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Home » Nippon Ichi Co., Ltd. Major companies are also participating one after another! Mappa!, a media specializing i n hot spring facilities, will start a “Spring Greetings Campaign for New Companies” with a contract until the end of April 2024!

Nippon Ichi Co., Ltd. Major companies are also participating one after another! Mappa!, a media specializing i n hot spring facilities, will start a “Spring Greetings Campaign for New Companies” with a contract until the end of April 2024!

Nippon Ichi Co., Ltd.
Major companies are also participating one after another! Mappa!, a media specializing in hot spring facilities, will start a “Spring Greetings Campaign for New Companies” with a contract until the end of April 2024!
We will begin offering a special plan called the “Spring Greetings Campaign” exclusively to new companies that have signed up during April 2024. Please try this opportunity.
[About the campaign period]
Period: Until the end of April 2024
Campaign details: Discounts on services including sampling & surveys, hot spring facility collaboration campaign, etc.
Application qualification: Limited to new companies
Nippon Ichi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Higashiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo) is an advertising agency that uniquely connects people. Our team consistently provides services to help our customers realize their dreams, not only in the digital domain such as Metaverse and NFT, but also in the creative domain such as video production and SNS marketing, and the physical domain such as agency sales and real events.
[Image 1:×399.jpg] We offer a special plan exclusively for companies that sign up during April. In order to expand its services, Nippon Ichi Co., Ltd., which operates the hot bath facility specialized media “Mappa!”, has started offering a special plan limited to companies that have signed up during April. “Mappa!” is constantly striving to provide new plans and services as a service that brings innovation to issues in the advertising industry. We are pleased to announce a special plan for those who sign up during April.
◆What is “Mappa!”?
This is a service that uses hot bath facilities as the main medium to provide customers with realistic experiences and advertisements. We are affiliated with various hot spring facilities such as public baths, hotels, and inns, and can be used as a place for companies to promote their activities and provide experiences.
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◆If you try our products, you’ll understand, but we’ll solve the problem once and for all!
Many companies have said that they would be able to understand new products, good things, and things just by trying them out. Most of the companies that actually contact us first say they want to try this or that the product is good. Therefore, by using the “Mappa!” service, it becomes possible to actually convey the value of your company’s products to customers, and one of the features of this service is that you can quickly notice product feedback and needs.
◆Three benefits of advertising at hot spring facilities
-Effective targeting-
We will develop segments from over 200 affiliated facilities according to the target customer group of our products.
(Example) For women, for young people, for high income groups, etc. -Experience-based advertising-
It features advertisements that customers can actually experience, and the effectiveness will be measured within the facility.
-Effective development of mass advertising-
Recognition can be done at hot spring facilities that are visited by people of all ages.
In addition, you can expect more effective advertising effects by having customers look at it in a relaxed state.
[Image 2:×686.png ]
-Example of advertising development-
・Installing testers and distributing sample products to conducting surveys ・Implementation of sales and promotions at special booths within the facility ・Planning a jack event where the entire facility is reserved ・Implementation of campaigns linked to SNS
・Simultaneous holding at multiple facilities
・Implementation of tie-up events and campaigns with multiple companies ・Effective creative and sales lead design
Explaining the contents of this special plan
In this special plan, we will give you the privilege of testing the product at a hot spring facility for one week.
Customers using hot spring facilities can experience the product in real time, which can lead to increased awareness and sales promotion. -Advertising benefits of tester placement-
– Mass advertising can be carried out to target customers.
-Efficacy can be measured from the amount of tester usage.
・By conducting social media word-of-mouth and questionnaires regarding the usability of the tester, it can be used to understand product needs and develop the product.
[Image 3:×686.png ]
By using this special plan, advertisers can effectively deploy advertisements within hot spring facilities and directly reach their target audience.
◆Providing testers and conducting questionnaires at hot spring facilities By setting up testers, we will distribute samples, post reviews on SNS, and conduct surveys after actually experiencing the product. This allows us to extract real customer feedback and connect it to future developments.
In parallel with the implementation at the facility, we will also design using SNS.
[Image 4:×686.png ]
◆Sales flow acquisition campaign
After you have experienced the product by setting up a tester, we will design the flow line until sales.
We carry out effective advertising development by not just finishing with the experience, but also carrying out sales.
[Image 5:×687.png ]
By running campaigns linked to SNS, you can approach not only customers visiting the facility, but also potential customers such as followers of the facility’s SNS accounts.
Due to the increasing demand for saunas and baths in recent years, it is now possible to offer gift vouchers that include a set of products. You can purchase products not only for the users themselves, but also as gifts to express your daily gratitude.
[Image 6:×685.png ]
Advertising methods that provide new clues for product PR
The connection between numbers and sales in digital advertising is not very clear. Even if you ask an influencer, it will feel like a lie and branding will be difficult. We may be able to solve all of these digital problems all at once. From watching advertisements to experiencing it. Mappa can also demonstrate new advertising effects by trying out such products! This is a feature of
About the contract
This special plan is for advertisers who sign up during April and includes benefits different from the regular plan.
If you are in charge of a company that is interested, please consider this opportunity.
We will customize the deployment method and implementation facility depending on the product.
For details on special plans, please contact us below.
Mappa! Inquiries regarding
◆ Looking for hot bath facility partners
Mappa! We are looking for facilities who would like to work with hot bath facilities to invigorate the hot bath industry together. ◆ Recruiting Influencers
Mappa! We are looking for influencers who love Offro.
Mainly mappa! We are cooperating with you as a model on the SNS media operated by.
Please feel free to contact us using the form below.
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Company: Nippon Ichi Co., Ltd.
Address: GROWTH BY IOQ W-15, 1-9-11 Higashiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Taisei Takahashi
Year of establishment: November 2022
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