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Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. Star☆Revis single and live album released on 5/22!

Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
Star☆Levy Single and live album will be released on 5/22!
Stardust☆Review, who are nearing the end of their tour that started in 2022, will release a single and last year’s Hibiya Noon live album on May 22nd.
[Image 1:×552.jpg] The single is “Boogie Woogie Wonder☆Review Theme,” which is currently being played as an encore on the tour. This song is a disco number that is over 12 minutes long and is a medley of Star☆Levy’s past masterpieces, and M2 includes a Radio Edit of this song. The accompanying DVD contains the music video for “Boogie Woogie Wonder☆Review Theme” and behind-the-scenes stories from the members and staff. The live album released at the same time will be the “Stardust☆Review TOUR Boogie Woogie Wonder☆Review Outdoor Edition with Nanna Idiot Horns @ Hibiya Park Concert Hall” held last summer on Blu-ray, DVD, and CD. As the theme is “festival”, the content is flashy and worth seeing. Of course, this work also includes hilarious sub-audio by the members, making it a work that can be enjoyed over and over again. [Product overview] “Boogie Woogie Wonder☆Review Theme”
[Image 2:×378.jpg] 2024.5.22 ReleaseCOZA-2075-6 (¥2,500+tax) CDM1 Boogie Woogie Wonder☆Review Theme M2 Boogie Woogie Wonder☆Review Theme Radio Edit Version DVDM1 Boogie Woogie Wonder☆Review Theme MUSIC VIDEOM2 Production Secrets “Stardust☆Review TOUR Boogie Woogie Wonder☆Review Outdoor Edition with Nana Stupid Horns @ Hibiya Park Concert Hall” 2024.5.22 ReleaseBD: COXA-1359 Tax included: ¥7,700 (Tax excluded: ¥7,000)
[Image 3:×407.jpg] DVD: COBA-7434~5 Tax included: ¥6,800 (tax excluded: ¥6,182)
[Image 4:×457.jpg] CD: COCP-42269 Tax included: ¥1,100 (tax excluded: ¥1,000)
[Image 5:×284.jpg] [Tour Information] Saturday, March 30th, Chiba, Matsudo Morino Hall 21, Small Hall, March 31st, Sunday, Itabashi Cultural Hall, Tokyo, Large Hall, April 6th, Saturday, Linkmore Heiankaku Hall (Aomori Civic Hall), April 7th, Sunday Hokkaido, Hakodate Civic Center April 12th Friday, Hokkaido, Asahikawa Civic Cultural Center April 14th, Hokkaido, Sapporo Cultural Arts Theater Hitaru, April 20th, Kyoto, Bunka Park Joyo Plum Hall, April 21st, Osaka, Fenice Sakai 5 May 11th, Saturday, Tokyo, Hitomi Memorial Auditorium, Showa Women’s University, May 12th, Tokyo, Hitomi Memorial Auditorium, Tokyo, May 18th, Saturday, Aichi, Nagoya Civic Center Forest Hall, May 24th, Miyagi, Tokyo Electron Hall Miyagi (Miyagi Prefectural Hall) Saturday, May 25th Fukushima/Koriyama Cultural Center [Tour Final Performance]

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