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Home » The greening art project “ZŌEN ~Moving Forest Exhibition~” from Kawasaki is being held!

The greening art project “ZŌEN ~Moving Forest Exhibition~” from Kawasaki is being held!

The greening art project “ZŌEN ~Moving Forest Exhibition~” from Kawasaki is being held!

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Press release: March 30, 2024
The greening art project “ZŌEN ~Moving Forest Exhibition~” from Kawasaki is being held!
*A challenging outdoor exhibition by landscape architects and artists will be held at M Park in Mizonokuchi, Kawasaki City. The exhibition will be held from April 13th (Saturday) to April 21st (Sunday), 2024, and the weekend will be filled with unique event content and booths. * ZŌEN (Managed by: Town Planting Project/Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture) This year will be the fourth installation by landscape architects, and this time we will be exhibiting over 35 art pieces in collaboration with artists at M Park and the Kirari Deck in front of Mizonokuchi Station on the Tokyu Denentoshi Line.

[Special event site]

◎Special blog program
4/13 (Sat) Evening:
“poets on the liquid” An installation related to plants by a video artist, poet, and musician.
4/20 (Sunday) Evening:
Garden screening “FIVE SEASONS -The Gardens of Piet Oudolf-”

◎Major event content
4/13 (Sat) – 21 (Sun): Gardener competition ZŌEN (Kanagawa) vs Tenku no Tsuboniwa (Shizuoka)
4/13 (Sat) and 21 (Sun): Talk session “GREENING CHAT!!”
April 13th (Sat) – 14th (Sun): “Eco City Kawasaki Festival 2024″ 4/13 (Sat), 14 (Sun), 20 (Sat), 21 (Sun): Workshop, food and merchandise booths

ZŌEN2024 Moving Forest Exhibition
* ◎About “ZŌEN”*
This project was started with the aim of promoting “urban greening” in Kawasaki’s Mizonokuchi, an urban area with low green visibility, using techniques such as guerrilla gardening.
This time, 35 artists from Kanagawa, Tokyo, Shizuoka, and Chiba prefectures, including landscape architects, gardeners, flower arrangers, stone sculptors, and muralists, will be working in a special outdoor space surrounded by inorganic structures. We will attempt to exhibit challenging works.

* ◎Event Overview*
* [Date, time and location of this event] *
* Date*: April 13, 2024 (Sat) ~ April 21, 2024 (Sun)
*Holding time*: 10:00-16:00
* Location *: 3-1-8 Hisamoto, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki City eM/PARK (Mochida parking lot rooftop)
1-21-2 Mizoguchi, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki Kirari Deck (JR Line Musashi Mizonokuchi Station North Exit 2nd floor)
*Free admission (some paid booths are available) / Canceled due to inclement weather
*Sound and video installations and movie screenings will be held after sunset only on the 13th and 20th (charges apply)

* [Goal of this event]*
・To further enhance the attractiveness of Mizonokuchi, a town with a low greening rate, through greening art
・Creating opportunities for gardeners and landscaping businesses to improve their recognition and image through artistic activities ・Empirical research to popularize “movable artificial ground greening unit” ・Promoting behavioral changes towards decarbonization and a
recycling-oriented society

