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Qeelin japan Limited Kering Group fine jeweler “Qeelin” Ginza flagship opening event held

[Qeelin japan Limited] Fine jeweler under the Kering Group “Qeelin / Keelin ”Ginza flagship opening event held

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Press release: March 29, 2024
Kering Group fine jeweler “Qeelin” Ginza flagship opening event held Fine jeweler Qeeliln, whose mission is to spread the rich culture of the East to the world, has opened its first flagship store in Japan, “Qeelin Treasure Box.”
” opened on Namiki Street in Ginza. Prior to the grand opening, Qeelin CEO Christophe
Artaux (Christophe Artaud), brand founder and creative director Dennis A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held by Dennis Chan and brand ambassador Yoona Lim, and Qeelin
We congratulated the company on its new step toward global expansion. Qeelin was founded in 2004 as a fine jeweler with the mission of spreading the rich culture of the East to the world. The brand name “Qeelin”
/ Qilin’ comes from the legendary spirit animal ‘Qilin’, a symbol of good luck and love that appears in Chinese mythology. Wulu, Bo Bo, Xi Xi
All pieces of jewelry are rich in cultural meaning, reinterpreting traditional symbols into stylish designs for everyday use, bringing new life and modern meaning to Chinese culture.

In the 20 years since our establishment, we have continued to create as a one-of-a-kind fine jeweler with innovative collections inspired by world culture and art, while keeping up with the changing times. In 2019, we became the first Chinese jewelry brand to open a boutique on Place Vendôme in Paris. And now, we have established a brand. By setting up our flagship on Namiki-dori, Ginza, Tokyo to commemorate our 20th anniversary, we have solidified our further global expansion. creative director
Named “Qeelin Treasure Box” by Dennis Chan, this flagship is as the name suggests.
The bright red building is impressive and stands out from the Ginza skyline while expressing a playful spirit.
Also, on the same day as the opening ceremony, we will be hosting guests from overseas.
A dinner event was held at Happoen, inviting VIPs, press, Japanese VICs, press, and celebrities. Qeelin
At the venue, a Japanese house that embodies the worldview of the world, guests were able to experience the resonance between the jewelry collection and the beauty of the Japanese garden.
On the way to the venue, Qeelin’s signature collection Wulu
-shaped lanterns were dotted around the space, serving as guideposts and leading to the early spring flowers in the garden, inviting guests into a magical space. The brand color red comes from the Chinese symbol of good luck and prosperity, and the curved line
It makes a striking contrast to Wulu.
Brand Ambassador Yoona Lim WuluWulu
Wearing necklaces, earrings and bangles from the Couture collection (18K white gold, diamonds and rubies)
From left: Qeelin Chief Executive Officer Christophe Artaux, Brand Ambassador Yoona
Lim, Founder and Creative Director Dennis Chan
The Wulu Fairy collection on display at the venue was inspired by the flying celestials depicted in the murals of Dunhuang, China. Wulu The Couture collection captures the moment when small and large beads fall onto a precious jade plate, and Qin Qin
The motif is a plump goldfish swimming among aquatic plants.

Qeelin Wulu Fairy Collection
3,027,200 yen
Necklace (18K rose gold, brilliant-cut diamonds, oval-cut rubies) Qeelin WuluWulu
3,386,900 yen
Couture Collection Necklace in 18K white gold, brilliant-cut diamonds and round rubies
Qeelin Qin Qin
3,386,900 yen
Necklace (18K rose gold, brilliant-cut diamonds, black diamonds and round rubies)
In addition, Qeelin Ginza store opening limited collection SAKURA Bo Bo was unveiled for the first time in the world.
SAKURA Bo Bo pays homage to Japanese art and culture, with a playful design reminiscent of Japanese geisha. Bo Bo
Her lovely eyes and Japanese hair are carefully covered with black diamonds. An umbrella decorated with cherry blossoms and a beautiful hairpin decorated with seven rubies, named after the number 7, which is a symbol of good luck in Japan. Crafted from 18k rose gold, this exquisite kimono is encrusted with diamonds, and the traditional kimono is beautifully designed into jewellery. Furthermore, two round jade pieces are accented as obi clasps. In his right hand he holds an umbrella, and at his feet are traditional wooden geta. CHERRY BLOSSOMS Bo Bo gracefully walks under the cherry blossom trees in spring, reminiscent of a fun evening of cherry blossom viewing or going out to a party.

*Qeelin Sakura Bo Bo*
4,107,400 yen
Pendant (18K white gold and rose gold, diamonds, black diamonds, rubies, jade, pink HyCeram(R))

At the dinner, there was a spectacular performance by performer Aoi Yamada and the world-renowned Japanese drum group Ondekoza. The synergy created by the fusion of tradition and modernity, expressed by the primitive rhythms of Ondekoza and the performance of Aoyamada, stirred the souls of the guests and captivated them.
The Qeelin Treasure Box truly represents the source of Qeelin’s inspiration. ” opening event. A fusion of East and West, a fusion of traditional symbols and modernity, Qeelin
Our original collection expands your imagination of beauty and invites you to the wonderful world of nature.
Qeelin will continue to present itself to the world as a unique fine jeweler that uses oriental symbols in sophisticated designs.

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*Qeelin Treasure Box*
Address: 5-5-13 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: 12:00 – 19:00
Area: 135.62 square meters
Shop composition: 3 floors
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