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Rising Zephyr Fukuoka Co., Ltd. B2 Fukuoka | Continued to compete, but no consecutive wins

Rising Zephyr Fukuoka Co., Ltd.
B2 Fukuoka|Continues to compete, but no consecutive wins
The match against Ehime, held on Saturday, March 30, 2024, was lost by 8 points. We would like to inform you that the result was “Ehime 87-79 Fukuoka” in the [Ehime Orange Vikings vs. Rising Zephyr Fukuoka] held on Saturday, March 30, 2024.
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[Match results]
[Ehime] 87-79 [Fukuoka]
1Q 21-20
2Q 20-21
3Q 21-16
4Q 25-22
[Battle review]
Ehime is strong under the goal, and even if they miss shots from outside, they are encouraged by rebounds and second chances. On the other hand, Fukuoka was competing for the lead in rebounding, but ended up chasing after them. Foreign nationals, led by #12 Gavin and #34 Pablo, were scoring, and before that, #23 Murakami had many assists. They were able to share the ball with four in the first half alone. When it comes to scoring, you don’t want to get stuck on your opponent’s back, so you don’t open up a gap. Pablo led the score with 11 points and #0 Kodama scored 7 points. Eight of the 10 players who have played so far have scored, so they are able to aim from various angles, and the opponent’s defense is also showing some hesitation. The score was tied at 41-41 in the first half, and they would like to gain momentum in the second half.
[Image 2:×1080.jpg] At the start of the second half, Ehime scored consecutive points and quickly fell behind by nine points. Pablo decided on the basket count, and there was a powerful play from Bryce, who carried it from the bottom of the goal to the bottom of the goal by himself.Although the lead was reduced to one point, Ehime’s pace slowly slipped into play. With one minute left in the fourth quarter, Murakami hit a flurry of consecutive threes, leading to a foul game. However, the point difference did not close until the end, and they lost by 8 points behind.
[Comment from Ramon Lopez Suarez HC]
We wanted to pick up the pace and develop the match, but Ehime played with more energy. I tried to aim for the opponent assuming they were tired, but I lost in rebounds and my shot selection wasn’t very good either. Also, the way we defended in 1on1 was not that hard. Furthermore, their shooting percentage is poor, and I think it will be difficult to win regardless of the opponent with these numbers. We scored a lot of points off turnovers, so there were a lot of easy scores. In order to make corrections, we have to concentrate from practice, and we have to play with energy and greed. The players and staff must concentrate in order to make corrections and make adjustments until the playoffs.
[Comment from Mitsuki Taniguchi]
I think there are more and more negative trends, and there is less and less positivity. I think the reason for our loss is that we were unable to switch during that bad flow and dragged on. By doing what they are supposed to do and fulfilling their roles, each team will get the same points, but I feel like they are falling apart when they are being scouted, so I still feel that they are not strong enough to do their part. I think we will be facing such defenses as we head into the playoffs, so we need to develop the ability to break through. Regardless of the opponent, we play as we should, and the quality of each match is different. I want to go into the match with a focus on content while seeking a result.
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