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Home » KOTARO NUKAGA “When I Kiss You, I Can Taste Your Soul,” a group exhibition in which 5 artists “establish a realm of expression in ceramic art between inaction and action” will be held at KOTARO NUKAGA (Roppongi).

KOTARO NUKAGA “When I Kiss You, I Can Taste Your Soul,” a group exhibition in which 5 artists “establish a realm of expression in ceramic art between inaction and action” will be held at KOTARO NUKAGA (Roppongi).

[KOTARO NUKAGA] Group exhibition “When I Kiss You, I” in which 5 artists “establish the realm of expression of ceramic art between inaction and action”
Can Taste Your Soul” held at KOTARO NUKAGA (Roppongi).

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Press release: March 30, 2024
“When I Kiss You, I Can Taste Your” is a group exhibition in which five artists “establish a realm of expression in ceramic art between inaction and action.”
Soul” held at KOTARO NUKAGA (Roppongi).
*KOTARO NUKAGA (Roppongi) will hold a group exhibition by 5 artists from 4 countries from Saturday, April 13th to Saturday, May 25th, 2024. *
Heidi Lau《Smoking》2019
In this exhibition, five artists from four countries, Stephanie Haie, Yuhito Kawai, Heidi Lau, Rebecca Manson, Yuki Tawada + Sohong Fukumoto, will explore the realm of expression using ceramics. Expand your boundaries and possibilities.
* Key points of this exhibition *
・Due to its practical use as a pottery for pottery, attention has been paid to its unique position between “art” and “craft” since ancient times.
・This is an exhibition where, through “firing,” the heat of the artist’s “acts” cools down and you can witness a “beautiful reunion with the world,” such as “things that cannot be controlled” and “inaction.”

* Artist introduction *
Stephanie Temma Hier《Awful Bliss》2024
Canadian artist Stephanie Haie’s work is resourceful. Hie’s work focuses on the fundamental human act of eating, and creates surreal and sometimes disturbing tableaux. Here, the two elements of a realistic painting and the ceramics that serve as a frame surrounding it are given equal weight of meaning.
Yuhito Kawai’s works, which create organic, fascinating, yet grotesque-shaped vessels, are made of layers of various colors, shapes, and tiny grains that are layered and connected. It exudes an erotic charm and invites us to dialogue in a nonverbal world. Yuji Kawai《Tonight,Tonight》2023
Heidi Lau《Another Birthed from the Sea》2023
Macau-born Heidi Lau’s mother’s death inspired her to research burial goods from China’s Han and Qin dynasties, and has integrated this research into her artistic practice. Her works are expressed as objects that serve as touchpoints connecting separate worlds: personal history, Portuguese colonial culture, and even the spiritual world, inviting the viewer to get lost in the structure. Masu.
New York-based Rebecca Manson’s meticulously constructed sculptures are created using tradition and custom, including firing at
temperatures well above the material’s durability and relentlessly repeating the firing process. It is shaped by carelessness and betrayal against the delicate rules of the medium, based on advanced knowledge and technology.
Rebecca Manson《Tireswing》 2023
Yuki Tawada + Soko Fukumoto《blue on blue 7》2023
Known for his smooth white texture and works that actively incorporate glaze during firing, in recent years he has been working with contemporary photography artist Yuki Tawada, transcending the boundaries between the media of ceramics and photography, and creating works that incorporate both ceramics and photography. We have achieved collaboration by shaking up the common sense of media, creating complex visual languages ​​and three-dimensional expressions. * About the exhibition title *
The title of this exhibition, “When I Kiss You, I Can”, is expressed through these diverse and complex yet rich and warm “ceramic” expressions.
“Taste Your Soul” goes beyond the framework of a single art form called “ceramics” and begins to function as a message expressing the relationship with art as a whole.
Artists bring to the table the relationship between “action” and “inaction” in “ceramics,” which involve touching the clay and creating shapes, and completing the process through the “firing” stage, and are asking the essential question of what art is. indicates.
Just as a kiss is not just a physical contact, but a way to get to know the soul of the other person, an encounter with the artist’s “ceramic” works in this exhibition will help you get to know the essence of art and the soul of art. It might happen. Please take a look.
Yuki Tawada + Soko Fukumoto《mirror,mirror (velly)》2022
[Event overview]
“When I Kiss You, I Can Taste Your Soul”
Date: April 13th (Saturday) – May 25th (Saturday), 2024
Opening hours: 11:00 – 18:00 (Tuesday-Saturday) *Closed on Sundays, Mondays, and holidays
Venue: KOTARO NUKAGA (Roppongi)
Address: 2F Piramide Building, 6-6-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032 Official site:

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