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“Mamekichi Mameko” infiltrates the shrimp cracker “Yukari” factory!

Sakakaku Sohonsho Co., Ltd.
“Mamekichi Mameko” infiltrates the shrimp cracker -Yukari- factory! A collaboration manga commemorating the 135th anniversary of Sakakaku Sohonkan will be released every week! The first one is Mameko Mameki! ……
Sakakaku Sohonsho Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokai City, Aichi Prefecture, Representative Director: Taisuke Saka) will celebrate its 135th anniversary in April 2024. In this commemorative year, as the first step to deliver surprises and excitement starting from shrimp crackers, we will be publishing stories drawn by popular manga artists on social media once every week starting April 1st (Monday). Each work will be published on a special page.
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Sakakaku factory tour report
The first work to be released is by Mameko Mameki, the author of the popular blog manga “Mameko Mameko NEET’s Daily Life,” which has been made into an anime and has received 70 million views per month. We have created a manga based on interviews with Yukari’s manufacturing factory.
This is Sakakaku’s first report manga, which humorously depicts various charms of connection, such as the secret of deliciousness and the aroma of freshly baked goods, from a unique perspective. ■About the 135th anniversary collaboration manga
Scheduled release date of the first work: April 1, 2024 (Monday) morning Number of works scheduled to be released: 4 works in total, including the first work. *Scheduled to be released every Monday.
Publication location: 135th anniversary special page on Sakakaku Sohonka official homepage *Scheduled to be released in the morning of April 1st (Monday). ■Message from the person in charge of planning
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Planning person
I previously saw Mamekichi write about Nagoya souvenirs on her blog, saying, “My recommendation is Yukari,” and I was hoping that someday she would draw a manga about Yukari. .
When I approached him this time, I asked him if he could draw a manga with the theme of “relationships,” and Mamekichi himself told me that he would love to draw a report manga of the factory tour that would make use of his style, and show the deliciousness of -Yukari-. Sakakaku’s first report manga was born after receiving a proposal to convey the following. Mamekichi has drawn this work with great passion and from his unique perspective, making it an extremely interesting work. We hope that many people will enjoy it.
About Mameki Mameko
[Image 3:×379.jpg] Mameko Mameko
A former NEET who writes about his daily life as comic essays on his blog. Depicts a silly everyday life that makes you laugh.
Mamekichimame is gaining a lot of popularity for its worldview and characters, including a blog series with 70 million monthly views, anime, and collaboration goods.

About shrimp crackers -Yukari-
[Image 4:×1004.jpg] Shrimp crackers-Yukari-
A representative product of Sakakaku Sohonka.
It takes over 7 days to bake using the craftsmanship techniques that originated from the Edo period.
Approximately 70% of the ingredients are natural shrimp, which are rich in calcium and protein.
In addition, we remove the heads of the shrimp, peel them, and use only the meat.
These shrimp crackers are low in fat with only 21kcal per piece. Since its release in 1966, 3.5 billion copies have been shipped, and many people have loved it as a souvenir from Nagoya or as a gift. Bankaku Sohonpo Co., Ltd.
[Image 5:×2284.jpg] Sakakaku Sohonkan
Sakakaku Sohonya was founded in Yokosuka (currently Tokai City, Aichi Prefecture) in 1889 (Meiji 22) by the founder, Kakujiro Saka, and will celebrate its 135th anniversary in April 2024. .
We make sweets that take advantage of nature’s bounty, focusing on the shrimp rice cracker “Yukari”, which was created by inventing the “shrimp hanpei” presented to the Tokugawa family during the Edo period.
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