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Home » Closer Co., Ltd. AI robot developer Closer Co., Ltd. has renewed its corporate logo.

Closer Co., Ltd. AI robot developer Closer Co., Ltd. has renewed its corporate logo.

Closer Co., Ltd.
AI robot developer Closer Co., Ltd. renews its corporate logo A new tagline has been formulated to strengthen branding.
Closer Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Shota Higuchi,
Headquarters: Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture, hereinafter referred to as “Closer Robotics”) will renew its corporate logo. We will continue to strengthen our branding as we look to develop a new industry called “personal robots” and expand into America and Southeast Asia through collaboration with JETRO.
[Image 1:×1667.png ]

■New corporate logo
The company name “Closer” has the meaning of wanting to make robots more familiar (Closer).
The logo icon shows a robot’s hand (two fingers) and a human hand (five fingers) overlapping each other, showing the vision of robots and humans coexisting together and “making robots a common choice.” .
[Image 2:×798.png ]
The new corporate logo adds “Robotics” to the previous logo to indicate that we are a company that develops robots, and the blue gradation expresses the “spirit of inquiry” and “friendliness” that Closer Robotics has. doing.

■New tagline
The new tagline is “Closer to Simplicity, Closer to You.”
The meaning of the tagline is “Simpler. More familiar.”
[Image 3:×886.png ]
The robots used at current manufacturing sites are large, high-cost “industrial robots” that require specialized knowledge.
Closer Robotics creates simple “personal robots” that are small and low-cost, like personal computers, and can be used easily and easily by anyone.
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Official website News/Events ■Closer Co., Ltd.
Closer Co., Ltd. is an AI robotics venture from the University of Tsukuba that aims to make robots a common choice. We research, develop, and provide robots that complement the workforce, targeting the food industry and small- to medium-sized production lines, where automation is difficult to advance.
[Image 4:×524.jpg] ■Company overview
Company name: Closer Co., Ltd.
Representative: Shota Higuchi
Establishment date: November 29, 2021
Head Office: Industry-Academia Liaison Joint Research Center Building 202, 1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Company website:
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