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Home » Act Act collaborates with Animal Spirits LLC to educate startup companies aiming for IPO on the importance of “cyber resilience”

Act Act collaborates with Animal Spirits LLC to educate startup companies aiming for IPO on the importance of “cyber resilience”

Act, a startup company aiming for IPO, collaborates with Animal Spirits LLC to educate the importance of “cyber resilience”
~ Started providing specific recommendations and service information for cybersecurity measures ~
ACT Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and CEO: Tomohiko Kobayashi; hereinafter referred to as ACT), which engages in cybersecurity business, is managed by Yusuke Asakura, who previously served as Representative Director, President and CEO of mixi from McKinsey & Company. In collaboration with Animal Spirits LLC, a venture capital company that we represent, we have started providing information on the importance of cybersecurity,
countermeasures, and services, mainly for startup companies aiming for IPO. ▼Animal Spirits LLC WEB site▼ACT Co., Ltd. WEB site
[Image 1:×318.jpg] – Background of collaboration with Animal Spirits LLC – Recently, “Cyber ​​Resilience” (the concept of minimizing damage and quickly restoring business based on the premise of being attacked) has been attracting attention. This has become an extremely important factor for venture companies aiming for IPO. One of the most important reasons why it is necessary to take security measures is “trust.” Whether shareholders and investors can trust a company as an investment partner is a very important point, and security is a particularly important point. In the unlikely event that personal information is leaked due to a security incident, the company may not only be required to pay a large amount of compensation, but also lose credibility with the company or go bankrupt. In the past, there has been an incident where a venture company that was conducting research on self-driving technology for robots and cars and was about to go public had its listing canceled due to information leaks. This company was scheduled to be listed on the TSE Mothers at the end of November 2016, but in mid-November it was announced that customer information had been leaked to the Internet, and in December, the company decided to postpone the listing procedure, and the TSE The approval was also revoked. ACT’s cybersecurity measures include SentinelOne, an AI-driven EDR product that has received top-class reviews overseas, and we have a countermeasure team that can respond in English, and we are the only company in Japan to be certified as an incident response partner. Masu. We are proud that Animal Spirits is ideal for startup companies that aim to expand globally, have many overseas engineers, and have development and production bases overseas, and have a rich track record in the venture capital business. By collaborating with LLCs and educating them, we aim to strengthen the security level of venture companies, provide IPO support, and “protect Japan” and “enhance Japan’s national power.”
[Image 2:×662.jpg] Yusuke Asakura, Representative Partner of Animal Spirits LLC – Comment – Nowadays, services provided by startups are permeating the world and gaining social importance, and ensuring the safety and reliability of services is an extremely important issue. In addition, cyber attacks have increased in recent years and are becoming a serious social problem. We hope that the efforts to strengthen security promoted by ACT will lead to building an environment in which startups can provide even safer services and ensuring cyber resilience.
[Image 3:×2560.jpg] ACT Co., Ltd. CEO Tomohiko Kobayashi – Comment – We are very happy to be able to collaborate with Animal Spirits to educate startup companies about the importance of cybersecurity measures. Security measures and risk management are becoming extremely important for companies aiming for an IPO. We hope that this collaboration and activities with Animal Spirits will help prevent security risks and support sustainable business growth. -Service to guide you- ■ “Security Family Doctor for Start-up” ・Normal “Security Family Doctor” (10,000 yen/month, tax not included) 50% OFF, 5,000 yen per month.・One-month contracts are possible.・6-month contract~ In addition, we offer the following services at a special “startup company support price” of 50% to up to 80% off, depending on the growth phase of each startup company. ・Vulnerability diagnosis https://www.act1. ・EDR+SOC “Securimo” ・IDaaS (ID management solution) “JumpCloud” “Security Family Physician for Start-up is a service that allows startup companies to easily implement and implement countermeasures against cyberattacks, which have recently become a threat to businesses. As we invest in startup companies, we feel the importance of security measures every day, and we have decided to plan and sell this service. ■“Security Family Doctor for Start-up” Service Contents “Security Family Doctor for Start-up” offers the following three services. 1) “Private Report” Pick up damage cases and attack methods that should be understood according to the customer’s business type and service Monthly report 2) “Corporate Security Health Checkup” Not only short-term improvement proposals but also medium- and long-term measures to be taken We create security rules and resolve requests for security measures from business partners. 3) “Moshi Moshi Cyber ​​HOT LINE” In the event of a “what if” emergency, ACT’s security engineers, who have extensive knowledge in incident response, will respond immediately. We will minimize the damage and advise you on the correct course of action. ■Price ・5,000 yen per month  *6-month contract ~ *50% OFF of the normally sold “Security Family Doctor” (10,000 yen/monthly, tax not included) ■Payment form・Monthly payment possible・Initial cost etc., no separate fees are required. Eligible companies: – Start-up companies – Within 10 years of establishment – Companies that have received a total of 5 billion or less in funding from VCs or angel investors ■Inquiries: ACT Co., Ltd. “Security Family Physician for Start-” up” Secretariat  Mail:  - Act Co., Ltd. Company Profile – Since our founding in 1994, we have responded to the ITization of society and provided our customers with optimal solutions tailored to the times. I’ve been here. We will continue to contribute to the realization of a society that is safe, convenient, and resilient to change as an IT solution vendor that is “looking ahead to the future.” Company name: ACT Co., Ltd. Representative: Representative Director and CEO Tomohiko Kobayashi Head office location: 6th floor, Koishikawa Daikoku Building, 1-3-25 Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Established: November 11, 1994 Capital: 10 million yen Business content: Cyber Security business, system development, implementation support Number of employees: 68 (as of the end of January 2024) ■WEB site ■EDR+SOC “Securimo” / ■“Data Amulet Corps”  *Act’s “Data Amulet Corps” has been certified by the Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA). ■“JumpCloud” ■“Act Vulnerability Diagnosis” ■“Security Doctor” https://ip

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