* [System of this event] * (In no particular order, title omitted, corporate type omitted)
* Exhibitors * Uewa Landscape (Kawasaki City) / Egami Landscape (Kawasaki City) / Evergreen (Chiba Prefecture) / Ohkaen (Kawasaki City) / Kato Hanashikado (Kawasaki City) / Kaizuka Landscape (Yokohama City)/Kawazu Landscaping Civil Engineering (Kawasaki City)/Kisuien (Shizuoka Prefecture)/Green Plaza Yamatoen (Yokohama City)/Kokenomioura (Shizuoka Prefecture)/Shinkoen (Kawasaki
(Setagaya Ward) / Soen (Kawasaki City) / Landscape Taro (Kawasaki City) / PLANTED
(Kawasaki City) / Izumi Miyazawa (Machida City) / Meganeen (Kawasaki City) / Hagamakien (Setagaya Ward) / Yamakawa Gardening_with_ GRAINES (Hadano City) / Yusoen (Shizuoka Prefecture) / Hoshinoen
(Machida City)/Little branch (Kawasaki City)/Little Mozart
(Sagamihara City) / Ryokusai Garden (Saitama City) / Watanabe Dry Stone (Shizuoka Prefecture) / VIVERO
(Yokohama City) / Beginning Seed (Kawasaki City, Setagaya Ward) / BANANAYAMAMOTO (Mitaka City) / Emi Hayashi (Machida City) / Yusei Kawamata (Kawasaki City) and others
* Sponsored * Town planting project, Hisae Shopping Association *Co-sponsored* Seikatsu Club, GREENING TAKATSU, Den Co., Ltd., Moriten * cooperation*
Kawasaki Youth Council, Kawasaki Seikatsu Club Consumers’ Co-op, Barbish Co., Ltd., Times Mobility Co., Ltd., Futako Shinchi CIRCLE, Flashlight Co., Ltd., Design Associates Co., Ltd., Green Display Co., Ltd., Metri Co., Ltd., parsely, Nippon Rikagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd., Japan Institute of the Moving Image, Tsuboniwa in the Sky, Kurokawa Satoyama Art Project, GSKOREA, Nokuchi Lab, Decarbonization Action
Mizonokuchi/Takatsu Ward Office, Kawasaki Tree Education and Promotion Team, Decarbonization Action Mizonokuchi, DJ Shichifuku, Midori co-creation project “Community x Midori” &
Greening Fair Promotion Office, CSD Co., Ltd., Kazushi Sano
* Sponsored * CSD Co., Ltd., Mishimaya Housing Co., Ltd., Kawasaki Promotion Forum, the city of images
Marusada Co., Ltd., Jonan Shinkin Bank, JA Ceresa Kawasaki, Takatsu Minami Rotary Club, Bunkyodo Co., Ltd., Big Bang Co., Ltd., Wakatsuki Dengyo Co., Ltd.
Takatsu Rotary Club, Masaya Takahashi Tax Accountant/FP Office, Ansu Co., Ltd., Mizoguchi Kenzai Co., Ltd., Bank of Yokohama, M Building Co., Ltd.
* Sponsored * Kawasaki City

* [Contents of this event]*
・Installation exhibition with the theme of “moving forest” by landscape architects and artists
・Create a place and opportunity to play and learn about art x greening, urban greening, green infrastructure, decarbonization, and the necessity of a recycling-oriented society.
・Providing environmental event content for children, including upcycling classes and workshops held by local companies and
organizations, sales and exhibitions of related products, as well as refreshing forest yoga and food sales.

* ◎About the event program*
poets on the liquid
opening showcase April 13, 2024 (Sat) 17:00-
* 『poets on the liquid』*
Installation related to plants by a filmmaker, poet, and musician Visual * Akito Sengoku / Poet * Madoki Yamasaki (F.I.B Journal), Zen 101 Piano * Tetsuya Hataya / Erectronic * ghostinmpc
■Planning and co-hosting: DJ Shichifuku

Garden Screening April 20, 2024 (Sat) 17:00-
* 『FIVE SEASONS – The Gardens of Piet Oudolf -』*
Opportunity to rediscover the beauty of plants brought to you by Piet Audolf’s worldview
■Technical and equipment cooperation: Japan Institute of the Moving Image

Gardeners’ Competition 2024
Voting plan at the venue
* “Gardeners’ Competition 2024” *
A 3-on-3 can’t-lose team battle between Tenku no Tsuboniwa (Shizuoka) and ZŌEN (Kanagawa)
*If you’re at the venue over the weekend, please help us vote* ■Co-host: Tenku no Tsuboniwa

Eco City Kawasaki Festival 2024
Creating the future of children
* “Eco City Kawasaki Festival” *
April 13th (Sat) and 14th (Sun) 2024 10:00-16:00
The climate crisis is progressing so rapidly that it has been described as a “global boil”.
We will meet more citizens and create awareness about the need for countermeasures.
■Sponsor: Kawasaki Seikatsu Club

About the town planting project
The “Town Planting Project” is a system that fosters a close relationship with plants that humans instinctively have, such as “I want to place flowers and wooden pots, I want to give gifts to loved ones, I want to plant trees and live in harmony with the four seasons.” With the mission of creating, we are working on both social and artistic aspects.
In the future, we plan to turn it into an NPO and gradually expand ZŌEN’s event planning to various locations, starting with the Kawasaki area.