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Home » Long stay for 10 nights at your leisure Okinawa, a hideaway resort for adults ☆ For holidays, workdays, and reward trips ♪

Long stay for 10 nights at your leisure Okinawa, a hideaway resort for adults ☆ For holidays, workdays, and reward trips ♪

[Long stay for 10 nights at your leisure] Okinawa, a hideaway resort for adults ☆ For holidays, workdays, and reward trips ♪

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Press release: March 30, 2024
[Long stay for 10 nights at your leisure] Okinawa, a hideaway resort for adults ☆ For holidays, workdays, and reward trips ♪
*Breakfast and lunch included, 2 dinner invitations of your choice, private car available! *
Coco Garden Resort Okinawa (Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture Manager: Hitomi Sawada
) will be selling accommodation plans recommended for long-term stays until November 30, 2024.
A private resort for adults with a garden pool with a great view on a vast site of approximately 2,000 square meters, and cottages dotted around it.
Breakfast is based on the theme of beauty and health, and we offer Okinawan cuisine, Chinese porridge, freshly squeezed juice, and our signature green curry using ingredients that are gentle on the body. Lunch will be at the group hotel “Renaissance Resort”
You can also choose from the resort lunch buffet at Okinawa. During your stay, enjoy a long stay with hospitality such as being invited to dinner twice, use of the Coco private car, and spa benefits. Take a stroll around the hotel while admiring the palm trees and subtropical flowers, cycle around the area on an electric bicycle, or relax in the lounge stocked with books and herbal tea.
Why not relax and stretch your wings in the gentle nature of a southern island for a holiday, a workday, or a solo trip for a reward? * ■ [For Hocance & Workation] An extraordinary hideaway long stay for 10 nights♪ Plan *
* [Period]* April 1, 2024 to November 30, 2024
* [Price]* One night, breakfast and lunch included per person ・From 11,300 yen (1 room per person)
・From 6,800 yen (1 room for 2 people)
・From 6,300 yen (1 room for 3 people)
*Room type is up to you.
*Tax and service charge included, Saturdays, days before holidays, and seasonal up charges available

* [Breakfast] * Breakfast buffet/Makan Makan
* [Lunch] * Daily recommended lunch / Makan Makan or resort lunch buffet / Sailfish Cafe *
Restaurant “Makan Makan”
“Makan Makan” daily lunch image
Restaurant “Sailfish Cafe”
“Sailfish Cafe” resort lunch image
* [Contents] *
◆Up to 3 times during your stay in Coco Private Car (4 hours per day) ◆Invitation to a dinner of your choice (once every 5 nights) ・Yumcha Sanmai/Makan Makan
・Buffet/Sailfish Cafe*
・Charcoal-grilled course/sea breeze*
・BBQ course/Coral Sea View*
・Family SUSHI Viking/Royce* (+1,100 yen)
・Kaiseki cuisine/Aya* (+1,100 yen)
*Inside the group hotel “Renaissance Resort Okinawa” (15 minutes by free scheduled shuttle bus)
An image of the popular “Makan Makan” dim sum experience
◆ Enjoy some time before bed on a rotating basis (once every 5 nights) ・”CoCo Night Cocktail” (Monday, Wednesday, Friday 21:30-22:30) “CoCo Night Cocktail” image
・”Sweets dream time” (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 21:30-22:30) “Sweets dream time” image
◆Club CoCo
・10% off CoCo Spa relaxation designated menu
-At Renaissance Resort Okinawa-
・Free access to Yamada Onsen (until 10am on check-out date)
・Club Savvy lounge free
・Activity menu available at special rates or free of charge

* ●Dinner exclusively for long stays * *Charges apply
Bitter gourd champuru ¥1800/Okinawa soba ¥1200/mixed sandwich ¥1000, etc.

* ●COCO style hospitality *
・Room: Aroma pot & oil, nightwear, pillow of your choice
・Facilities: Library, tennis court, karaoke room (90 minutes) ・Rental: Nail care set, sketch set

* ●Others *
Free laundry corner, free electric bicycle rental (3 hours/once a day). There is a large supermarket about 10 minutes walk away.

* [Coco Garden Resort Okinawa] *
23,000 square meters
It is a garden resort with a garden pool with a great view at the center of the site (approximately 7,000 tsubo) and cottages dotted around the pool. With palm trees and subtropical flowers in bloom, this is a resort for adults seeking the comfort of home, and offers a way to spend your time surrounded by rich nature and Okinawan culture. Coco-style hospitality such as coffee service, library, rental bicycles and private cars during your stay, Club for guests staying for 2 consecutive nights or more (3 consecutive nights for some periods)
CoCo (Club Coco) creates a comfortable resort life.
“Makan Makan” is a popular restaurant that serves piping hot dim sum such as mozuku shumai and shark fin dumplings cooked to order, as well as dim sum lunches and dinners where you can enjoy mango pudding and other sweets to your heart’s content.The restaurant uses Okinawan natural ingredients such as island mars, turmeric, and hibiscus. “Coco Spa”, popular for local treatments , 15 minutes by scheduled shuttle bus to the group hotel “Renaissance Resort Okinawa”.

* [Renaissance Resort Okinawa] *
An entertainment beach resort with all rooms overlooking the emerald green sea and white sand. More than 60 types of marine sports, indoor and outdoor pools, a dolphin program where you can interact with dolphins living in the lagoon,
Kids can have fun learning and playing in a rich natural environment, including work experience. With 9 unique restaurants and bars including sunset BBQ, Ryukyu charcoal grill, sushi, Japanese cuisine, French cuisine, and teppanyaki, Yamada Onsen, thalassotherapy salon, and 5 shops, everyone from children to adults can enjoy a high-quality resort stay. receive. Long Stay Club
Savvy , Anniversary hospitality is also popular.

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