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Home » Card game “WIXOSS” 10th anniversary! “GENSEKI” is holding a contest to collect original character illustrati ons!

Card game “WIXOSS” 10th anniversary! “GENSEKI” is holding a contest to collect original character illustrati ons!

Card game “WIXOSS” 10th anniversary! “GENSEKI” is holding a contest to collect original character illustrations!
Creator platform “GENSEKI” (operated by: viviON Co., Ltd., location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, representative director: Kosaku Akashi) is an official website recruiting original character illustrations for the trading card game “WIXOSS” (distributor: Takara Tomy Co., Ltd.) We will hold a contest.
[Image 1:×1200.png ]
To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the anime-linked trading card game “WIXOSS”, “GENSEKI” will hold an official contest to collect original character illustrations for “WIXOSS” promotional cards. (Promotional cards are cards distributed at WIXOSS official/certified events, etc., and can also be used in actual play.)
The character designs created by the grand prize winners will be used in WIXOSS, and promotional cards will be created using the winning illustrations. Please feel free to apply!
Contest URL:
Contest overview
“WIXOSS 10th Anniversary Original Illustration Contest”
[Recruited works]
Recruitment theme: SIGNI’s original character with a “sumi-e” motif SIGNI is one of the card types, and they are spirits that support the main character “LRIG”. Their appearance varies, but they generally look like girls.
This card has a black back and can not only support you, but also attack your opponent and use abilities.
In this contest, we are looking for character illustrations of a SIGNI named “Sumie” who is deeply involved in art.
Please include elements of “sumi-e” as a design motif.
When you hear the word “sumie,” many people think of black and white, but feel free to use other colors in your designs!
Please note that submissions of multiple designs are welcome as long as they match the recruitment theme. Please take this opportunity to apply as many as you can.
*Please check the contest page for details such as precautions and specifications when creating illustrations.
Contest page URL:
[Reference character]
[Image 2:×1047.jpg]
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[Image 4:×1047.jpg] [Event schedule]
Contest period: March 31st to end of April
Results announcement: Scheduled for within a few months after the event ends (it may take some time depending on the screening situation)
◆Grand Prize (1 person)
・Prize 100,000 yen
・Used as a promotional card
・WIXOSS new product set
◆X Prize (2 people)
・Amazon gift certificate worth 5,000 yen
・WIXOSS new product set
◆Honorable mention (a few)
・Posting on the results announcement page [Judge]
Takara Tomy Co., Ltd. WIXOSS Team
What is WIXOSS?
WIXOSS is a trading card game filled with beautiful girl characters that started in 2014 with a TV anime. It will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2024, and is enjoyed by many people for its beautifully illustrated cards and highly strategic gameplay.
[Image 5:×630.jpg] Official website URL: Comments from the Takara Tomy WIXOSS team
Until now, WIXOSS has created anthropomorphic cards from a wide range of genres, including not only objects but also events and events. We look forward to receiving applications for characters that incorporate creators’ ingenuity.
The winning entries will become actual cards, so please apply! What is GENSEKI?
“GENSEKI”, which is operated by viviON Co., Ltd., allows creators to register and publish their works and receive requests for work that suits their style, and those looking for creators can request work that matches the image of the work they are looking for. This is a service that allows you to smoothly offer work to creators.
By matching creators with companies, we provide creators with opportunities to present their work and expand their creative activities, and companies with higher quality works.
With the aim of creating opportunities for creators to succeed, we host a variety of illustration contests ourselves, and also support companies and organizations that wish to host contests.
[Image 6:×589.jpg] Service name GENSEKI (pronunciation: Genseki)
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Service content Creator platform
Operating company: viviON Co., Ltd.
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