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Home » Sony Music Labels Co., Ltd. LIVE version of “Nemuru Machi (feat.yama)” released on the 5th anniversary of Kujira activities!

Sony Music Labels Co., Ltd. LIVE version of “Nemuru Machi (feat.yama)” released on the 5th anniversary of Kujira activities!

Sony Music Labels Co., Ltd.
LIVE version of “Nemuru Machi (feat.yama)” will be released on the 5th anniversary of Kujira activities!
*Contains comments from the person himself
[Image 1:×2160.jpg] Kujira will celebrate its 5th anniversary on April 1st.
The LIVE version video of the popular song “Nemuru Machi (feat.yama)” released in November 2019 and currently over 20 million views will be premiered on Kujira YouTube Official Account at 20:00 on April 1st (Monday) to coincide with the anniversary. It was announced that it would be made public.
Just like the original song, yama is on vocals, and Kujira is on bass. The video captures the worldview of the original song, allowing you to enjoy the tension of the live performance and the comfort of the live sound.
▼Nemurumachi feat.yama 5th Anniversary Live ver.
*4/1 (Monday) 20:00 YouTube premiere released*
▼Nemuru Machi feat.yama (Official Video)
Furthermore, Kujira commented on the 5th anniversary of their activities and the release of “Nemuru Machi feat.yama 5th Anniversary Live ver.”
■Whale comment
Whale 5th anniversary!
Thank you to everyone who has supported us since the beginning and to those who have recently gotten to know us.
I am happy that we are celebrating our anniversary again this year. I’m glad you can continue making music.
I often get scared because there are so many songs and values ​​that I wouldn’t have discovered if I hadn’t continued.
I shudder to think that no one liked me when I was 24 years old, stubborn, sharp, and incompetent. Thank you everyone for loving me. I started an activity when I was 19 years old, but before I knew it, I was now 24 years old, and on nights when I couldn’t sleep, I would drink until I passed out, but lately I’ve been happy just making a roasted green tea latte and feeling relieved.
There are still countless nights when I cry due to anxiety.
Thanks to the song “Nemurumachi (feat. We performed a live version. We have already prepared some amazing songs for 2024!
I will continue to do my best, so I appreciate your continued support. ────────────────────────────────────
■Nemurumachi feat.yama 5th Anniversary Live ver. Credit
Camera: Rio Inoue, Kenya Shiina
Lighting Director: Yamato Watanabe
Art Design: Maya Sato
Editor: Yuki Yagishita
Production Manager: Katsuya Itoigawa
Producer: Masataka Kanamitsu, Shun Hanawa
Production: BIBLICK
Vocal: yama
Hair&Make up:natsuo
Bass:Whale Don’t Sleep
Styling for Artist: Yuuki Tsuchida
Hair Make-Up : Seiko Harada
Keyboards: Nao Nishimura
PA: Naoki Shimura, Takuya Matsuyama (Acoustic)
Manipulator: Haruki Natsuyama (Aobadai studio inc.)
[Image 2:×2600.jpg ]
■Whale complete song playlist “whale don’t sleep”
▼Whale profile & SNS▼
Started activities on April 1, 2019.
Kujira writes, composes, and arranges all the songs himself, and continues to actively release works such as works using VOCALOID, vocal feats such as yama and Ado, and providing music.
In July 2019, the VOCALOID album “Nemuru Machi” was released. In October 2020, he released the album “Open the curtains on a sleepless night” featuring feat. and VOCALOID.
Starting with “Akuja”, a collaboration with various stories such as novels and videos, he has released songs sung by himself.
In August 2022, he released his first album “Seikatsu wo Aishe ni Narena”, which is all songs sung by himself, and sold out one-man live performances at Shibuya WWW X, Shibuya Spotify O-WEST, etc. There is no end to requests to provide music, and starting with yama’s first original song “Haru wo Otouki”, he has demonstrated his creativity regardless of the scene, including DISH//, SixTONES, and Ado.
He is attracting a lot of attention in the music scene as a new generation of creators.
2023, November 22nd (Wed) Released 2nd self-sung album “Nabemuro”. 3rd one-man live “Nabemuro” will be held on December 24th (Sunday) Christmas Eve at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM, Tokyo.
From 2023, we will also start posting talk content on our YouTube channel “Jun Kissa Kujira”.
Official HP:
YouTube Channel: Twitter:
“Jun Cafe Kujira”:
▼yama profile & SNS▼
“yama” is a new generation singer who is attracting attention online, especially on SNS.
In 2018, he started his activities by releasing cover songs based on Youtube. In April 2020, Vocaloid P Kujira’s song “Haru wo Kawaru”, which was released as his first original, quickly captured the hearts of listeners through SNS and ranked at the top of every hit chart. In addition, he teamed up with Vocaloid P Kujira for the first time in about three years for the second ending theme of the TV anime “SPY x FAMILY”, which was broadcast in 2022, “Color”.
One of the artists who symbolize the current music scene.
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