by providing products and consulting services tailored to customer issues and collaborating with alliance partners.
About Teachme Biz
Teachme Biz, a cloud-based manual creation and sharing system, is a solution that greatly improves productivity by streamlining the creation and management of corporate manuals. In addition to significantly reducing the time required to create procedure manuals, various results have been reported, including more efficient human resource development and improved customer satisfaction.The service is available for a monthly fee of 59,800 yen (excluding tax) per company. According to Deloitte Tohmatsu Mic Economic Research Institute’s survey of the “video manual creation support tool market” in “Deskless SaaS Market Status and Prospects 2024 Edition”, we achieved the No. 1 share in sales value across all industries and user sizes. .
Studyist Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Address: 9th floor, Sumitomo Corporation Nishikicho Building, 1-6 Kanda Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Established: March 19, 2010
Capital: 103.2 million yen (including capital reserves)
Representative: Satoshi Suzuki, Representative Director and CEO Business content: Development/sales of manual creation/sharing system “Teachme Biz” and execution ability improvement support system “Hunkra”, consulting on productivity improvement, training business, etc.
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Studyist Co., Ltd.
Public relations: Asakura, Seki
Phone: 050-1744-3760
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