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Home » Real event of sex education for parents and children to learn FamiOne will sponsor the real event “Family Heart Talks” sponsored by the home sex education site “Meiku” etc.

Real event of sex education for parents and children to learn FamiOne will sponsor the real event “Family Heart Talks” sponsored by the home sex education site “Meiku” etc.

FamiOne Co., Ltd.
FamiOne will sponsor the real event “Family Heart Talks” sponsored by the home sex education site “Meiku” etc.
“Family Heart Talks” Life lessons from childhood in Suginami Ward! ……
With the vision of “Creating a society that caters to everyone who wishes to have a child and allows them to live a happy life,” we provide “famione”, a fertility concierge service using LINE FamiOne Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yusuke Ishikawa, hereinafter referred to as the Company) aims to convey experts’ knowledge about sexuality to children in an easy-to-understand manner, and create opportunities for adults and children to communicate about sexuality. We will sponsor the project “Life Education” aimed at this purpose, as well as “Family Heart Talks” Life Lessons from Early Childhood, hosted by Mothers Co., Ltd. and Colorido Japan LLC in Suginami Ward.
▼Click here for the full press release This event will include a lecture from midwife Chiaya Kojima about sex education that can be done at home from an early age, which is useful for crime prevention, and knowledge for children to take care of themselves and others. Parents and children can learn together through a conversation with model and creator Emi Suzuki.
Application page:
In addition, in Suginami Ward, Tokyo, where the event will be held, FamiOne will be entrusted with the “Fertility LINE Support Project” starting in 2021, and you will receive up to three free advice from experts such as certified infertility nurses and clinical
psychologists. can do.
You can use it regardless of whether you are participating in this event or not, and you can consult anonymously at any time, so please feel free to use it. Suginami Ward official page:
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Family Heart Talks – Overview of “Life Lessons” from childhood Event date and time: Wednesday, April 3, 2024, 1:00 p.m. Doors open and reception begins | From 14:00 to 15:45
Application period: Until April 1, 2024 (Monday)
Location: Sesion Suginami Hall (1-22-32 Umesato, Suginami-ku, Tokyo) Participation fee: 2,000 yen (tax included) per family *Childcare included Number of applicants: Approximately 400 parents and children *The application will be closed once the number of applicants has been reached. Target: Children aged 3 to 8 and their guardians mainly in Suginami Ward *People outside of Suginami Ward are also welcome to participate. *This event is only available to people with children. Please note that participation by adults only is not permitted.
*About siblings
Siblings who are 3rd grade or older can also accompany the child to the event. Children aged 0 to 2 years old can be cared for by Mothers Co., Ltd. (reservation required). For details, please check “About childcare use”.
■Speaker introduction
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Lecturer: Midwife Chiaya Kojima. Commonly known as “Chaaaaaaa~ Sensei” -profile-
Community midwife/nursery school nurse
We conduct sex education courses at kindergartens and elementary schools mainly in Tokyo. They also act as lecturers for homeroom teachers and adults.

[Image 3:×1024.png ]
Interview: Emi Suzuki
Model / Creator / Designer
Debuted in 1999 as an exclusive model for the magazine “SEVENTEEN”. He has been active in numerous media and has gained popularity as an icon of his generation. His activities as a creator include a wide range of activities, including the director of the design project “Lautashi Design.”
In her private life, she is a mother of one child. Through her experience raising children, she realized the importance of education in early childhood, and started this project.
Fertility concierge “famione” service details
By using LINE, you can easily receive support from experts anonymously at any time.
Fertility concierge “Famione” ( is a personal support service using LINE that supports couples trying to conceive. By registering for a LINE account, you will receive a specialized check sheet, which will analyze your input and provide advice tailored to your situation.
You can receive advice from many experts, including certified infertility nurses, clinical psychologists, cultivators, and infertility peer counselors certified by the NPO Fine, which will help you choose a hospital and more from the time you are just starting to think about conceiving. We support every step of the way during treatment.
The cumulative number of registered users has reached 30,000 since the service release, and since October 2019, the number has increased by more than 800% compared to the same month last year. 93% of
registrants showed a high level of satisfaction, saying they would like to receive advice from famione again.
In September 2018, we began offering corporate welfare programs. In addition to introducing welfare programs to Odakyu Electric Railway and TBS Welfare Society, we also provide seminars to Sony, All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA), the Itochu Labor Union, and others. We also provide services to local governments, from prefectures to core cities, including Suginami Ward in Tokyo, Yokosuka City in Kanagawa Prefecture, Nagasaki Prefecture, Suginami Ward in Tokyo, Setagaya Ward, Mihara City in Hiroshima Prefecture, and Oura Town in Gunma Prefecture. We provide a wide range of services to cities, wards, towns and villages with millions of people.
*This service is not a medical practice and does not provide diagnosis or prescription.
▶︎“Pregnancy/infertility support welfare benefits” for companies
▶︎“Pregnancy LINE Support Project” for local governments
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Suginami Ward official page: -About us-
FamiOne Co., Ltd.
Address: 2F-C, Shibuya Dogenzaka Tokyu Building, 1-10-8 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043
Representative Director Yusuke Ishikawa
Established date June 1, 2015
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Famione Co., Ltd. Public Relations Department Email: TEL: 080-2243-6995
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